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Comment on the environment in China

Nature is the only thing that is currently truly sustainable on our planet. There’s plenty of greenwashing going on right now, especially in the U.S.  Greenhouse Project Denver is concerned with growing more local food year round in an almost closed system – where the inputs are minimal and the outputs are much greater. The project proposes using what knowledge is available at this time to create a greenhouse that maximises the production of organic food at the best price possible.

So, what does any of this have to do with China? Everything! If China is to be able to feed all of it’s people again, as it once did, then it needs to return to a more rural and urban farming methods. Also, China has many non-sustainable things that it is currently doing, like importing huge quantities into cities, like Chengdu, that are far from the sea.

China talks about the number of windmills it is building, while glossing over the number of coal fired power plants it is building. Many of the high-rise buildings that have been built or are under construction do not have very good environmental foot prints, using far more energy than is necessary. There are many other issues around sustainability.

I hope you will find this interesting as I would like to use my stories as way to bring to light what we could also be doing in the U.S. even though the posts will be about China.

Richard Boettner
Greenhouse Project Denver

About richard boettner

Everyone wants to know about me. How about the project instead. The Greenhouse Project is an idea I had after I've seen food prices go up due to fuel prices but when fuel prices came down food prices stayed the same. Also, a store I use to frequent raised prices on everything but their own brand name items, essentially ripping off customers. Far too often people can't afford healthy organic food resorting to what they can afford which is far less nutritious. Far too much food is imported from south of the border, or farther away and not enough grown locally to reduce food miles or pollution. So, I came up with the idea as way to grow organic food year-round in a greenhouse needing no fossil fuels.


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