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China is the trouble maker in the South China Sea

Ma Keqing, China's Ambassador to the Philippines

Ma Keqing, China’s Ambassador to the Philippines

For the nth time, the giant bully has struck once again with another provocative statement. This time, ‘a state-owned Chinese news agency has called the Philippines a “trouble maker in the region”’. Not content on that label and being true to their being a bully even ‘warned the country against losing its “credibility” if “Manila insists on playing more tricks.”’

First point: who is the true trouble maker in the region? Second point: what’s the moral ascendancy of China to talk about credibility?

During the SARS pandemic issue, did they inform the relevant world body, such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) of the full extent of the problem?

Did they disclose to the entire world all the pertinent information and necessary data of the melamine milk crisis that killed a lot of people, especially young children?

The latest pronouncement came amid the renewed heightened tensions in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) dispute.

As reported by Fat Reyes of inquirer.net, December 14, “China calls PH a ‘trouble maker”:

In an editorial entitled “Manila’s miscalculation” published on Wednesday, the China Daily hit Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario for saying that the Philippines would support Japan dropping its pacifist constitution to become a fully-fledged military force and act as a balance against a rising China, saying that the statements bared “Manila’s attempt to enlist support for its disputes with China.”

Further, the editorial stated in no uncertain terms that:

“As a smaller country, it has resorted to opportunism to balance the big powers. However, if it goes too far, it will have to shoulder the consequences…”

First point: who is the genuine opportunist here? The one who is fishing in the waters of another or the one who is defending one’s territory from an invader and an aggressor?

I admit that we are a small country, but that is not the ultimate picture or structure of our character and persona.

Who between us is going too far? Are you threatening us?

As I wrote then to the Malaysian Insider, April 18, “The dispute over the Scarborough Shoal” and to reiterate our stand:

Question: Is this a warning to us? Are you threatening us?

Reply: To that writer of war scenario and to the whole of the Chinese empire, may I remind you that we may be small as compared to your hugeness, we may be a dwarf as compared to your gigantic size, we may be poor, as compared to your economy but our people, the Filipino people, are not weak, our people have character and strength.

That was precisely shown and exemplified in action in conjunction with our latest showdown when we stood our ground, stayed put and dared you!

Don’t forget that we are the first country in Asia to overthrow a foreign power and declare a republic!

During World War II, we stood and fought the Japanese Imperial Army from day one up to the end!

We fought a dictator for more than two decades and had two revolutions. In fact, when your people tried to copy our own 1986 revolution in 1988 at Tiannamen Square, your government viciously cracked down on the people and the students who led the same!

Hence, do not take us lightly, in the same vein that we are not taking you for granted, too.

We may be small, yet we are capable of inflicting damage to you too!

As a Filipino writer puts it so succinctly, Jose Ma Montelibano, Philippine Daily Inquirer, April 13: “China may risk killing some of us but it will find it too costly to kill millions of us”.

Lastly, I am not threatening you, but warning you that we have our history of courage and greatness, too.

Hence, I implore China to learn from history: do not ever forget the lessons of the Battle of Thermopylae.

It is always the case that the tiniest of dust often causes the greatest irritation and discomfort to the biggest bloody eyes! Again, we are also warning you!

Nearly just a week ago, the Chinese ambassador to the Philippines has assured the Filipinos that: “we are not your enemy.” Well, that is good! We are also not your enemy, but don’t mess around in our backyard!

Now, that stupid and warmonger Chinese news agency has issued this editorial that in my view instead of calming the situation has further exacerbated the already heated condition of the two countries.

I doubt if the big dogs of Beijing does not know anything about this war freak editorial!

I do not know whether that news agency is aware of the Chinese ambassador’s pronouncement in Manila.

However, I heavily doubt the sincerity of the giant. Once again, they have shown their perfection of the tactics of “double speak.” Look at this: the ambassador is calling for peace, while the state news agency is warning for war. What a shame! China is indeed the new version of Janus; albeit of the worst kind!

It further goes to claim that:

“History shows us small countries tend to get the worse of it if they seek to hijack regional peace and stability as a bargaining chip. If Manila insists on playing more tricks in this regard, sooner or later it will have to pay a dear price and lose its own credibility in the region…”

First point: if you want a piece of us, then just get it and stop engaging in this nonsense talk! But that is if you can get that piece of us!

I agreed with Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) spokesperson Assistant Secretary Raul Hernandez, “when pressed for comments, questioned why the Philippines was being called the trouble-maker”.

Further, Hernandez added that:” the recent actions of China in relation to its nine-dash sea claims have raised concerns for the international community.”

Indeed, the DFA’s spokesperson is correct when he “said that such actions were inconsistent with international laws, especially the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, and impedes the fundamental freedom of navigation and lawful commerce.”

Nonetheless, I strongly disagree with Foreign Affairs Secretary, Alberto Del Rosario that the Philippines “would strongly support a rearmed Japan” as a balance and an added counterweight to Chinese aggression and provocation.

We must not also forget Japan’s bloody and imperialist past! It would be the heights of stupidity and absurdity to trade one monster from another. One imperialist is not better from another imperialist. Both of them must be closely guarded and seriously countered!

Undeniably the “recent weeks have seen a rise in tensions in the sea disputes, with the Philippines asking China to clarify media reports saying Chinese authorities had authorised its forces to interdict ships entering what Beijing considers its territorial waters.”

Are these the noble acts of a non-trouble maker in the region?

As I wrote then for the China Daily Mail, December 4, China’s imperialist designs; showing it’s ugly head and bloody arms (South China Sea):

However, “new rules that take effect on January 1 will allow police in the southern Chinese province of Hainan to board and seize control of foreign ships” which “illegally enter” Chinese waters, that according to the official China Daily on Thursday.

Indeed, as the Secretary-general of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Surin Pitsuwan stated: “the Chinese plan was a very serious turn of events”.

Further, Mr. Surin has warned that:

“It certainly has increased a level of concern and a level of great anxiety among all parties, particularly parties that would need the access, the passage and the freedom to go through…”

I overwhelmingly concur with Mr. Surin’s unusually strong language in depicting the said plan of China that “could trigger a major incident that would affect confidence in East Asia, a key engine of global economic growth.”

The provocative editorial also said that Manila was “deceiving” itself if it believed it could count on support from countries like the United States and Japan, adding that it was also “apparently underestimating China’s resolve to defend its sovereignty and core interests.”

I certainly agree with China on this score! The Filipinos are not stupid enough to rely either to the US or Japan! Their business is their business, our business is our business and China has no business whatsoever hanging around at the West Philippine Sea. Hence, mind your own business and back off from our territory!

I overwhelmingly concur with Manila’s consistent position and ardent call “for a multilateral approach to dealing with the sea disputes, as well as peaceful resolutions in accordance with international law…”

The problem is: as always “China has insisted disputes should be dealt with using bilateral negotiations.”

Again, to restate the central substantive question of this perennial regional dispute:

Who is the true bloodied trouble maker of the region?

To China: don’t dare us; because we will surely fight back… to the death!

We are warning you too!

Jose Mario Dolor De Vega
Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Selangor, Malaysia

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3 thoughts on “China is the trouble maker in the South China Sea

  1. China is reversing their psycology, actually they are trouble maker and filipinos are peace maker, they are cowards, they are just trying to intimidate thr Philippines but they got mistake, coz no one can intimidate Filipinos except God….even general MacArthur says, ” give me 1,500 Filipinos soldier i’ll conquer the world…


    Posted by p.pulpol | July 5, 2013, 4:56 am


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