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Pentagon must investigate China’s “underground Great Wall” nuclear arsenal

China Missile LaunchersThe Pentagon‘s latest budget proposal, signed by Barack Obama, contains an item requiring the army to prepare a report on a secret network of tunnels, where the Chinese are hiding their nuclear arsenal.

According to the proposal signed by the president, which was originally prepared by the Pentagon and then modified the Congress, the military has until August 15 to prepare the report.

It is not specified whether the document will be made available to the public. You can, however, expect that it will contain a lot of material based on secret intelligence, so at least in part, will be kept secret.

The Pentagon has expressed it’s concern to Congress about a group of experts from the University of Georgetown. In 2011, they published a report entitled “The strategic implications of China‘s underground Great Wall“.

It was believed that the Chinese have a huge complex of underground installations where they hide its nuclear arsenal. For several years, this has been speculated based on scanty information available on the Chinese Internet. The total length of tunnels hidden deep under the mountains in several regions of the country is believed to reach five thousand kilometres.

Given the size of the complexes, the analysts calculate that the Chinese nuclear arsenal is far greater than officially reported by the Pentagon number – about 300 warheads. The document states that there are probably three thousand. The United States has “only” 2200 warheads ready for use.

The Pentagon has not officially responded to the claims by the Georgetown analysts. Not also revised its explicit estimates of the Chinese nuclear arsenal. The members of Congress, where a strong lobby is trying to emphasize the threat from China, decided to force the military to respond to the civilians report, and wrote it in the act giving rise to the Pentagon budget.

The document is expected to be presented to the head of the U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM). Congressmen want to read an accurate assessment of China’s nuclear arsenal, as seen by the Pentagon.

The report will be comparing the strategic potential of the two countries and their development prospects and problems. Congressmen also want to know how the U.S. military might abe able to neutralize the “Underground Great Wall.”

It is worth noting that the analysis from the University of Georgetown met with serious criticism. Hans Kristensen, a leading specialist in the Federation of American Scientists for nuclear weapons, alleges that the determination of the size of China’s huge nuclear arsenal as “wrong”. In his opinion, the Pentagon report does not apply because they believe it to be fundamentally flawed.

According to Kristensen, some Congressmen are most interested, because of the rise in tensions with China, which they consider “a little like the USSR“. They are openly calling for a report from the army of the “underground Great Wall”. An atmosphere of uncertainty about China’s military capabilities was also stated as “the growing mystery of the intelligence services and the military in this regard.”

China and the United States begin a dangerous dance that will only increase their military powers, and could potentially lead to a small Cold War in the Pacific, says Kristensen.

Source:  tvn24 “Pentagon musi zbadać chiński “podziemny Wielki Mur”, gdzie ma być jądrowy arsenał”

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