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China: Restaurant bans Japanese, Filipinos, Vietnamese and dogs

Racist RestaurantChina acting not only as a dirty dog, but as a lousy bully and a racist freak.

Today, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that a restaurant in the historic tourist city of Houhai in Beijing put up a sign which says: “This shop does not receive The Japanese, The Philippines, The Vietnamese and dog.”

This is palpably racism in its worst kind and discrimination of the lowest order! SHAME!

I concur with the statement of condemnation issued by Professor Walden Bello that “the blatant display of racism shown by a Beijing restaurant which posted a sign prohibiting Filipinos, Japanese, Vietnamese and dogs from entering their premises” clearly exemplify China’s disregard to the basic sense of decency and humanity.

Bello added that:

Obviously, this act is in the context of the current territorial disputes between the Philippines, Japan, and Vietnam on the one hand and China on the other. It is deeply saddening that this kind of discriminatory and racist practice still exists in this day and age…

That this bully is capable of carrying-out this outrageous act is beyond comprehension.

I also agree with Vietnam’s state-run Tuoi Tre newspaper which ran a story saying the sign had “ignited online fury”. Indeed, they are correct in their claim that many Vietnamese feel this is another example of Chinese “extreme nationalism that deserves to be condemned.”

“It’s not patriotism, it’s stupid extremism,” Sy Van wrote in Vietnamese in a comment under the story, published on the paper’s website.

I join the Vietnamese, the Japanese and all people of the world who are against all forms of racism, bigotry and discrimination in condemning to the strongest possible degree these latest antics of the bloody bastard Chinese bullies, especially that idiotic bigot restaurant owner!

Just to register their stupid and flimsy point; they are not ashamed to stoop to this uncivilised and utterly barbaric level.

If the Chinese authorities have nothing to do with this ridiculous act, then the right thing to do for the government is to order that bigot and stupid restaurant owner to tear down his discriminatory and racist signage.

The whole world knows that China is “currently in border disputes with Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines.”

The international community had heavily criticised China for practicing “gunboat diplomacy” for aggressively asserting its claims on islands and waters even without effective control of them, based on their preposterous and laughable assertion that they owned those islands and waters by virtue of the fact that the name of the sea wherein those territories are located is name after their country.

That would be the height of absurdity and the glorification of stupidity!

Recently, “the Philippine government has pushed for a legal and peaceful process for deciding the dispute by submitting it to the processes of an international arbitrary tribunal in accordance with international law”.

The case is already before the international court, hence it is but proper for this bully to observe this convention and cease from its insidious and persistent provocative remarks!

I am writing this line, not as enemy of the Chinese people, but an ardent critic of the Chinese government, especially their warmonger military.

I certainly believe that the majority of the Chinese people do not agree with that idiotic restaurant owner and even to the way their government handles the whole issue of the dispute with regard to the South China Sea; the great problem of humanity as of the people is: political leaders of China and their military hawks and bullies.

The whole world and the rest of the international community must come together as one to tell China in its collective and firm voice that: it cannot do everything that it pleases.

We must all act now to contain this bully, before it is too late!

Author: Jose Mario Dolor De Vega is a  Lecturer at the College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Philosophy, Polytechnic University of the Philippines; also Lecturer at the Institute of Arts and Sciences, Department of Humanities, Literature and Philosophy, Far Eastern University

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34 thoughts on “China: Restaurant bans Japanese, Filipinos, Vietnamese and dogs

  1. Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.


    Posted by OyiaBrown | March 1, 2013, 6:10 pm
  2. Reblogged this on CHINDIA ALERT: Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger and commented:
    For most Chinese, this sign will raise a wry smile. It obviously harks back to the early 1900s when the famous Bund Park in Shanghai featured a sign of regulations that included restricting the park to Western community and that dogs were not allowed. In Bruce Lee’s famous ‘Fist of Fury’ it was abbreviated to “Chinamen and dogs not allowed”.


    Posted by keeper @ chindia-alert | March 1, 2013, 6:41 pm
  3. This is terrible!


    Posted by Sydney Fong | March 1, 2013, 10:10 pm
  4. Reblogged this on middlekingdom1of10boyz and commented:
    This one is too funny not to share. Goes right along with the ones I posted last week.


    Posted by 1of10boyz | March 1, 2013, 10:20 pm
  5. And De Vega jumps off the mental cliff again.


    Posted by ChazIng | March 2, 2013, 1:04 am
    • Chazing,

      Don’t know what you mean, nonetheless better to be a mental cliff jumper than a bastard bigot, racist and discriminative freak!

      Shame to that idiotic restaurant owner and shame to his immoral country!


      Posted by Jose Mario Dolor De Vega | March 2, 2013, 4:02 pm
      • It seems that you don’t know or care about the implications of your article. You should not use one restaurant to exemplify the attitude of the CCP or all of China.


        Posted by ChazIng | March 2, 2013, 9:20 pm
  6. Chazing,

    I do not know if you know what China has been doing since April of last year! Ha? China is the trouble maker in the entire region! The whole world knows that!

    Now, let’s settle this thing! If that bullish country thinks that they owned the whole region base on the stupid ‘argument’ that the name of the sea is the same as their name; then enough of these antics, drama and theatrics, let them conquer those territories and islands and passage ways! Let us see, how the world will react!

    China wants to settle this matter by iron and blood? Then, so be it! You want war? Fine! Common, bloody racists and bullies, come and try to conquer us!

    We will fight to the death!


    Posted by mariotheradical | March 3, 2013, 2:44 am
    • As previously stated, this is not about China but your use of one restaurant to exemplify all of China or the CCP. Who are this “we” you speak of? What do you plan to fight with? Do you plan to fight only if the US navy gets wiped out first? Did you fight to the death when you were being conquered/colonized by the US? Is being conquered by the US preferable to Chinese colonization? With that warrior attitude, I would hope you are presently fighting to the death to remove the sex tourists in your country. And no, I don’t want war, but your language would indicate that you sorely do.


      Posted by ChazIng | March 3, 2013, 3:59 am
      • This is not about China? Then, this is about what? A bastard racist, bigot and idiotic restaurant owner from Beijing; who does not know the implication of his provocative and moronic signage?

        What about the authorities? Why the government did not ask that moron to explain the reason behind his controversial billboard? Why they did not ask him to bring it down immediately?

        Do you really want to tell the world that China has nothing to do with that one idiotic restaurant owner?

        When I spoken of the “we”, I refer to the Filipino people — alone! We intend to fight back, if bullish and greedy China attack us!

        To hell with the US army and navy; we will fight and we don’t need their help!

        The US and China! These two imperialists are the number one enemies of Humanity! They are the problem of the world!

        We don’t want the US, or China or Japan! If any of these countries attack us, we will fight to the death! Yours is yours and ours is ours! Hence, mind your business and don’t meddle in our affairs!

        Yes, I am fighting to the death, the sex tourism of my country! How about yours? Are you also fighting to death to remove the prevailing culture of prostitution in your country? How you been to Shanghai? Have you seen how young the girls there offering their “services”?

        Oh, you don’t want war, then, we have have no problem! Just stay in your lot, as I will also stay on my land!

        Lastly, you are correct on one point: the ancient Chinese called the ancient Philippines as “the land of the warriors”!


        Posted by mariotheradical | March 3, 2013, 7:17 pm
      • I am happy that you are fighting sex tourism ‘to the death’ in your country. However, since it still exists, your fight to the death is not working. I would think that fighting to the death would be even less effective on a militaristic China than on sex tourism. I am also not a citizen of China nor do I live there. Even if ancient China referred to the ancient Philippines as “the land of the warriors,” that does not mean that you were or will be successful warriors.


        Posted by ChazIng | March 4, 2013, 10:30 pm
      • The fight to death is not working because the problem is still there? What a bloody stupid pronouncement! So, because the scientists of the world have yet to find the cure for cancer, the fight for or against cancer is not working?

        If a student is studying so hard in his or her studies but fail again and again and again on the examinations, does that mean that the said students’s hard work and endeavor are all useless and in vain? To think otherwise is a shame!

        It took Michael Jordan, many years before he made the Chicago Bulls the NBS Champions! He never gave up! He persisted… through-out the years!

        You think that fighting to the death militaristic China would even be less effective? Then, say that moronic assertion to the brave Spartans who face and dared the Persians! Say that to those Filipinos who fought the Japanese Imperial army from day one up to the end of the conflict! Say that to the valiant Vietnamese people who defeated Yankee Imperialism!

        I don’t give a damn whether you are a citizen of China or not or wherever the hell you live! Your personal status has no bearing whatsoever into this international dispute! Hence, don’t insert unnecessary issues which has nothing to do with this global issue of paramount concern!

        You stated that: “Even if ancient China referred to the ancient Philippines as “the land of the warriors,” that does not mean that you were or will be successful warriors.”


        We never claim that we were or we will be ‘successful’ warriors! Read the bloody texts carefully!

        It is not a question of whether we will be successful or not, but rather whatever the hell happen — we will fight to the death… for what is righteously ours!

        They can kill us all; but they can never ever defeat our spirits…


        Posted by mariotheradical | March 4, 2013, 11:52 pm
      • Fighting to the death entails going beyond what is normal and being driven by a narrow set of objectives. If that were the case as you claim with sex tourism in the Philippines, who have you killed yet? Which embassies of the chief pedophile supplying nations have you bombed? Can you even operate a gun? Was it not you who asked: “How about yours? Are you also fighting to death to remove the prevailing culture of prostitution in your country? How you been to Shanghai? Have you seen how young the girls there offering their “services”?” So using your twisted logic, you should not have inserted that there as well. Also, I don’t recall stating that I was also fighting to the death.


        Posted by ChazIng | March 5, 2013, 9:03 pm
      • What narrow set of objectives are you referring to? Fighting for one’s land is a narrow objective?

        You talk about the sex tourism in my country? How about the prostitutes of your country (wherever the hell it is), how many perverts have you killed? How many pedophiles have you killed and bombed?

        Is killing those monsters, are we reducing the weapons merely to guns?

        You are asking me if I can operate a gun? How about you, what weapon can you operate?

        What twisted logic are you talking about?

        We are talking of an idiot restaurant owner and a racist/bullish country here; you who inserted the issue of sex tourism to the discussion which is not related in any way to the topic!

        We, Filipinos are fighting for a legitimate cause! How about you, what issue or cause are fighting?


        Posted by mariotheradical | March 5, 2013, 11:41 pm
      • We will/shall fight China to the death not solely for the purpose or the reason that we may have a fighting spirit! We don’t fight without no reason! We are not like the bullshit US that loves to bomb and kill and maim people without any reason whatsoever!

        We don’t want war, but those bastard bullish China (their war-freak leaders and paranoid military) is the one provoking us to go to war! They are already intruding to our territory!

        What the hell do you want us to do? Just watch them while they are violating our sovereignty and dignity as a people and as a nation?

        If we will do the same thing to your country (wherever the hell it is) will just watch us and do nothing? Ha?

        We are not a war freak nation, but history has already shown again and again that we know how to fight to the death with with such seriousness when the situation and the circumstances demands…


        Posted by mariotheradical | March 5, 2013, 11:50 pm
    • Spirited and opinionated debate is fine and welcome, but I have deleted personal insults and profanity from comments by both of you. Also, the post is about racism, not the sex industry. Further comments referring to this will also be deleted. Editor.


      Posted by China Daily Mail | March 6, 2013, 5:33 am
      • This is the third post on China Daily Mail which has not been properly vetted IMO. As such, I am leaving and encourage the non-warmongering to do the same. Shame on the person who approved this post.


        Posted by ChazIng | March 6, 2013, 6:00 am
      • Chazing. I am sorry that you have taken offence to one of our contributor’s opinions, but that is the nature of the internet. Not all opinions will match yours. Your responses were just as opinionated as his, and many others of our 39 contributors’ opinions, but they are welcome. I think such debate between opinionated people is good and healthy. As long as it remains on topic.

        When it veers off topic, or degenerates into personal insults and profanity, then it is a mediator’s job to veer it back on track. Your opinions are respected, as are the opinions of other contributors. That is why I sent you an invitation to become a contributor on this site several days ago. So you could vent your own opinions. That invitation still stands. Editor.


        Posted by China Daily Mail | March 6, 2013, 7:20 am
  7. Want to invade us, vietnam again? Ha ha


    Posted by Nguyen | March 4, 2013, 2:55 pm
  8. please be cultured…as a Beijinger i can totally understand this. this is a culture within China. very different than the government’s violation to human rights. If you were cultured here in Beijing, You will understand. and noted they are a shop selling a very traditional authentic local Beijing dish( animal inners mix soup with break chunks), this is a way to brand and advertise too. i am all about human rights and all but this is a cultural thing,please if you don’t understand then don’t judge. of course by saying that i am judging whoever wrote this 🙂 See we all do that. I am in love with my Vietnamese boyfriend but i still understand the cultural background of these posts.

    Education is not just a consciousness and what you think is right, but also being emerged into culture, soul and traditions. I don’t expect anyone would understand. But here we are, as Beijingers, we stand behind our culture and history and stupidly proud.

    i know people will have things to say to my post. You can hate as much as you want, just remeber if you are only judging and not doing? you are only making the world an uglier place.


    Posted by wenwen | March 4, 2013, 11:31 pm
  9. oh and also…you feel attacked by a little billboard already? I think China can do a lot more than that…:) I am not on board with my mothercountry’s politics. but leave us beijinger’s jokes alone and DO something or MAKE something. sorry I am an artist.


    Posted by wenwen | March 4, 2013, 11:47 pm
    • As an artist, does your Art allows, advertises and tolerates RACISM, BIGOTRY AND DISCRIMINATION? THE QUESTION IS: WHAT KIND OF ART IS THAT?


      Posted by mariotheradical | March 12, 2013, 12:09 am
      • please stop asking unrelated and offensive questions. first, A joke in my culture has nothing to do with my expression as an artist, designer or maker. I will never ask what you do or if it has anything to do with your rage right now. take a chill pill, be emerged into a culture is hard, i don’t expect you to. Try to have less subjective expectations on others you will be a happier puppy. in reality, i still laugh at the joke but i love human as spiritual and bodily creatures, so yea, race don’t matter only culture does:)


        Posted by wenwen | March 12, 2013, 5:57 am
    • What do you mean unrelated and offensive questions?

      I am asking you questions based on your commentaries!

      Are you telling the whole world that that bastard bigot and racist is just joking, when he posted that discriminatory and racial signage outside his restaurant?

      Wow! If he is acting like the ‘joker’, then he did not make a lot of people happy but indeed sad and angry!

      How would you feel, if a restaurant owner in Tokyo, Manila and Hanoi will also put a sign board outside their establishments with the following words:


      Will you like it?

      Would it be a nice joke?

      Will it be justifiable as an art or part and parcel of their specific culture?



      You or that bastard should be the one that must take the chill pills (whatever the hell is that)!

      Your said that:

      Try to have less subjective expectations on others you will be a happier puppy. in reality, i still laugh at the joke but i love human as spiritual and bodily creatures, so yea, race don’t matter only culture does:)

      May I inquire: that racist and bigot restaurant owner, does he has an objective expectations on others or the people of the world?

      I don’t know about you; but I am not a happy puppy but an angry dragon, truly offended by that bastard racist! SHAME ON HIM AND LL CREATURES LIKE HIM!

      I’m happy that that you said that race does not matter, only culture does!



      Posted by mariotheradical | March 13, 2013, 1:10 am
  10. This sign has amusement or annoyance value only. In principle the action of a single individual never will represent his family, friends, community, people, nation, race and country. Only a fool will take that sign seriously into a binding commitment. Even bigger fool for educated people in senior positions to take that seriously. If that single individual can represent and speak for the whole nation and country we may as well follow this principle and abolish millions of decision makers and policy makers in government. Last by not least, what that single person had done was wrong. The actions (terriorial disputes) between states are for empowered politicians and diplomates to negotiate/fight over. He should not take revenge against peoples of those states as people are innocent bystanders. Government and policies come and go but the people are the peoples on earth blessed by the universe.


    Posted by Fred Chan | March 14, 2013, 8:34 am
  11. Because the restaurant that mentioned above is exclusive for chinese cannibals who eat human fetus, that’s why pinoy, japs, vet and even dog are not allowed to eat there…they are really selfish minded.


    Posted by p.pulpol | July 5, 2013, 4:29 am


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