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Authority of imperial sword needed to deal with corruption in China

Chinese FlagsSingtao Daily says today, “After Xi Jinping issued his eight regulations to establish his image, there are still a large number of officials who dare to violate discipline.

The Central Discipline Inspection Commission issued a circular yesterday on six typical cases of violation of the rules and stressed the need to further tighten up discipline. However, those mentioned in the circular are all low-level officials and netizens sneer at that, saying that it was swatting flies.

The typical cases include: Qiongzhong county financial bureau chief gave a banquet to personal friends at government expense and was removed from all party and government posts; Zhuhai Financial Investment Holding Co. Limited spent public money for banqueting on the excuse of the convention of a cooperation and exchange seminar among banking enterprises.

The general manager of the company was dismissed for that. Baihe county party secretary borrowed a cross-country vehicle in violation of the rules and was punished by a warning within the party.

In a separate report, SCMP said “The Communist Party of China has issued an outright ban against wining, dining and networking while party cadres are doing their official training – signalling its determination to clean up the image of Party schools.”

According to SCMP, It was Xi Jinping’s new initiative to improve party members’ discipline and clean up the image of the party school.

However, there is widespread doubt whether Xi’s efforts will be effective.

In fact, when Hu Jintao was the general secretary and president, the Central Discipline Inspection Commission issued its rules to forbid exploitation of official post for improper gains in June 2007, but corruption has grown even more rampant. People’s doubt is justified.

In fact, according to the information I have, officials dare not hold a large-scale banquet in a restaurant now, but they continue to hold such a banquet in a remote club in secret. A small official banquet of less than three dozen people is still common in a restaurant as long as no one takes a photo of the banquet and exposes it on the internet.

The problem is that officials are still able to get what they spend on their banquets reimbursed by the government.

Hu failed in spite of the rules he imposed because he lacked the power. Last July, he held a meeting to tell officials to treat petitioners kindly, but illegal interception, imprisonment and torture of petitioners continued.

Xi seems to have got the authority of the imperial sword from powerful elders. Soon after he took over, he closed all the black jails where local officials detained petitioners and released all the prisoners there. Hu and Wen Jiabao told local officials to close their representative offices in Beijing that ran the black jails several times but local officials simply ignored their instructions.

Xi’s prompt actions proved the authority he has obtained, but he needs talented associates to carry out the fight against corruption in various areas in China.

Sources: Singtao Daily “Announcement of six typical cases of discipline violation, for which the Central Discipline Inspection Committee was sneered at as swapping flies” (Translated by Chan Kai Yee)
Source: SCMP – “China announces stricter rules for cadre trainees”

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3 thoughts on “Authority of imperial sword needed to deal with corruption in China

  1. Thanks for the insights. How can anyone possibly take the top down approach in a country as big as China? I don’t see how this problem can be solved without federalism and democracy. Maybe China’s periodic upheavals have always been due to the lack of these, as opposed to lack of sufficient strength at the centre. In otherwise, the exact opposite of what the Heavenly Ones think.


    Posted by shovonc | March 22, 2013, 2:06 pm


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