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Persuading China’s communists to give up power is like trying to persuade a tiger to give you it’s skin

Democracy fighter Liu Xiaobo

Democracy fighter Liu Xiaobo

I once said that trying to persuade the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to give up its monopoly of state power is like trying to persuade a tiger to give you its skin. It is utterly impossible.

In my book “Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements,” I said: “Due to its monopoly of power, the CCP is a huge group of vested interests that includes not only 85 million CCP members, but also those who are not CCP members that rely on the CCP for their employment, income, benefits and even assets.

This includes many non-CCP public servants, soldiers, employees of state-owned enterprises and others. The number of those people, including their family members and close relatives, exceeds one fourth of the Chinese population, according to my conservative estimate.”

That is why those who fight for multi-party democracy, like Liu Xiaobo, are imprisoned, and why I have to publish my book on Tiananmen protesters’ tremendous achievements outside the Chinese mainland.

However, there are still people so naive as to think that Xi Jinping’s reform to save CCP from collapse will introduce some reduction of the pressure on the dissidents who try to reduce CCP’s monopoly of state power.

In its report titled “China jails man for seeking repeat of Tiananmen protest: Amnesty,” Reuters says, “Xi (Jinping)’s ascendancy in a once-in-a-decade generational leadership transition had given many Chinese hope for political reform, mainly due to his folksy style and the legacy of his father, Xi Zhongxun, a former reformist vice-premier.”

However the dream of those Chinese (the number of people in China who are so naive as to have such dream is small), and in addition lots of people outside China, is broken, as Reuters points out in the report: “since he (Xi Jinping) assumed office, the party has detained or jailed dozens of dissidents, including anti-corruption activist Xu Zhiyong and ethnic Uighur professor Ilham Tohti.”

That is simple. Xi was able to have such strong power to carry out his reform that harms lots of vested interests because he has the support of all the powerful elders behind him to save the CCP from collapse by his reform. Do you think the elders will support Xi in reducing the CCP’s monopoly of state power by allowing multi-party democracy? It is utterly impossible for Xi to do so even if he wants to.

The story of how Xi obtained all the powerful elders’ support for his reform is given in Chapter 15 (“The Mystery of Xi Jinping’s Absence in September, 2012 – Xi’s Inaction before and Xi Cyclone after Xi’s Mysterious Absence”) of my book “Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements.”

However, Xi will carry out his political reform to develop democratic supervision, democratic decision making, democratic management and democratic election.

His mass line campaign aims precisely at the establishment of democratic supervision.

That is a vital step for democracy: without democratic supervision, there cannot be democratic election, as elections will be rigged by various means including buying votes as described in my post “China: Anti-corruption Storm Sweeps Parliament” on December 29, 2013.

Those who want democracy should exploit the opportunities given rise by his reform to achieve better rule of law, human rights and democracy within the allowed scope, so that their voices will not be silenced, and their actions will not be banned.

That is why I have never tried to publish my book on Tiananmen protesters achievements on the Chinese Mainland. I have to make great efforts to enable my voice to be heard and my actions effective.

I am confident that if we have wisdom and vision and make our efforts cleverly, we will be able to finally transform the CCP and achieve democracy in China.

The following is the full text of Reuters report on Xi’s persecution of dissidents:

China jails man for seeking repeat of Tiananmen protest: Amnesty

China has jailed for 18 months a man who tried to stage a repeat of the 1989 Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protest, rights group Amnesty International said on Monday, in another sign of the ruling Communist Party’s intolerance of dissent.

Public discussion of the Tiananmen crackdown, in which rights groups say hundreds were probably killed, is still taboo in China.

Gu Yimin applied last May for permission to demonstrate on June 4, the 24th anniversary of the bloody crackdown in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, but the government rejected his application and arrested him.

A court in Changshu, in the eastern province of Jiangsu, found Gu guilty of inciting state subversion, Amnesty said in an email. Inciting subversion is a charge commonly levelled against critics of one-party rule.

Gu had also forwarded several photographs commemorating the movement on his microblog, including one that said: “By the expiry date of 2013, remove the Chinese Communists; on June 4, the city was slaughtered”.

In the statement, Anu Kultalahti, a China researcher for Amnesty, said: “Gu Yimin should be released immediately and unconditionally. Nearly 25 years on from the Tiananmen Square crackdown the authorities continue to stop at nothing to bury the truth of 1989.”

“Rather than ratchet up such persecution the authorities should acknowledge what really happened and deliver justice for the victims.”

Gu’s charge of suspicion of inciting subversion of state power was the first time it had been used since President Xi Jinping took office in March of last year.

The Communist Party has banned references in state media, the Internet and books, to the Tiananmen crackdown, leaving most young Chinese ignorant of the events of June 3 and 4, 1989, when the country’s leaders ordered troops to open fire on demonstrators and sent in tanks to crush a student-led movement.

Xi’s ascendancy in a once-in-a-decade generational leadership transition had given many Chinese hope for political reform, mainly due to his folksy style and the legacy of his father, Xi Zhongxun, a former reformist vice-premier.

But since he assumed office the party has detained or jailed dozens of dissidents, including anti-corruption activist Xu Zhiyong and ethnic Uighur professor Ilham Tohti.

Source: Chan Kai Yee’s Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements “However Eloquent, One Cannot Persuade a Tiger to Give One Its Skin”
Source: Reuters “China jails man for seeking repeat of Tiananmen protest: Amnesty”

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