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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, October 26, 2015



Fireworks and seizure.

On Saturday, a North Korean patrol boat crossed into South Korea’s side of the “NLL” (Northern Limit Line), which North Korea rejects.

The South fired warning shots and the “Nork” ship went home. The DPRK will not have the same cakewalk as Hitler had in France… at least not on the water.

Protesters from China didn’t exactly welcome Xi Jinping to the UK. A Tienanmen Square survivor’s UK home was searched and two computers seized by UK police. They even took his iPad and a USB stick!

Apple took 256 Chinese apps from their App Store for “secretly gathering personal info”. China’s Communist Party has taken away permission to join a golf club. China still wants to take Taiwan—it’s really important.

Speaking of Taiwan, the floundering KMT-Nationalist party found yet another different way to lose the upcoming election. If the party had realistic hopes of winning, they would take the hint from Southern voters, who support young Tainan Mayor Lai, whose greatest, and arguably only, achievement is to refuse bribe money. Taiwanese don’t like corruption.

But, instead of taking that hint, the KMT’s strategy is to support politicians convicted of corruption, such as the infamous Tainan Speaker, Lee, while politically attacking popular people like William Lai and their own legislative Speaker, Wang. If the KMT had either the competence or the will to win the upcoming Taiwan election, they would do the reverse. Their strategy to lose this week: New Taipei Mayor Chu (KMT) quit his job to pursue a doomed campaign.

With the DPP about to take Taipei, Speaker Lee’s only protection, in Taiwan that is, does he somehow expect that China will achieve it’s great goal of taking Taiwan in the next six months and then protect him? While conspiracy theorists would like to think so, the Chinese Communists not only banned their members from golf memberships, but also from accepting and offering bribe money.

Were China to take Taiwan, Speaker Lee could get a police administered bullet to a head and his family would get a bill for one bullet… unless China’s anti-bribery rule only applies to bribes that don’t help the Communists and Lee bribed with Communist money in anticipation that China arrives during his occupancy of a seat he has already been convicted of holding illegally. But who would expect anyone to believe such a thing?

The KMT has no strategy. Sinking ships with drowning crews usually don’t. That lack of planning is usually why a ship is sinking and its crew drowning.

The KMT is the biggest friend China has in Taiwan, which isn’t very impressive. Taking Taiwan is one of, if not the greatest, goal China has. The foreseeable KMT defeat in January’s election will really upset the “apple cart”, as it were.


Apple bans hundreds of iPhone apps that secretly gathered personal info – CNN Money

…”Most of the 256 affected apps were made in China.”

China’s Communist Party has banned its members from meeting alone or criticizing the Party – QZ

Xi Jinping protesters arrested and homes searched over London demonstrations – UK G


Chu goes on leave from mayor’s job – Taipei Times

Keeping Taiwan a ‘sacred mission’ of China: officia – Taipei Times


South Korea’s navy fires warning shots at North Korean patrol boat near disputed maritime border – ABC


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