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Cadence Column: Asia, May 6, 2019



Fibers are starting to snap and the solutions brought by governments always include adding more tension to the frayed rope.

China heads more toward Maoism. A nation headed at warp speed into its past already has its future known.

Taiwan wrestles with itself, seeking endorsement and recognition from other nations while chaotic governance at home makes its next election uncertain. But, two things grow stronger every day in Taiwan: military and resolve. That’s a problem for some countries, one in particular.

If Taiwan isn’t the last straw, Korea could be. North Korea launched a missile for the first time in a long time. That wouldn’t have happened without backing.

The de facto consensus among the US, China, and everyone caught in between is simple: Make the rope snap ASAP by piling on as much load as possible. Even the strategy to improve Lockheed Martin’s F-35 program comes in the form of complaint. The F-35s are ready to go. A dance floor will magically appear in the Pacific once Washington finishes playing with the bubble wrap.


China’s South China Sea strategy takes a hit as the US Navy threatens to get tough on Beijing’s sea forces | Business Insider

China could use force: Pentagon | Taipei Times

Report warns of Chinese subs in Arctic region | Taipei Times – Reuters & AFP

China’s Belt And Road Initiative A Vision, Says Britain | NDTV

China’s Xi Jinping causes alarm with mass student trips to the country | CNN

China Installed Its Top Cop to Steer Interpol. Then He Disappeared. | WSJ

Amid criticism, China’s Xi says Belt and Road project can be ‘shared by the world’

In a trade deal with China, the US may get an empty shell – commentary | CNBC

What Chinese spies want from Americans | Fox News

China Exploits Fleet of U.S. Satellites to Strengthen Police and Military Power | WSJ

Made in China, Exported to the World: The Surveillance State | NY Times

Why China’s rise may call for ‘a new world order’ | CNBC


Big Trouble, Little Taiwan: Why Taipei Is Moving Toward a Confrontation | National Interest

Two US warships sail through Taiwan Strait in challenge to China | The Guardian

Sentences prove ‘one country, two systems’ flawed: MAC | Taipei Times

Military told to boost asymmetric might | Taipei Times

Counter-policy urged as China targets teachers | Taipei Times

Taiwanese man faces 5-year prison sentence for live-streaming jet takeoff | Taiwan News

China tries to bully Taiwanese students out of food market in Hungary | Taiwan News

Taiwan on front line in defending democracy: Tsai | Taipei Times

Tsai presides over Port of Taipei drills | Taipei Times

Amended rules allow 635 naturalizations in two years | Taipei Times

US Senate reaffirms TRA commitment | Taipei Times

US representatives support WHA bid | Taipei Times

DPP, Sunflower movement damaged Taiwan, Ma says | Taipei Times

Two US warships transit Taiwan Strait | Taipei Times


Hong Kong

Hong Kong ‘Umbrella movement’ leaders sentenced | Taipei Times


North Korea presented US with $2 million bill for care of Otto Warmbier | CNN

North Korea launches ‘barrage’ of short-range projectiles into the Sea of Japan: Officials | ABC

North Korea Confirms Kim Jong Un Ordered Rocket-Launch Drill | Bloomberg

North Korea launches “multiple short-range projectiles,” South Korea says | NK News


Search effort closing in on missing Japanese stealth fighter | CNN

Trump’s acting defense secretary called F-35 fighter jet program ‘f—-d up’ | CNN

Source: Pacific Daily Times

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