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China News Headlines: November 22, 2020

China News Headlines November 22, 2020

China News Headlines November 22, 2020

China suggests Italy may be the birthplace of COVID-19 pandemic

China’s ‘bat woman’ says COVID-19 did not originate in Wuhan lab

China to launch moon probe, seeking first lunar rock retrieval since 1970s

India, China military talks deadlocked3 hours ago

India, China close in on plan to end months of border standoff

Mainland China reports 17 new COVID-19 cases vs 16 a day earlier

New US Indo-Pacific fleet ‘would be akin to grabbing China by the throat’

Apple is lobbying against a bill aimed at stopping forced labor in China

China’s Xi Asks G20 Countries to Be ‘Open and Accommodating’ to CBDCs

China Has Launched the World’s First 6G Satellite. We Don’t Even Know What 6G Is Yet.

China borrows at negative interest rates for the first time

China Borrows at Negative Rates for the First Time

Getting paid to borrow? China sells bonds at negative interest rate

China gives musical talent show a virtual makeover

Tracking the global pandemic: Where has been hit hardest?

Luxury carmaker Maybach has high ambitions for China

China to launch moon probe, seeking first lunar rock retrieval since 1970s

Xi says China ready to boost global COVID-19 vaccine cooperation

Mainland China reports 16 new COVID-19 cases vs 17 a day earlier

Romantic comedy, veteran actress win big at Chinese-language ‘Oscars’

Families of detained Hong Kong dozen protest on island near Chinese prison

China to extend fishing ban to Yangtze estuary in 2021

Trump administration to add four more Chinese firms to Pentagon blacklist: sources

Taiwan voices hope for trade deal after economic talks with US

Vaccine hopes, global GDP risks, YouTube for kids and a tiny owl

China says has given debt relief of $2bn to developing countries

IMF urges action as recovery loses steam and COVID-19 surges

Xi Jinping proposes global QR code system to help free up travel

What happens when K-pop meets the Communist Party?

Li Ka-shing’s seeker is a woman with uncanny bets on Facebook, Zoom, Siri

One man’s vision to save life in the South China Sea

Taiwan exports set to suffer from RCEP trade deal exclusion

Taiwan’s Golden Horse film awards salute veteran actress Chen Shu-fang

China’s belt and road may damage world’s oceans, or help save them

Why China shouldn’t lose sleep over its singles boom

Can WHO really find the source of the coronavirus outbreak?

Hong Kong political films win at Taiwan Golden Horse Awards

What effect will a Biden presidency have on China-EU investment talks?

China urged to use market forces to help curb carbon emissions

China ‘should prepare in case relations with US worsen under Biden’

Dog-walking ban, backed by threat to kill pets, withdrawn in China

Coronavirus: China suspends US$2.1 billion in debt service for poor nations

Coronavirus: China locks down city and orders mass tests in Tianjin

Juggling job and family a struggle for China’s working mums

US coronavirus vaccine trials raise hopes Chinese drugs will also prove effective

Research suggesting Covid-19 was in Italy in 2019 hit by backlash

Biden must avoid Trump era’s ‘three traps’ of China-US affairs: researcher

US actions could raise risk of Taiwan war, says Chinese military researcher

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