If I were to identify a constancy running through my work I’d say it is a kind of blend of sociological and psychological explorations fusing with emotion in a kind of visual mediation.
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How to get a slice of the money flowing out of China

In 2008, I wrote an article for an international business consultancy newsletter that outlined the opportunities associated with Chinese investing abroad. In the article, I wrote that since China commenced opening up in 1979, most international capital flow has been into China rather than out of it. By 2008, this capital flow had contributed to … Continue reading

When dealing with China, beware of those who give you cultural awareness lessons

Being a psychology graduate and an avid traveller, I’ve always been curious in how myths shape individual behaviour and perceptions of cultural identity. For example, a couple of weeks ago I was having a beer with a friend who works in the Department of Defence and he was telling me about an ethical dilemma he … Continue reading

History shows that Japan and China have very different futures

I’ve frequently come across the view that China is on track to become like Japan but with 10 times the population. It is a form of wishful thinking that drives a great deal of investment in China in the hope that carving out a market share will bring untold riches one day. In an example … Continue reading

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