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Based in Lahore-Pakistan, Azhar Azam adores to sharing his thoughts and opinions with the global audiences through the ogles of the commoners. He is working in a private organization as ‘Market & Business Analyst’ and is writing on domestic, regional, and global issues since late 2014. His main areas of interest are geopolitical and geostrategic issues; arms and ammunition; space and hybrid wars; contemporary forms of terrorism; global trade and businesses; western pursuance of interests in the world’s developing and underdeveloped economic and energy-rich zones; and worldwide human rights violations.
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Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China, and Russia: potentially a new strategic and economic bloc

Saudi Arabia has been one of the closest US ally for years but some recent tiffs have seemingly impaired the bilateral relations – particularly after US excessive regulations on nuclear technology transfer, apparently to protect the interests of its peerless partner, Israel. Riyadh does not have nuclear bombs and it is also a signatory to … Continue reading

US-India hybrid war against China-Pakistan

When it comes to economic breadth and technology innovation, the Unites States is clearly the winner. The incredible US historical credentials across all disciplines have allowed it to dominate the world. It is instilled in the Americans’ DNA that they are a nation, which is hard to match and impossible to beat. If there is … Continue reading

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