Colyapi lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the United States. Has an engineering background and works as a metal fabricator while advancing economic knowledge during these turbulent times. Specializes in custom problem solving and analytics, and can be heard more often at shadetreeeconomist.wordpress.com
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Is China on final approach to an economic crisis?

January’s PMI data for China’s manufacturing sector, as released by Markit Economics and HSBC, showed a marked decline in production activity. More disturbing, however, is their analysis on the individual sectors of the manufacturing economy.  According to the report, firms cut their staffing levels at the quickest pace since March 2009, and, more importantly, “average … Continue reading

China’s commodity subsidising problems are only getting worse

Bloomberg recently reported that China, in order to aid its own cotton farmers by supporting cotton prices, has been buying up excess production into government stockpiles. The world’s biggest producer and user of cotton will have 12.7 million metric tons in inventory by July 31, 2014, 62% of the global total and enough to make … Continue reading

Economic motivation behind China’s dam building

The Chinese government has given preliminary environmental approval for construction of what would eventually be the country’s largest hydroelectric dam. The project, on the Dadu river in the southwestern province of Sichuan, is expected to take 10 years to construct at an estimated cost of a little over $4 billion. At 314 meters tall, it … Continue reading

Easing Chinese inflation helps to mask monetary problems

Recently, MarketWatch reported that CPI and PPI information were released for the month of March for all of China. According to official data, the consumer price index showed that prices only grew 2.1% year on year, while the producer price index showed deflation, and fell 1.9% year on year. At first blush, these numbers are … Continue reading

China’s money supply not misinterpreted – China doesn’t understand

The Chinese news site People’s Daily Online recently posted an article entitled China’s money supply should not be misinterpreted defending the money printing tendencies of the Chinese government. The author, Niu Wenxin, attempts to make a case as to why China has an absolute need for all the money that it has been printing over … Continue reading

The danger of Chinese overproduction

Coal, iron ore, steel, cotton, clothing, heavy equipment, ship-building, solar cells, LEDs, and property. All of these commodities at one point or another in the last year have been a hot topic due to overstocks caused by government-influenced overproduction. Falling prices and decreased global demand have crippled many participants in these industries, and many bankruptcies … Continue reading

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