Jack A. Bass B.A. LL.B is one of North America's foremost tax strategists working to help clients achieve a low tax base. As an economist and management consultant ( www.jackbassteam.com) he forecast the dramatic rise in the price of gold ( from under $900) and then the slide fro $1800. He forecast the fall in natural gas prices from $12 to below $4.00 and oil from $100 In 2009 he forecast an astounding rise in the stock market even as he warned of the fallout from Obama Economics. "Obama Economics threaten all markets as the influence of runaway printing presses will turn on its creators. Jacks education includes degrees in Economics and Law. He has completed (graduating at the top of his class) the securities course as part of a large American retail broker. web site www.jackbassteam.com http://www.youroffshoremoney.com Apprentice Millionaire Portfolio is available from amazon.com as is The Gold Investors Handbook .
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China’s shrinking pool of workers may limit economy’s recovery

China’s growth rebound may be capped by a labour force squeeze and shrinking resources that leave the government satisfied with rates of expansion as low as half the peak during the past decade. A pace of 7 percent to 8 percent reflects economic forces, Ma Jiantang, head of the National Bureau of Statistics, said on … Continue reading

In China, can investors trust that books aren’t cooked?

Profile: Carson Block, the 36-year-old short seller whose Muddy Waters fund is embroiled in a knock-down, drag-out fight with Singapore-based Olam International Ltd. The story’s not just essential background to the Olam fight that has been in the news recently; it’s a must-read for anyone with any involvement in Chinese stocks. Block has made his reputation mainly … Continue reading

China’s solar plans are insane

China‘s bloated solar sector has been hard hit this year by plummeting prices brought on by overcapacity. Overseas demand, which absorbs most Chinese panels, is set to fall next year as tariffs are imposed and subsidies cut. However, consolidation in solar manufacturing is not yet in the cards. Instead, the government is turning its attention to boosting … Continue reading

China’s mafia-style hack attack drives California firm to brink

During his civil lawsuit against the People’s Republic of China, Brian Milburn says he never once saw one of the country’s lawyers. He read no court documents from China’s attorneys because they filed none. The voluminous case record at the U.S. District courthouse in Santa Ana contains a single communication from China: a curt letter … Continue reading

Citibank forecasts a reversal in China commodity, growth patterns

In his latest note Citi‘s Edward L Morse writes “the commodity super cycle is over.” That is a monumental call, given how popular the long commodities trade has been. Why the turn? Basically, it’s all got to do with China. First, the economy is slowing down, and second as China rebalances its economy it is … Continue reading

Anyone expecting big China reforms is in for a massive disappointment

China has wrapped up its 18th Congress and it is now clear who will be leading the world’s second largest economy.Xi Jinping was named the Head of China’s Communist Party (CPC) and chairman of the country’s Central Military Commission. In the new year, he will officially take over as president of the country from Hu … Continue reading

China’s leadership transition feared by foreign businesses

The country’s new leaders, whose identities will be formally revealed on or around November 15, look likely to be a fairly conservative group when it comes to economic and political reform. That shouldn’t harm China’s giant import and export markets, but it augurs badly for foreign companies, particularly in the banking and media sectors, who … Continue reading

China’s economic growth at stake as Communist Party meets

As an investor I track the Chinese economic scene to position my portfolio for the turns that China will put to my profits. China’s Communist Party gathers today in Beijing to choose its fifth generation of leaders since taking power in 1949, a decision that will shape the nation’s economic and financial policies for the … Continue reading

China silver demand to climb to record

Investment Demand for Hard Assets to Protect Wealth Silver demand in China, the world’s second-largest user, is set to jump as much as 10 percent next year to a record as investors look to preserve wealth, according to Beijing Antaike Information Development Co. Consumption may climb to 7,700 metric tons after gaining 6 percent to … Continue reading

The number of millionaires in China

“Employing forecasts from the International Monetary Fund, Credit Suisse expects total household wealth to rise by almost 50% in the next five years from US$223 trillion in 2012 to US$330 trillion in 2017, assuming moderate and stable economic growth. The number of millionaires worldwide is expected to increase by about 18 million, reaching 46 million in 2017. China is expected to add … Continue reading

Bank of America is bullish on China

Merrill Lynch‘s China economist Ting Lu just published a big bullish 11-page report in which he cranked up his GDP estimates citing “across-the-board green shoots. “Here’s a summary of his revisions: 4Q12 year-over-year GDP growth to 7.8% from 7.5% 2012 annual GDP growth to 7.7% from 7.6% 2013 annual GDP growth to 8.1% from 7.6%, … Continue reading

China’s economy mending; Germany’s descending

Any hopes of a Euro Zone rebound appear to have been dashed for now The eurozone’s biggest member, Germany,is being sucked into the bloc’s worsening economic quagmire, business surveys suggested on Wednesday, as similar data signalled the slowdown in China may be abating. The slump that began in Greece and spread to other smaller eurozone … Continue reading

How much gold does China have?

China Is Seeking To Offset The Declining U.S. Dollars It Holds By Buying Gold On the 24th of April 2009, China announced that it had increased its gold reserves 75% from 600 tonnes to 1,054 tonnes. What made the announcement unusual was the six year gap in reporting, given the previous two changes were in … Continue reading

China approves $157-billion infrastructure spending to pump flagging economy

China has given the green light for 60 infrastructure projects worth more than $150-billion as it looks to energise an economy mired in its worst slowdown in three years, fuelling hopes the world’s growth engine may get a lift from the fourth quarter. Shares and steel futures contract prices jumped on the plans to build … Continue reading

North Korea: Escape From Camp 14

For a pretty scary look at what’s going on in North Korea, at least in some of the prison camps. As China‘s closest ally, what goes on in North Korea has special significance in this region. Escape from Camp 14, which is a biography of Shin Dong-Hyuk gives you a real scary look at that nation. It’s scary … Continue reading

Chinese export growth tumbles

Signs that the Chinese economy is sputtering mounted Friday, in the form of dismally feeble trade data that fanned expectations that Beijing would soon step up its efforts to buttress growth before a key leadership transition this autumn. China’s giant economy has emerged as a key driver of global growth, and hopes are high that … Continue reading

China’s Newest Investment Looks Like A Scam

I have a hard time convincing potential investors to buy a share of my West Indies (Headquarter) company as we search for suitable investments for the cash accumulated in a bank account. Here is one investment we are avoiding: The Chinese investment vehicle known as “Golden Elephant No. 38” promises buyers a 7.2 percent return … Continue reading

China’s Rail Cargo Volume Just Turned Negative For The First Time Since 2009

China‘s vice premier Li Keqiang was widely reported to have said that China’s GDP figures are not reliable.  According to Reuters, he is said to be relying on electricity consumption, rail cargo volume, and banking lending. In case you have not been watching, the rail cargo volume growth on a year-on-year basis has just turned negative in … Continue reading

China Aims to Drive Domestic Consumption

China is currently facing a spending crunch from Europe and the U.S., which is impacting the economy and threatening a possible “hard landing.” The superlative growth over the last decade has largely been fuelled by export demand for cheaper Chinese-made goods. The country built thousands of plants and added significant capacity to handle the significant influx … Continue reading

U.S. Losing Canadian Oil Sands To China

Some U.S. politicians come down hard on the Obama Administration for what will no doubt be described as driving Canada’s energy sector into the arms of China: Cnooc Ltd. (883)’s $15.1 billion cash takeover bid for Nexen Inc. (NXY) signals a Canadian shift toward China and away from the U.S. as the nation’s traditional oil and natural-gas partner and … Continue reading

Intel: NASDAQ No Chinese Safety Net

Safety Net? Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor maker, beat predictions for its second-quarter earnings, but forecast third-quarter sales that were lower than analysts had estimated, as an economic slowdown in China erodes demand. For the second quarter, the company reported per-share earnings of $0.54 on revenue of $13.5 billion and net income of $2.83 billion … Continue reading

China’s Catastrophic Deleveraging Has Begun

1. The frustrated and aggressive central bank If one wants to know how bad the health of China’s economy has gone, look no further than the PBOC‘s composure, which seems rather frustrated and aggressive as of late. On 5th July, the central bank cut benchmark interest rates for the 2nd time in less than a … Continue reading

Business Week Reports China Economic Slowdown Despite Stimulus

Amid growing concerns that China’s growth figures may be overstated, the National Bureau of Statistics announced July 13 that gross domestic product grew 7.6 percent in the second quarter, its slowest pace in three years. A slowdown in investment, including in real estate and infrastructure, the primary driver of China’s growth in recent years, plus … Continue reading

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