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I’m an American writer in Asia who wears many hats. I learned piano as a kid, studied Bible in college, and currently do podcasting, web contenting, cloud control, and brand design. I like golf, water, speed, music, kung fu, art, and stories. — Poetry is code.™ —
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2014 Protests in Asia

I was in Hong Kong a few weeks before the Umbrella Movement broke out. And I made a prediction: The protests would change nothing, China would do nothing, there would be a lot of noise, then it would fizzle out and the 2017 elections would go forward as planned. It looks like I was right. … Continue reading

Israel: The new power in Southeast Asia

(Audio) Few disguised blessings are less disguised than Israel. One article uses a map to explain the strength that one small country has against Statist Islam. Israel is all that stands between the West and the Middle East, the East and the Middle East, the North and the Middle East, and the South and the Middle East—and … Continue reading

Taiwan’s KMT party exhibits pre-Nazi-like behaviour

Mitch Yang, spokesman for the 1996 Taiwanese student protest in Los Angeles when China launched a missile during Taiwan’s first Presidential election, has been warning about this sort of thing. “I see a strong similarity between what Ma is doing and what happened in Germany when Nazis… eventually, gradually, turned the country into a dictatorship,” Yang said. … Continue reading

Petition: Protect Students and America from China’s Military

A new petition has been created to raise awareness in America about some deeper military questions that should be asked in the wake of Taiwan’s “Sunflower Movement”. The petition calls on Congress to investigate the secret meetings between Taiwan and China to determine whether subjects relating to the military were discussed. There is no information that can confirm … Continue reading

Taiwan’s ‘White Justice’ Breeds Confusion

Reporting 250,000+ “likes” on a suspicious Facebook page and 500 affirming phone calls for a police chief, Fang Yang-ning (方仰寧), on an island of with 23 million people is not newsworthy. Yet, it is being disseminated by the government and being reported in the Taipei Times. This actually suggests that authorities possess undisclosed research data that indicates government support is … Continue reading

Sunflower students to leave Taiwan’s legislature Thursday

Taiwan legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng (王金平) announced this morning that he would conduct no further discussions in the legislature concerning trade with China until a new law was passed providing oversight affecting all international trade agreements. This type of legislation, supporting the DPP (民進黨) and Sunflower movement’s request for transparency, would be a significant change in Taiwan’s legislative process. … Continue reading

Debunking myths: Was CIA involved with Taiwan’s demonstrations?

OPINION—While I’m sure some of our friends at CIA would be insulted if I said that they weren’t involved in everything that happens in the world, I suspect that Intelligence participation in the Taipei protests are minimal at most. This comes from a basic understanding of exactly how much Ma, Taiwan‘s President, has isolated himself and exactly … Continue reading

Taiwan legislature “occupied/retaken”: USA media ignores

Students have taken over Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan meeting chamber for over 106 hours. 12:00pm Friday marked the deadline the student-led mass gave to Taiwan’s dominant party, the KMT, to acknowledge and respond positively to their demands. The unarmed assortment of young Taiwanese took action in the wake of the pending Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement (CSSTA), after a … Continue reading

China and Taiwan: Provoked to grab for power

Whether it’s true or not, China appears to the International community as an aggressor. For half a century, Beijing supported the Kim Dynasty of North Korea. Now, that decision is “blowing up” in Beijing’s face, so to speak. Countries are asking, “Why would Communist China support a North Korea that would do this if China truly wants … Continue reading

The cultures of North Korea and China: conflict escalation explained

What’s with the rhetoric, fist pounding, and war-drumming? North Korea has a long history of making threats whenever they need food. In the past, war-talk resulted in lots of food and supplies being sent to North Korea a short time after. Maybe there were talks somewhere in that process, maybe not. But the West kowtowed … Continue reading

USA’s mixed message to China

If politics were a TV show, consider this season of “Pacific Antics”. The United States government has consistently sent “dual messages” to China. On the one hand, diplomatic, military, and other foreign-related policy indicates aggressive defence posture and retaliation preparedness should a Pacific conflict break out. A new military base is under way in the northern most parts of … Continue reading

China’s hacks cracked after cyber attack

It’s uncertain whether Beijing will respond appropriately to US rhetoric. Reportedly, a PLA (military) building on the outskirts of Shanghai is the source of cyber attacks from China. The US is the primary victim, though it’s not alone. Mandiant is the firm responsible for researching the attacks and finding their source location within China. Kevin Mandia … Continue reading

China: What would it take?

A friend recently asked me, “Hypothetically, what would it take to tip the tables, break the silence, and move from military escalation in East Asia into either war or peace?” It was actually quite an easy question to answer. The same event could push the tide either way, though there’s no way of knowing in … Continue reading

True agenda of China publicly released – seven years ago!

According to a BBC interview with Sha Zu Kang, Chinese Ambassador to United Nations (Geneva) in 2006, Beijing’s policy toward Taiwan, and the priority of that policy among Beijing’s other objectives, is as unmistakable as it is severe. Here are some selections from Sha Zu Kang’s comments… …Taiwan is the most important issue, that is to … Continue reading

Twelve reasons an invasion of Taiwan is untenable

That’s not to say someone won’t try. And the obvious country in question is China, of course. One non-factor is the growing number of Americans living within Taiwan. Based on Taiwan’s National Immigration Agency, in 2009, Americans made up approximately 2.5% of the island nation’s 350,000 alien residents. While that number has grown since, and … Continue reading

China: Beijing’s scope of perception

In winter 2001, a group of Chinese visited my school, the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Their goal was to learn about America. I was invited on the strict agreement that I would say nothing inciting. So, being my natural, diplomatic self, popped the question, “So, what do you think about our spy plane crashing … Continue reading

China CAN choose freedom: Hong Kong economy is proof

I said it three years ago. New York’s entrepreneurial spirit is in Hong Kong… and lo! The results are starting to show. It’s not being British or American or Spanish or French or Chinese that makes one prosperous—it’s one’s commitment to freedom and justice. But what is freedom and what is justice? Freedom means freedom from central panning… whether it’s … Continue reading

An American’s mixed feelings about China

I’ve lived in Asia four years and my feelings about China are unconventional and mixed. China’s international policy seems the same with defence and intellectual property: They claim rights to everything. But, Beijing Communists are not Nazi’s, as the West often perceives. Nor is Chinese Communism the same as Russian Communism. Hitler wanted to take … Continue reading

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