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The coronavirus is the monstrous product of the present nefarious global system

The whole world now is once again in a middle of an international humanitarian crisis whose extent and magnitude are utterly pervasive. This is brought about by a virus which is now pandemic and threatens the whole existence of humanity. The corona virus which started in Wuhan, China late last year, according to the World … Continue reading

In defence of the student protesters: Carrie Lam’s stupid mask ban, the repudiation of the Hong Kong court and the continuous necessity of the people’s struggle

On Monday, while the police were trying to dislodge several hundred hard-core protesters who had occupied the Hong Kong Polytechnic University since last week, a Hong Kong Court “found that the government’s controversial mask ban is unconstitutional.” Said ruling indeed, delivered “a fresh legal blow to an administration that is struggling to contain increasingly violent … Continue reading

In solidarity to the brave Hong Kong people

I am writing as a humanist and member of the international community in order to bring to the attention of the global family of nations the cause and the struggle behind the said noble cause of the courageous people of Hong Kong. The world must come together and stand as one in rallying and embracing … Continue reading

The ultimate betrayal by Rodrigo Duterte to the Republic of the Philippines and the international community

It is a basic and elementary knowledge that in international law, “sovereignty means that a government possesses full control over affairs within a territorial or geographical area or limit.” While in our local jurisdiction, the fundamental law in Article I of the 1987 Philippine Constitution expressly provided that the national territory of the country is … Continue reading

The ultimate betrayal of Rodrigo Duterte to the Filipino people and his utter love for China and Xi Jinping

I refer to “Duterte Stands by China, Doubts Own Fishermen in Sea Collision” by Andreo Calonzo published by Bloomberg on June 18th with regard to the indescribable betrayal of the hoodlum from Davao to the Filipino people and his unquestionable bias and love of China and its leader, specificallyXi Jin Ping. According to the said … Continue reading

Prostitution, bias and treachery of a pseudo-“historian” about China’s early contact with Philippines

I refer to Mr. Ocampo’s article “Salazar’s 1590 report on the Manila Chinese”, PDI, which appeared on Feb 6th. I concur in a sense to the positive contribution of the early Chinese to our people and history. Indeed, contact between two people and two civilizations does not only result to clashes and conflict, there also … Continue reading

The extreme treachery of the Philipinnes government – we don’t need Chinese workers to take Filipino jobs

I am writing in reference to the news article, “Why hire Chinese? Palace cites lack of skilled Pinoy workers” by Ms. Ruth Abbey Gita which appeared in Sunstar, January 24th. Said news report not only made my blood boil to the maximum, but incontestably makes me extremely mad and furious to the core. Yes indeed! … Continue reading

We shall never ever take sides: on the question of choosing between two monsters, China and United States

My attention was caught by that very provocative and utterly accurate political cartoon posted by the New York Times Opinion Section (Nov 27th) wherein it depicted there that the people of Southeast Asia in an apparent dilemma on who are they going to choose to throw their lot and support. It categorically pointed there, should … Continue reading

The Hague ruling against China is a moral victory for international law, but the struggle continues…

I am writing on the eve of the expected judgement to be handed by the Hague Court which various international experts, pundits and scholars had already considered to be historic. This case concerns the bold and unprecedented act of the Philippine government of suing China before an international court. Manila asked the said “tribunal of … Continue reading

The Uighur people: In defence of the minority, their identity and autonomy

I am writing to bring to the attention of the world the horrible condition of the Uighur people and to highlight the persecution and oppression that they are undergoing under the Chinese Empire. Who are the Uighurs? According to the BBC report of the same title, April 30, 2014: “China’s western Xinjiang region has a … Continue reading

A useless ASEAN will lead to the Chinafication of the entire Southeast Asia

I refer to TJ A. Burgonio’s “Philippines, Vietnam urge strong Asean action vs China” in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, May 12th with regard to the on-going 24th ASEAN Summit being held at Burma. The world is well aware that besides the usual chores and normal talks of the countries involved in the said region, the … Continue reading

Courage and defiance: The Philippines act of standing up against China

I refer to the report of TJ Burgonio “Philippines defies China warning,” in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, March 29 with regard to the Philippines’ act of filing the pleading on the sea dispute. To quote from the said report: “Unfazed by threats of sanctions from China, the government yesterday said it was pursuing its case … Continue reading

China’s criticism of Malaysia: unjust, unfair and below the belt

The following are the opinions of the author, and not necessarily those of China Daily Mail: I refer to “MH370: ‘Under siege’ Malaysians hit back at China,” Free Malaysia Today, March 28 with regard to China’s stinging and strident criticism of the Malaysian authorities’ handling of the MH370 incident. To quote from the said report: … Continue reading

The truth must be told: China is the Nazi Germany of the contemporary world order

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and not necessarily those of China Daily Mail. I refer to Keith Bradsher of the New York Times, “Philippine Leader Sounds Alarm on China”, February 4 concerning its unabated and continuing aggression on the Asia Pacific region. To quote from the said article: “President … Continue reading

Hong Kong: Justice for Erwiana Sulistyaningsih

I refer to the report of Joanna Chiu, “Indonesian maid at centre of ‘torture ordeal’ row could sue Hong Kong government”, South China Morning Post, January 20. Said article concerns an “Indonesian helper who says she was abused for eight months by employer” and that she “considers a case claiming city violated its ‘duty of … Continue reading

China rightly outraged at Japan: Moral honesty is the key for historical closure

I refer to the AFP news report, “Germany urges Japan to deal ‘honestly’ with WWII past”, December 31. To quote from the said article: “Germany said Monday it tried to deal “honestly” with its World War II past and urged Japan to do the same after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe‘s visit to a controversial war … Continue reading

China’s hypocrisy, shamelessness and paranoia

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and not necessarily those of China Daily Mail. I refer to the report of AFP, “China slams Japan defence spending plan”, December 22. According to the said article: “China has denounced Japan’s plans to boost military purchases, accusing it of playing up regional tensions … Continue reading

Philippines must stand up against China with help of international law and ASEAN

I refer to Amado Doronila’s analysis Deal with China? Winner takes all, in the Philippines Daily Inquirer of August 5. As Doronila reported:  “The Philippines’ second warship acquired from the United States, the BRP Ramon Alcaraz, arrived on Sunday at the former US naval base in Subic Bay amid conflict between Manila and Beijing over … Continue reading

China’s stupid contention on South China Sea: most idiotic territorial claim in human history

I am writing with regard to China boasts of strategy to “recover” islands occupied by Philippines, posted by CHANKAIYEE2, published by the China Daily Mail on May 28, 2013. This is with reference to the recent interview of “a well-known military expert” Major General Zhang Zhaozhong who gave a talk in a TV interview in … Continue reading

Japan’s crimes against humanity: Asian comfort women of WWII

I refer to the utterly controversial and extremely immoral remarks reportedly made by Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto with regard to the comfort women. I overwhelmingly concur with the statement of Attorney Harry L. Roque, Jr. that: “The Philippine government should formally lodge a diplomatic protest with the Japanese government against the statement by Osaka Mayor … Continue reading

China: Restaurant bans Japanese, Filipinos, Vietnamese and dogs

China acting not only as a dirty dog, but as a lousy bully and a racist freak. Today, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that a restaurant in the historic tourist city of Houhai in Beijing put up a sign which says: “This shop does not receive The Japanese, The Philippines, The Vietnamese and dog.” This … Continue reading

China is the trouble maker in the South China Sea

For the nth time, the giant bully has struck once again with another provocative statement. This time, ‘a state-owned Chinese news agency has called the Philippines a “trouble maker in the region”’. Not content on that label and being true to their being a bully even ‘warned the country against losing its “credibility” if “Manila … Continue reading

China’s imperialist designs; showing it’s ugly head and bloody arms (South China Sea)

I refer to the report of Reuters by Matthew Bigg “ASEAN chief voices alarm at China plan to board ships in disputed waters” last Friday, November 30th. Said report pertains to China’s plan to “board and search ships” it deemed to have illegally entered what it considers its “legitimate” territory in the disputed South China … Continue reading

China’s debasement of moral values and ethical principles

I refer to the Daily Telegraph UK 2011 article Material girls that appeared on the Malaysian paper, The Star, August 26th. I was completely shocked and appalled by the said piece. Though, said article was disgusting and truly sad, nonetheless it was sad but true! The writing of Malcolm Moore was peppered by incontrovertible facts … Continue reading

Bullyism: The new face of imperialism (China’s invocation of its so-called historical right)

I am writing once again to highlight to the international community and to the family of nations China’s aggressive imperialist design, to point out its continuous and hilarious invocation of its so-called historical right over the islands, shoals and islets that it is vigorously claiming ownership, not only in Southeast, but also in South Asia … Continue reading

The true spirit of the Olympics and China’s approach

The Olympics is the Celebration of the Human Spirit, not merely the pursuit of the gold medal Conrado de Quiros in an article which appeared on May 11, 2011 at the Philippine Daily Inquirer said that: “To this day, my biggest boxing hero is Muhammad Ali, and my biggest sports scene is him holding the … Continue reading

Cambodia’s subservience to China: a tale of treachery and selfishness

I refer to the AFP report concerning Manila’s act of summoning the Cambodian envoy. As reported by the said newspaper: “The Philippines has summoned Cambodia’s ambassador to explain comments he made accusing it and Vietnam of playing “dirty politics” in trying to solve a maritime row with China. “The move appeared to further deepen divisions … Continue reading

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