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Is China’s basic education a success, or does it destroy the morality of society?

Chinese educators and education experts believe China has extraordinary basic education. They think this education gives millions of students solid knowledge and basic skills, which is the point why our education is good. The experts think the only failure of Chinese education is at university level. They criticise the poor higher education system as the … Continue reading

Is Chinese history only 5,000 years? Legends say 50,000 years!

If you ask a Chinese person about the length of Chinese history, it is easy for them to tell you we have 5,000 years history. But I suspect this easy answer is because so many historical materials were lost in the past 2,200 years since “Burning and Burying” (焚书坑儒, Fen Shu Keng Ru) in Qin … Continue reading

Do the Chinese love China?

The following are the views of a Chinese netizen: Do the Chinese love China? For this question, the answer is easy – no! Perhaps you are shocked by seeing my answer because you may think the Chinese are really united and they often refute the criticism from other countries, especially western countries. But I am … Continue reading

China’s new education reform will fail again

China‘s Education Department published the new rules of the college entrance examination. Shanghai and Zhejiang provinces are going to be the experimental regions of the new system. Unfortunately, no matter how the Chinese government acts on the education system, all reforms are sure to be failures. The government is still unaware of the lack of … Continue reading

A Chinese blogger’s view: China is too sensitive about other countries’ actions

For many years, the Chinese government has been unstable about its diplomatic direction. A slight change from another country will make a huge difference about the attitude of the Chinese government toward that country. The same  slight action will also cause huge movement amongst the Chinese people and politicians. Thus, though many years have passed, … Continue reading

A Chinese netizen’s speculation about what might have happened to Flight MH370

The following is speculation on the part of a Chinese netizen, and reflects the growing concern about this issue by Chinese Internet users. The post was made on March 15 2014. The opinions expressed do not reflect those of China Daily Mail. I watched the live speech of the prime minister of Malaysia. The ambiguous … Continue reading

Japan’s actions are aimed at USA rather than China

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and not necessarily those of China Daily Mail. Shinzo Abe‘s affront seems to be aimed at China. However, for my part, I consider his action is planned to keep the USA force out of East Asia. I am a Chinese person, and acknowledge that … Continue reading

Government reforms making Chinese society dangerous

As a Chinese person, I support the reforms taken by President Xi Jinping. He has planned to suppress corruption, which is the core of his reform. In addition, to consolidate the stand of China in the world, he is trying to make the Chinese government have strong attitudes towards other countries, especially Japan and Southeast … Continue reading

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