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Online essay mills target Chinese students

Kexin Lee is a 36-year-old man from Southern China,. He has never had college education and can hardly speak any English, but when it comes to essay writing, hundreds of Chinese students in the UK turn to Lee with their essay tasks, paying him from £100 to £300 per thousand words. Lee then assigns the … Continue reading

Chinese leadership transition; don’t hold your hopes too high

“Inside the party, there are many problems that need be addressed, especially the problems among party members and officials of corruption and taking bribes, being out of touch with the people, undue emphasis on formalities and bureaucracy and other issues,” said Mr. Xi, the new Chinese leader who will be ruling China for another ten … Continue reading

57th Tibetan sets himself on fire to fight for a free Tibet, that is less and less likely

Another Tibetan Monk set himself on fire on the morning of October 22. It is the second self-immolation of Tibetan monks in 48 hours, third in ten days and the 57th since 2009, said Free Tibet. The 50-year-old monk named Dhondup finished his morning meditation as usual, walked to the side of the Serkhang temple (meaning … Continue reading

Are the Chinese happy?

The right to be unhappy  A survey called “are you happy” conducted by the China Central Television (CCTV) earlier in October showed that more than 70% of the Chinese being interviewed said they were happy. I have no doubt about the figure; of course Chinese are happy. Do we have another option? Earlier this year … Continue reading

How to be a Chinese, by a Chinese person

A complete guide on how to be a Chinese I was talking to my boyfriend about how I liked my new life in the UK and the roasted, boiled, mashed and baked beans. “I feel like an English”, I said . “That is good,” he said. My boyfriend, an Australian, spent the last 12 years living … Continue reading

China: Day care teacher caught on video throwing child to the floor

A teacher at a child care centre was prosecuted by the local procuratorate yesterday for abusing a 4-year-old child with mental disadvantage. Xu,  a teacher at a private-owned care centre in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, threw the 4-year-old girl to the floor after the latter refused to cooperate in doing activities. The girl fell into unconsciousness immediately, but Xu … Continue reading

Murder, sex and lies: the biggest scandal in the history of China’s communist party

On the 26th of September, the state news agency Xinhua, published an official account on the investigation on Bo XiLai, the ex-communist party leader of Chongqing (a Southern Chinese city with a population of more than 28 million). In the report, Bo is accused of “bribing”, “involvement” in the murderer of British Businessman Neil HeyWood and “sexual relationships with many woman”. In China, such … Continue reading

Pavlov’s Dog and Good Samaritans in China

In the late nineteenth century, Ivan Potrovitch Pavlov, a Russian Physiologist conducted an experiment in which a dog was fed when a bell was rung. After dozens of feeding along with the ringing, the dog started to have heavy flows of saliva on hearing the bell, even when the food was not present. His famous … Continue reading

Chinese counterfeits with Chinese characteristics

Last week I went to buy a new portable hard drive. In one electronic shop that had a one-bite-absent-apple sign at their front door, I saw a Samsung 320 G at 500 RMB. That is about 85USD, which sounded like a proper price because the same model was sold at 75 USD on amazom.com. Still I tried to … Continue reading

China’s nationalised Olympic team: the personal cost of winning and losing

While David Cameron promised to turn Olympics into gold for the British, the Chinese athletes vowed to bring back gold. Unlike Mr Cameron, who keeps surprising his tax payers with an increasing Olympics budget, the Chinese athletes are keeping their words, at great expenses. The Chinese take Olympic medals seriously. Ever since the Chinese Olympic … Continue reading

Beijing floods kill 77

The flood that drowned the Capital of China on 21st of July has killed 77 people, according to the government authority. This figure is twice as high as the initial death toll announced previously, which had been fiercely questioned by angry citizens in Beijing. Among the 77 death, 66 were identified: apart from 5 rescue workers. … Continue reading

The grievances of Chinese farmers; an endless story

More than six decades after the end of feudalism in China, land-rights still remains the number one problem facing Chinese farmers, despite the law implemented in 1990 articulating that “agricultural land must be formally contracted to farmers who will have limited but sufficient freedom on the using of the land, for a term of 30 years”. … Continue reading

China Faces Pension Crisis

Study predicts a USD 2.8 trillion pension shortage in China next year. By the year 2013, China will face a pension gap of RMB 18.3 trillion (about USD 2.8 trillion), says  Ma Jun, chief economist and investment strategist of Deutsche Bank Greater China, and Cao Zhengyuan, chief economist of Bank of China,  in a recent report titled … Continue reading

China’s Taobao offers bizarre items for sale

If I were asked the question “what is it that has changed the life of common Chinese the most during the past five years,” my answer would definitely be Taobao.com.  Taobao is an online market place similar to E-bay. Since it was founded in 2003, the number of registered users of Taobao has increased from none … Continue reading

Hong Kong: Paradise Lost

I visited Hong Kong in 2011.  After forty minutes of entry formalities at customs, I stepped into Hong Kong, a land of ridiculous housing price, luxury hotels and restaurants, fast walking people, and a touch of freedom that as a Chinese, I have never dreamed of. As a Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong is … Continue reading

China Weibo: When regulation hits its stride, freedom of speech retreats

Weibo.com, the Chinese version of Twitter, has announced new rules today to complement the existing Weibo Community Convention.  The new rules have announced some  stricter measures to control the dissemination and sharing of information via the internet in China. The prior Convention of Weibo was created two months ago following the heyday of microblogging that shed … Continue reading

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