Michael Basham

Crazy wild boots on the ground info/spiritual warrior. Desperately trying to help promote using the new weapons and assembling more endtime warriors before it all begins... And having lots if fun with Satan under my feet daily! Recently became a host on the Fringe Radio Network called "SpiritWars." Youtube channel daily updated called "KeyBlades."
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Taiwanese athlete and art student speaks out about Ministry of Education pro-China textbook issue

As Typhoon Soudelor bears down on Taiwan, my exceptionally talented Taiwanese high school friend Yen Liao agreed to do an interview concerning the recent textbook crisis and the Ministry of Education. He also spoke about the mentality of Taiwanese parents towards their children when it comes to their studies, and the need for a change. … Continue reading

Mass protests in Taiwan explode into Executive Parliament: Has “Asian Spring” begun?

The following article reflects the views of the author, and not necessarily those of China Daily Mail. Hundreds of students bypassed the barbed wire and fences surrounding the Executive Yuan building and seized control of yet another crucial arm of the Taiwanese government. Following president Ma’s unsavoury answer – “Students, stop this illegal sit-in so … Continue reading

What exactly is happening in Taiwan? Revolution, that’s what!

Brace yourselves, as now more and more students and energetic activists are getting ready to show up at the Taiwanese Parliament to perform their own version of an Occupy movement. Only today, we know how monumental and catastrophic these sorts of things can be. From China Post’s Article come some very glaringly alarming facts written in a … Continue reading

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