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To deal with China, it should be strangulation, not bloodshed

There is a lot of feverish flag waving and sabre rattling by rival local nations and by the world’s hegemon, the United States, about the islands that China has created and built airstrips on and dredged safe anchorages for. But there are other ways to visualise the outcome of resistance to China’s false claims in … Continue reading

South China Sea: China creates facts, builds ground to serve them.

It was 1829 and a young nation seeking to protect key sea lanes dispatched a commodore to remote islets and reefs, “over which the sea broke.” He found safe anchorage and went on to report if a hostile power should occupy them, national interests would be in “deadly peril”; and that “nothing but absolute naval … Continue reading

Contaminated oil sent to China may be blended and grey marketed to an unsuspecting refinery

Contaminated oil stored at a pipeline terminal in Martinez, California has won rare export approval, and some is headed for China. This is an unusual event since California consumes all the oil it can produce or import. Where will it be used in China? According to the GCaptain shipping site, approximately 1 million gallons of oil … Continue reading

U.S. – China Security Perceptions Survey; a prelude to the Great War of 2014?

This is a mistake since internal public opinion can vector the range of options available to government and national elites in reaction to incidents such as the recent close encounter between the USS Cowpens and the escorts of China’s carrier Liaoning in international waters. Continue reading

Turkey and China: Taksim, Tiananmen and the circling squares

New Hampshire’s state motto advises the people to “Live Free or Die” (生活或死亡). So this is a good place to read and ponder the news on Istanbul’s ongoing conflict in Taksim Square. At the same time, we can see the BBC news reports on official Chinese protests claiming US “prejudice” in an oddly timed back-and-forth … Continue reading

The imperfect cyber storm is coming and it’s not China – Mandiant cyber spying

In a revealing discussion on cyber security at the National Policy Centre in Washington DC, Good Harbor Chief of Staff Emilian Papadopoulos and Richard Bejtlich, Mandiant Chief Security Officer discussed the technical and organisational challenges of defining and meeting threats to national and corporate security. Merely developing consistent definitions across the broad spectrum of networks … Continue reading

Write about China and you can expect to be hacked

At least if you write about Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao… The morning edition of my Washington Post claims Chinese hackers penetrated its computer systems as early as 2008 or 2009. Security precautions were implemented by the Post late in 2011 by its cybersecurity contractor, Mandiant. This follows reports by the New York Times  (January 30) that it, and other … Continue reading

China’s oil thirst may wrench Canada’s rule of law – the global race for energy

With China‘s Sinopec support, Canadian Premier Minister Stephen Harper‘s conservative government chose a wrong turn to the right, saving itself from a nasty brush with justice. Approximately 70% of the world’s bitumen (aka “The Tar Sands”) deposits are located in Canada, mainly in the province of Alberta. Totals reserves there are about 176 billion barrels. … Continue reading

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