Tere Rodriguez

Multilingual Copywriter,Translator,Content Specialist. Determined to help small business & those in the wrong side of the Digital Divide tell their story online. Founder at Vox Rox Media. Passionate about global digital connections, languages, digital cultures, digital communication,intercultural communication, learning languages (particularly Asian), travelling, preserving our planet and our cultures, dialogue and happiness!
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China’s firm grip in Africa – a lesser of two evils

We heard a somewhat mystifying comment from U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton last week warning of a “new colonialism” in Africa from foreign investors and governments interested only in extracting natural resources to enrich themselves. No culprits mentioned in that statement, but a day earlier Clinton urged scrutiny of China’s large investments and … Continue reading

Why I don’t envy North Korean activist Kim Young-hwan now detained in China

International sporting events always seem to put North Korea back in the globe. Media reports in 2010 showed the North Korean soccer team being humiliated by government officials and crowds in their country after having had to drop out of the soccer world cup in South Africa without a point. Rumours had it that the … Continue reading

Win-win situation for local and foreign investors – bridging digital divide in China

Apple hasn’t had it easy in China. Back in 1998, Chinese company Proview, which has been semi-defunct for quite some time, produced a device that came to be known as Internet Personal Access Device or iPAD. Proview’s IPAD does not share any of the features of Apple’s tablet as we have come to know it, … Continue reading

The Anonymous Chinese blogger and the Jasmine revolution

Today, more than 485 million people use the internet in China. Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, boasts over 300 million registered users. Admittedly, a large proportion of Chinese netizens surf the net as a means of entertainment, but for many others, the Internet is a very useful tool for finding and sharing information about … Continue reading

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