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A journalist’s role in China

North Korea considers journalists to be the voice of the government and they are therefore held in great esteem.   This sentiment is shared by the government leaders behind the bamboo curtain of China. This government friendly fashion of journalism exacts more twisting than unfolding, more covering than uncovering.  Never does it allow the unbridled truth … Continue reading

Under cover at the Shanghai marriage market

The Shanghai Marriage Market or, to be politically correct, Matchmaking Corner, takes place every Saturday and Sunday from noon until around five in the evening. Hundreds of parents hang the “resumes” of their sons or daughters across the park and exchange contact information with parents interested in their child’s romantic credentials in order to plant … Continue reading

Martin Luther King Jr in China

“I have a dream” are words the freshmen students I taught were actually familiar with. They knew that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was perhaps the most influential leader in the fight for racial equality in America, and they knew that the “I Have a Dream” speech he recited on the steps of the Lincoln … Continue reading

China’s Bo Xilai tries to save his skin

The trial of Bo Xilai started to turn into an episode of Maury. Revelations about the tangled web of strained and complicated relationships within his family were used as his testimony, particularly when the evidence seemed most piled up against him. Throughout the trial, the Communist leader has ardently denied accusations of embezzlement and all … Continue reading

China tired of Japan’s “empty talk” and refuses leaders’ meeting to discuss disputed islands

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been calling for more dialogue with Beijing since he came to office in December 2012, the same month a Chinese government plane violated Japan’s airspace over the Senkaku and Diaoyu islands. China had been sending government ships in and out of what Japan calls its territorial waters since the … Continue reading

China: Son of prominent general on trial for rape sparks public outcry

The people of China are tired of party officials and their families thinking they are above the law. The children of party officials are especially criticized and seen as “spoiled” because of their behavior. The feelings of outrage surrounding the rape case the son of a prominent general is involved in suggests that the people … Continue reading

The birds and the bees in China

The peaceful water town of Tongli is home to a museum one would not expect to find in modern mainland China: a sex museum. The sculpture in the main courtyard that depicts a very small man with deformed limbs and features, giant feet, and an enormous erect penis might give off a vulgar impression of … Continue reading

China: Response to “Women’s Rights at Risk” by Leta Hong Fincher

With response to the article “Women’s Rights at Risk” by Leta Hong Fincher: What we can say about Mao’s policies during the Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward is that they were equally destructive to both men and women. In terms of the Great Famine, starvation certainly did not distinguish one gender from the other: … Continue reading

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