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Victoria holds a Masters degree in Media, Culture, and Communications from New York University. Hailing from Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and educated in the US, she hopes to use her degree to foster cross-cultural communication. Chief editor of meanwhileinchinanews.com.
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Hong Kong’s xenophobia against China is holding everyone back

Recent initiatives by the government to curb transportation of milk formula across the Hong Kong-Mainland border have been called unconstitutional according to World Trade Organisation free trade agreements. The initiative came after concerns over a milk formula shortage that have been escalating since it was discovered that tourists from the Mainland were transporting as many … Continue reading

China’s Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day means flowers everywhere!

Flowers, flowers, everywhere! This year, the fifth day of the Lunar New Year coincides with Valentine’s Day, meaning “double happiness” for florists across the country. Flower sales have been strong in China, spiking already high prices for the week. The tradition of decorating the home with Chinese flowers was coupled with the Western custom of … Continue reading

China and USA: Why all the violence? The argument against guns

In one day, two acts of violence: but one ended very differently from the other. Just hours before the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut, a stabbing spree took place at a primary school in Chengping, Henan, a small village in central China. The two towns are small enough that they were only … Continue reading

Hong Kong’s identity needs broader look at colonial era

The Hong Kong Autonomous Movement claims that the displays of the Hong Kong British flag are not a call for a return to colonialism. Instead, they claim it is, “the defence of the lion and dragon and the blending of the East and West.” Opponents of the movement argue that the flag belongs in a … Continue reading

China: Do women-only trains stop sexual harassment?

Once simply a Japanese-pioneered invention, the women-only train has become common in many countries around the world. Now Hong Kong and China have weighed in on the debate. Women-only cars on some trains exist in Japan, Egypt, India, Iran, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Dubai. The creation of women-only cars in other … Continue reading

Hong Kong: 65 percent of parents believe foreign English teachers offer better education

A survey of 300 households in Hong Kong showed that 65 percent of parents believe a foreign teacher of English can offer better education than a local teacher. In response, early childhood education experts have issued statements reminding parents and institutions to check the qualifications of foreign educators during the hiring process. Experts also warn … Continue reading

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