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China restaurant apologises for weighing customers

A restaurant in central China has apologised for encouraging diners to weigh themselves and then order food accordingly. The policy was introduced after a national campaign against food waste was launched. The beef restaurant in the city of Changsha placed two large scales at its entrance this week. It then asked diners to enter their … Continue reading

Mooncake and China’s ascending culture

Like turkey for Thanksgiving Day, mooncake for the full-moon Mid-Autumn Festival in China is a must. It is dated on the 15th day of August in Lunar Calendar (Sep 13 Friday, this year 2019). Its meaning is more than family gathering since its history includes politics, literature, music , and of course myths. The mooncake … Continue reading

Soup dumplings and the so-called clash of civilizations

A London restaurant released a video clip to promote its dumplings Xiao Long Bao — a small one-bite steamed dumplings with hot soup inside. However, it generated angry reaction as “In the clip, people can be seen viciously bursting the defenceless dumplings with chopsticks, letting the delicious soup leak out into a row!” Many viewers … Continue reading

Interview with Wang Yanping, Chinese bar owner in Poland

I had the incredible pleasure to talk with the couple who runs the Chinese bar Chun Xiang in Wejherowo, Poland. Wang Yanping and Catherine Swist–Wang welcomed me with a hearty smile. Green tea on the table, we set down to talk. Piotr Chodak: Thank you for talking about what it is like to live in … Continue reading

The China Syndrome

To the ham-lovers of Smithfield, Virginia, it is American weakness that explains why Chinese tycoons may soon own the giant pork producer that dominates their home town. Local hams, made from peanut-fed pigs and then hickory-smoked, first earned fame in colonial times. In Smithfield images of hogs vie with American flags as a badge of … Continue reading

Chinese wine market: bright horizons for foreign producers?

The International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) reported the increasing relevance of Chinese consumption trends in its last global report. China is the 5th market in the world, with a wine consumption value of over 15 million hectolitres (Mhl) per year, not too far from traditionally strong target countries like France, USA, Italy and … Continue reading

The British indulge in fine wines from China

The presence of Chinese vintners in Europe’s fine-wine circles may still be headline news, but the rebirth of the country’s fine wine has been a few years in the making. There are still a few wine-producing countries left on the map that command genuine novelty value. China may boast the world’s fifth-largest vineyard area and … Continue reading

Chicken soup for the Chinese soul

My childhood dream was to become a food critic. I was acutely aware of every breath I took being a sickly child with asthma, so one of my favourite past times was watching my mum cook. If I can’t breath, it might as well smell delicious. When Anthony Bourdain travels the world and asks what … Continue reading

Vegetables with a Vengeance – Meat-free Dining in Chengdu

Published at eChinacites online magazine Like most other Western foods in Chengdu, or China for that matter, many vegetarian restaurants never seem to get it quite right. However, there are a few that are surprisingly good, even if their menus overly emphasise tofu-based dishes. That’s fine, if you really love your tofu. However, for those … Continue reading

Where to Get a Good Pizza in Chengdu

Published at eChinacities online magazine Pizzas are a staple for many Western travellers, and Chengdu has a lot of expats looking for pizzas. Pizza is a little taste of home, a link to sanity and the “real world.” So the question arises: where can one get a good pizza in Chengdu? For the traveller who … Continue reading

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