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Japan firms turn to booming Southeast Asia, hedging China risks

Almost a quarter of Japanese manufacturers are re-thinking their China investment plans. Japanese firms, encouraged to expand abroad by a strong yen, are increasingly using Southeast Asia as an alternative manufacturing base to balance their China risks. Japanese government and business leaders have also been among the fastest to tap the potential of Myanmar’s dramatic … Continue reading

China boasts of ‘world-class’ uranium deposit discovery, but experts wary

SCMP reports: “Nuclear industry experts remain wary of China‘s grand claims for the Inner Mongolia reserve, saying there have been exaggerations in the past “China announced the discovery of a “world-class” uranium deposit in Inner Mongolia yesterday but kept its exact size a secret. “Some nuclear industry experts said the secrecy could be a deliberate … Continue reading

Japan plans to import rare earths from India as hedge against China

Japan is expected to announce that it will begin the import of rare earth elements from India when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visits the country next month. The move is intended as a safeguard against a possible embargo by China, a top global producer of rare earths, amid the Japan-China territorial dispute over the Senkaku … Continue reading

Mongolia: can’t live with China, can’t live without China

Mongolia and China have never exactly gotten along. For the past millennium the two countries invaded and ruled each other in turn. In the thirteenth century, Kublai Khan swept into China and founded the Yuan dynasty, putting Mongolians on the Chinese throne for nearly a century. Then in the 17th century Mongolia was conquered by … Continue reading

China illegally mining iron ore in India says report

China prominently features in a probe report on illegal iron ore mining in Goa, which warns that while the eastern neighbour is gobbling up India‘s iron ore reserves, the future might see a reversal of the trend. The Justice M B Shah Committee’s exhaustive report has pegged Goa’s mining scam at nearly Rs 35,000 crore. … Continue reading

China raises rare earth export quota

China has increased its 2012 rare-earth export quota for the first time since 2005, amid growing international pressure on Beijing to loosen its hold on the key minerals. The country’s rare-earth export policies are closely watched as it controls 95% of the world’s production of the metals, which are crucial in a wide range of … Continue reading

China’s politics and oil needs lead to risk of conflict in South China Sea

In asserting its claims to the tiny islands, rocks and reefs in the South China Sea, China points to records of its ancient mariners. Today, those waters are far more important to China than in the age of the sail. That’s because the area may hold oil riches that rival Saudi Arabia’s, a prospect that … Continue reading

China to exploit resources in melting Arctic Ocean

When Chinese premier Wen Jiabao visited Iceland in April, a framework agreement was signed between China and Iceland on Arctic Cooperation. As ice is melting in the Arctic Ocean, exploitation of the rich resources there will soon be much easier. Iceland has the geographic advantage, while China the financial resources and technology. Cooperation between China … Continue reading

After orbiting space lab, China wants an undersea lab for deep sea mining

Imagine, for a moment, that the year is 2034, and China has just declared ownership of a massive copper mine deep below the surface of the Western Pacific. Although the site was first discovered and repeatedly explored by robotic submersibles from other countries, China is the first to send a manned vessel to the depths. … Continue reading

China ‘stockpiling rare earths for strategic reserves’

China has already started the purchase – using state funds – and storage of rare earths for strategic reserves, the China Securities Journal said, but did not say exactly when the initiative was launched. The country produces more than 90pc of the world’s rare earths, which are used in hi-tech equipment ranging from iPods to … Continue reading

Mongolia’s Coal Riches Causing Diplomatic Nightmare with Russia, China

Mongolia boasts huge deposits of coal, copper, gold, uranium and many other rare minerals, and is opening up its vast resources to the world; this has however led to many diplomatic problems for the Asian nation. Mongolia is unfortunately situated between Russia and China, and with no coast it relies on passing through these two … Continue reading

US exempts China, Singapore from Iran sanctions

The United States on Thursday exempted China and Singapore from sanctions over purchases of oil from Iran hours before a deadline, saying that major economies were united in pressuring Tehran. The United States, however, did not grant exemptions to smaller-scale importers such as Pakistan and Afghanistan, meaning that banks from those countries could face punishment … Continue reading

Vietnam says China offshore oil auction ‘illegal’

Vietnam has denounced China‘s opening of offshore oil blocks to foreign companies in contested areas of the South China Sea as “illegal”, as territorial tensions grow between the communist neighbours. On Saturday, the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) announced that nine offshore blocks were available for exploration, and said it was seeking bids from … Continue reading

China defends curbs on rare earths

China on Wednesday defended its export curbs on rare earths used in high-tech products as an environmental measure and rejected a World Trade Organisation challenge by the United States, Europe and Japan. A Cabinet official rejected complaints Beijing is using the environment as an excuse to support fledgling Chinese producers of lightweight magnets and other … Continue reading

Iran cancels $2 billion dam deal with China

Iran has cancelled a $2 billion contract for a Chinese firm to help build a hydroelectric dam in the country, Chinese state media said on Thursday, a move that risks upsetting Beijing, one of Tehran’s most important economic and political allies. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is due to visit China next week for a security … Continue reading

Chinese wind towers hit with U.S. tariffs

The United States imposed preliminary duties as high as 26 percent on a second clean-energy product from China on Wednesday, this time hitting the tall steel towers used to harvest power from the wind. The decision by the U.S. Commerce Department is a victory for the Wind Tower Trade Coalition, a group of U.S. producers … Continue reading

China’s energy investment only for the brave

Private investors with the money and technology to unlock China’s vast pools of shale and coal seam gas will need strong stomachs to brave the unpredictable, unsupported and unregulated sector. China, the world’s largest energy user, signalled last week it wanted to draw more private investment into its energy sector as part of a plan … Continue reading

Frictions in The South China Sea: China’s Strategic Mistake

On the eastern side of the Eurasian continent, the Chinese economy is overheated and too-well integrated in the petrodollar system. Beijing, presently, cannot contemplate or afford to allocate any resources in a search for an alternative. The Chinese economy is low-wage- and labour-intensive. Chinese revenues are heavily dependent on exports and Chinese reserves are predominantly … Continue reading

China to exclude foreign firms in shale gas tender

China will exclude foreign firms from bidding in its second tender for shale gas blocks, despite a need for overseas technology to help exploit massive reserves of gas trapped within shale rock formations in the world’s top energy user. China launched its shale gas push in late 2009, inspired by a shale boom in the … Continue reading

Conservation, reduction in energy use is missing

China has an impressive plan to become more sustainable as can be seen from the draft report China’s National Energy Strategy and Reform. In this report the word conservation is mentioned 76 times and yet not once with regard to real implementation or the reduction of building new power plants or coal and petroleum use … Continue reading

China gas reforms spark investment boom

China’s big state companies, confident on the outlook for domestic natural gas reforms, are buying up local distributors and raising fresh capital – and making gas the hottest prospect for energy investment in the world’s top energy consumer. The prospects for expansion and acquisitions also have China’s natural gas distributors trading like growth stocks, instead … Continue reading

AES to sell most of China assets for $134 million

Power company AES Corp will sell a majority of its businesses in China for a total of $134 million, as it is unable to pass on higher coal costs in a state-regulated industry. The sale of about 2,727 MW gross capacity of the plants is expected to close by the second half of 2012, the … Continue reading

Shell, PetroChina JV Australia LNG faces big cost overrun

The cost of Royal Dutch Shell and PetroChina‘s Australian joint venture LNG may rise as much as 50 percent from initial estimates, which could force the companies to delay development, a source close to the project said on Friday. Arrow LNG is one of four on Australia‘s east coast that aim to pump gas from … Continue reading

Japan, Kazakhstan to develop rare earth metals

Japan and Kazakhstan plan to sign an agreement to jointly develop rare earth metals critical to electronics and auto makers, aiming to lower dependence on China, the Asahi Shimbun daily said on Sunday. Japan’s Trade Minister Yukio Edano will meet Kazakh government officials, including President Nursultan Nazarbayev, to sign the agreement in early May, making … Continue reading

Rare earths industry targets illegal players

Fears over a global shortage of precious rare earths metals are mounting, as production in China slows amid a national crackdown on illegal miners. This month 155 rare earths businesses, almost all on the mainland, launched a national industry association, after the United States, the European Union and Japan filed a complaint in March to … Continue reading

Petrobras, Vale eye rare earths deal to replace China

Brazil’s state-run oil company Petrobras and mining giant Vale are in talks over a rare earths deal that would allow Vale to replace China as Petrobras’ supplier of lanthanum oxide for oil refining, sources close to the negotiations said. The deal is part of a series of recent ventures involving Brazil’s two biggest companies, which … Continue reading

China establishes rare earth association

China on Sunday established a rare earth industry association in a bid to clean up an industry that has come under fire internationally for violating trade rules, Reuters reported, quoting state media. Su Bo, vice minister of industry and information technology, said the association aims to clean up the rare earth industry by kicking out … Continue reading

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