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China’s leader is telling the People’s Liberation Army to prepare for war

Chinese President Xi Jinping‘s recent statements have been alarming China’s neighbours. What’s behind them? Over the last several months, Chinese leader Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party have repeatedly exhorted the People’s Liberation Army to “be ready to win a war.” Xi has repeatedly called for greater military modernisation, increased training, and enhanced overall … Continue reading

China says type 095 nuclear submarine is better than US submarines

The following is a translation from Chinese media: According to sina.com.cn, China will adopt the following six new technologies in its type 095 attack nuclear submarines: new water injection propulsion, super strong steel, mixed single and double-hull structure, new comprehensive vibration reduction floating raft and vertical launch tube for cruise missile. The website says that … Continue reading

China denounces Japan’s protest over military jets close brush

China said on Thursday that Japan‘s accusations of Chinese fighter jets flying “abnormally close” to Japanese military aircraft over the East China Sea were aimed at deceiving the international community. Japan protested after Chinese warplanes flew “abnormally close” to Japanese military aircraft over the East China Sea on Wednesday. China’s Defence Ministry said Japan’s repeated … Continue reading

Chinese media claims: Japan has plans to force down Chinese jets; Chinese jets chase away Japanese jets

The following are translations from Chinese media. First, China claims Japan is planning to force down Chinese jets Chinese media says that, according to Sankei Shimbun’s report on January 29, the Japanese Air Self-defence Force announced on January 28 plans to deal with the frequent intrusion into Japan’s Air Defence Identification Zone and coming close … Continue reading

China’s hypocrisy, shamelessness and paranoia

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and not necessarily those of China Daily Mail. I refer to the report of AFP, “China slams Japan defence spending plan”, December 22. According to the said article: “China has denounced Japan’s plans to boost military purchases, accusing it of playing up regional tensions … Continue reading

China advises nationals living in Japan to register with embassy in Tokyo

The establishment of the East China Sea Air Defence Identification Zone may be just a gesture to claim the Diaoyus (called Senkakus by Japan). However, sending fighter jets to patrol the Zone, stating “China’s armed forces will adopt defensive emergency measures to respond to aircraft that do not cooperate in the identification or refuse to … Continue reading

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