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China steps up building two more aircraft carriers towards 2035 goal

China is expected to launch its next-generation aircraft carrier within a year and construction on a sister ship for the new giant vessel has been hastened, two sources close to the projects said. The Type 002 aircraft carrier – the country’s third carrier and the second to be domestically developed – has started the final … Continue reading

China just added two new nuclear missile submarines to its fleet

Here’s What You Need To Remember: What is clear, however, is that the Chinese government is telling the world that the DF-100 is a hypersonic, regional-level anti-ship missile that will impose a new, challenging threat-vector for long-range attacks against large warships over a thousand miles of China’s coastline. On October 1, 2019, the People’s Liberation … Continue reading

Chinese PLA Navy Shandong Type 001A aircraft carrier conducts sea trials

During a press conference that was held on Friday May 29, 2020, the Chinese Ministry of National Defense, has announced that the Chinese Navy (PLA People’s Liberation Armed Forces) is conducting sea trials for aircraft carrier Type 001A Shandong in accordance with the arrangement of the annual trial plan, said Senior Colonel Ren Guoqiang, spokesperson … Continue reading

A dramatic before and after look at China’s first aircraft carrier

A picture of China’s first aircraft carrier before it was eventually completed has surfaced on the Chinese internet. The images showed up on Tencent’s microblog and show a rusty, unfinished hulk. The ship, built for the USSR but never completed, was towed to China where it eventually became the carrier Liaoning. The article also lists … Continue reading

Pilot shortages could ground China’s plans to develop combat-ready aircraft carrier fleet

A shortage of naval pilots is holding back Beijing’s ambitions to develop a truly combat-ready fleet, military analysts have said. China officially commissioned its second aircraft carrier the Shandong last week, which means it will need at least 70 pilots, along with more supporting flight officers. However, plans to further expand its fleet to five … Continue reading

China commissions 2nd aircraft carrier, challenging U.S. dominance

China commissioned its first domestically built aircraft carrier on Tuesday, reaching a new milestone in its ambitions to build a modern navy capable of challenging American dominance of the seas, especially in the Pacific. China’s leader, Xi Jinping, presided over a commissioning ceremony at the Chinese naval base in Sanya, on the southern island of … Continue reading

China has a new aircraft carrier, but a lack of fighter jets that can use it

Is China’s newest aircraft carrier half-full or half-empty? That depends on how you look at the vessel’s aircraft capacity. The ship, prosaically named the Type 001A for now, is China’s second carrier and the first built in China. The first carrier, the Liaoning, is a refurbished ex-Soviet vessel. The Liaoning could carry twenty-four J-15 fighters. … Continue reading

China says aircraft carrier on way to South China Sea after Taiwan passage

China’s first domestically-built aircraft carrier is on its way to the South China Sea for tests and to take part in exercises, the Chinese navy said on Monday, after sailing through the Taiwan Strait in a mission denounced by Taipei as intimidation. Taiwan’s defense ministry said on Sunday a Chinese carrier group led by the … Continue reading

Cadence Column: Asia, February 4, 2019

The PDT Symphony Asian Mad Scientist Theorem is hard at work—that history unfolds as if a mythical mad scientist has finished societal experimentation on North Korea and has now decided to implement the same principles in China, this time with a seemingly faster canter toward communist calamity. Rather than nukes, China makes noises of sinking … Continue reading

Cadence Column: Asia, December 3, 2018

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen apologizing after a mid-term defeat at the provincial level will not demonstrate strength on her part, but she shows respect and stability in maintaining her appointees and policy toward China. Having not stood her ground on information about proposal that would have set Taiwan’s team name at the Olympics in Japan … Continue reading

Sea trial of China’s first homegrown aircraft carrier

SCMP says in its report “China’s first home-grown aircraft carrier set to carry out maiden sea trial” on Sunday that, according to anonymous Chinese naval sources, China’s first homegrown Type 001A aircraft carrier will conduct its maiden sea voyage in April. The report says, “Last month, Liu Zheng, chairman of Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (DSIC), … Continue reading

Cadence of Conflict: Asia, October 16, 2017

It’s not quite there yet. Korea’s conflict escalates, but there’s still more mount to climb. Trump is increasing weapons sales to South Korea and Japan, based on a September 5 Tweet; North Korea called him a “strangler of peace” and a “war merchant”. Mattis told the Army to “Stand ready”. Hawaii is rehearsing for attacks. … Continue reading

Cadence Column: Asia, March 6, 2017

China took the bait once again. Whether independence for Hong Kong and Taiwan would be better or worse, that independence becomes more likely every time the topic even comes up, no matter how much dissent the idea receives. Within China’s borders, the “all press is good press” principle may seem to work differently, but when … Continue reading

China’s DF-21D missiles ‘can to kill an entire aircraft carrier battle group’

The following is based on a translation of a report on a Chinese news site: War.163.com says in its report that according to the 82nd issue of the The Observer magazine, a certain DF-21D brigade has recently conducted an unprecedented live ammunition drill of a volley of dozens DF-21D missiles. The DF-21D reportedly can to … Continue reading

America’s aircraft carriers limited in use close to China’s shores, says expert

US National Interest magazine’s website carries navy expert Dave Majumdar’s article “Nuclear Submarines: America’s New Aircraft Carriers?”, predicting, “Nuclear-powered guided missile submarines could be the key to maintaining America’s future naval supremacy.” The article also states that US aircraft carriers are unable to go near China to attack it for fear of being destroyed by … Continue reading

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, February 23 | Symphony

Some Muslims wanted attention… They got it. Japan authorised millions in aid to fight terrorism. Myanmar calls on China to help them fight against terrorist attacks, ostensibly being launched from inside China. Beijing may not like being asked to turn their attention away from the great threat it feels from Taiwan. But, the terrorists in … Continue reading

China’s deception to get its first aircraft carrier, and how the world saw through it

Chinese state media recently published a story which it thought glorified it’s superior business strategy in securing its first aircraft carrier by deception. However, in reality, it shows the stupidity of a Chinese businessmen, who lost $120 million on the deal as an undercover agent for the CCP, and the perils of doing business with … Continue reading

China claims breakthrough by training 8 more carrier-based fighter jet pilots, taking total to 13

The following is translated from Chinese media: A photo of 4 grey J-15 fighter jets appearing on China’s aircraft carrier the Liaoning has gone viral on the Internet in China. A Global Times reporter has learnt from an authentic source that a second batch of J-15 pilots has succeeded in landing on the carrier. However, it … Continue reading

China’s first homegrown aircraft carrier being assembled in Shanghai

The following is based on translations from Chinese media: China’s qianzhan.com says in its report yesterday that according to Canada’s Kanwa Defense Review, China has finished the preparations for the construction of, and will soon begin assembling, its homegrown aircraft carrier at Changxing Island Shipyard, Shanghai. Kanwa’s report has been confirmed by Taiwanese media. In … Continue reading

China building two aircraft carriers before 2017, as part of plan to infiltrate Indian Ocean

The following is based on reports in Chinese media: China’s qianzhan.com quoted a Russian military industry news website as saying that in early October, the Chinese shipyard at Changxing Island installed radar, electronic system and weapons on the aircraft carrier it is making. The ship is scheduled to be launched before 2017, according to China’s … Continue reading

China’s aircraft carrier has fatal weakness – vulnerable if too far away from China

The following is translated from Chinese media: China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, is said to have obtained initial operational capability after its recent test of intensive taking off and landing of J-15 carrier-based aircraft. However, it has its fatal weakness: the lack of a fixed-wing airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft, as it … Continue reading

China says its massive navy buildup is world’s biggest

In 2013, China commissioned 2 missile destroyers, 3 missile frigates, 9 light missile frigates, 2 large auxiliary ships, 4 conventional submarines, 2 supporting warships for submarines, 1 nuclear submarine, 2 double-hull survey vessels, 1 warship for testing underwater sound equipment and 2 minesweepers, ranking the first in number in the world. Chinese media says that, according … Continue reading

India buys a third aircraft carrier amid rivalry with China

India has heightened its rivalry with China by taking possession of its third aircraft carrier, a refurbished Soviet-era vessel. The £1.4bn ($2.3bn) aircraft carrier, handed over at a north Russian shipyard, will help India to counterbalance the expansion of the Chinese navy. The 45,000-tonne ship, built in the final years of the Soviet Union and named … Continue reading

China developing 180,000-ton double-hull aircraft carrier

Qianzhan.com said in its report yesterday: China has to put an end to its old practice of following others countries’ footsteps. Sources say that through meticulous engineering and mechanical analysis, China will conduct research and development of the first 180,000-ton double hull aircraft carrier in the world. If successful, it will be a movable Chinese … Continue reading

China to build six aircraft carriers by 2020

Elite Reference magazine says in its report Frigates of Chinese aircraft carrier battle group secretly assembled at the military port for aircraft carriers, “The Soviet aircraft carrier Ulyanovsk, though failed to be commissioned, leaves experience and lessons which may provide China reference in China’s pursuit of nuclear aircraft carriers.” I have revealed in my posts that … Continue reading

China has established its first carrier-borne aviation force

Singtao says in its comprehensive report, “The Chinese navy’s first carrier-borne aviation force was formally established yesterday. It marked the existence of a carrier-borne combat force on China’s aircraft carrier, and the Chinese navy is soon obtaining a blue sea air attack force. The progress of China’s development of its aircraft carrier is much quicker … Continue reading

China plans to build aircraft carrier

China will build – from scratch – a large aircraft carrier capable of carrying more fighter jets, the official Xinhua news service reported, quoting a senior officer with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy. China has one aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, which was refitted from a Russian-made model. The report comes after Chinese officials denied foreign … Continue reading

China to send first aircraft carrier on high seas voyage

China will send its first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, on a voyage on the high seas for the first time within a year, the state-run news agency Xinhua said on Friday. The Liaoning, purchased used from Ukraine and refurbished in China, has conducted more than 100 exercises and experiments since it was commissioned last year, … Continue reading

China’s alternative aircraft carrier – amphibious attack vessel with VTOL fighters

Hebei Satellite TV says that according to CCTV4 report on November 13, 2012, a PLA major general said that China was developing a new generation of 40,000-ton grade amphibious attack vessels. The warship is capable of carrying various kinds of landing equipment, with the core capability of joint marine and air delivery of forces. It … Continue reading

China: Liaoning aircraft carrier will have a squadron of aircraft this year

According to CCTV, in an interview with media, NPC (National People’s Congress–China’s parliament) deputy Zhang Yongyi disclosed that this year, the Liaoning “may conduct distant-water tests as such tests are indispensable for an aircraft carrier. Without exception, all aircraft carriers must undergo distant-water tests before its structure can be finalised and its combat capability can … Continue reading

China announces surprisingly slower military budget increase

Reuters says in its report today titled “China boosts defence budget by 10.7 percent for 2013, “China will raise military spending by 10.7 percent this year to 740.6 billion yuan ($119 billion), the government announced on Tuesday, adding to a nearly unbroken series of double-digit increases in the defence budget over two decades.” The surprising … Continue reading

Both China and Russia plan to build nuclear aircraft carriers

Phoenix Satellite TV reports in it’s Observation Post of Military Situation program: Former Commander-in-Chief of Russian Navy Vladimir Sergeyevich Vysotskiy recently pointed out that China had to overcome tremendously great difficulties, as it failed to conclude a contract with Russia on the supply of arresting cables for its aircraft carrier because of the various conditions … Continue reading

China’s ‘Carrier Style’ parody of Gangnam Style demonstrates national pride in military growth

Since South Korean musician ‘PSY‘ released his ‘Gangnam Style’ song earlier this year it has gone viral around the world. Parodies have sprung up in virtually every country, ranging from individuals in their back gardens, to students from the highly prestigious Eton College in the UK. But now China is competing for the top spot … Continue reading

“Flying Shark” J-15 flies for China

China has shown the world the navy fighter J-15, called the “Flying Shark.” The plane, a copy of the Russian Su-33, will soon be the strength of the Chinese military. On Sunday morning, it landed for the first time on the newly commissioned aircraft carrier “Liaoning”. The Chinese military say it is as good as … Continue reading

4-5 years for China’s aircraft carrier to be combat ready

In my post yesterday, I provided official Chinese media Xinhua’s photos of a J-15 fighter taking off from and landing on China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier. China’s official television station CCTV gave footage of the taking-off and landing yesterday which can be seen at: http://news.cntv.cn/program/xwlb/20121125/104305.shtml According to mil.huanqiu.com, five pilots have smoothly landed J-15s and taken … Continue reading

China: J-15 fighters successful take-off and landing on aircraft carrier

China’s official Xinhua News Agency published yesterday a report on the successful taking-off and landing of China’s homegrown J-15 carrier-based fighters on the Liaoning, China’s first aircraft carrier. Xinhua said that the success fully proves the satisfactory technical capability of both the carrier and the fighter, and compatibility between them. According to the report, before … Continue reading

China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier set for sea trials of take-offs and landings

A 19-day sea trial of China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, starting tomorrow is expected to include take-offs and landings by fighter jets. Earlier reports and photographs that were published by the People’s Liberation Army Daily and the website of the Ministry of National Defence showed the ship had successfully completed touch-and-go tests involving a … Continue reading

China: Liaoning aircraft carrier makes high-speed turn; J-15 taking off and landing

Singtao Daily reports: There are quite a few new photographs of the Chinese carrier the Liaoning, including those of a J-15 flying low on it and the Liaoning making a turn at high speed. The photographs are respectively carried on Chinese military websites and mil.huangqiu.com under the official People’s Daily. In one photograph, we see … Continue reading

China’s aircraft carrier the Liaoning sails for the sea after being commissioned

Singtao Daily comprehensive report: At 6.00am yesterday, China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier set out for the sea for the first time after it was commissioned on September 25. A reporter from China News Service saw both the Liaoning and its protection warship no. 88 brightly lit and people walking to and fro on their decks at … Continue reading

The mystery of China’s homegrown aircraft carriers

Recently, we had quite an interesting story about China’s homegrown aircraft carrier. On September 27 when a reporter asked Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun about the report that China was building its second aircraft carrier in Shanghai, Yang replied that the report was not accurate. However, Yang did not mention where the report was … Continue reading

The mystery of China’s carrier-based aircraft

Don’t you think it ridiculous to commission an aircraft carrier without aircraft? And the commissioning ceremony was so grand that it was attended by both General Secretary Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao. If the carrier remains without aircraft for a long time, will it not become a laughingstock instead of something they can boast … Continue reading

China-made aircraft carrier will be launched next year

Singtao Daily reports Thursday: Sources say that China is now building two aircraft carriers, one of which, a new one entirely built by China on its own, will be launched next year at the earliest. As for China’s carrier-based aircraft, which remains a mystery now, Singtao quotes Xu Yong, a teacher at Air Force Command … Continue reading

China carrier a show of force as Japan tension festers

China sent its first aircraft carrier into formal service on Tuesday amid a tense maritime dispute with Japan in a show of force that could worry its neighbours. China’s Ministry of Defence said the newly named Liaoning aircraft carrier would “raise the overall operational strength of the Chinese navy” and help Beijing to “effectively protect … Continue reading

Chinese navy gets first aircraft carrier

China‘s first aircraft carrier, an overhauled former Soviet vessel, has been formally handed over to China’s navy, local media reported on Monday. The official ceremony was held on Sunday at the Dalian shipyard in Northeast China, where the aircraft carrier has been docked for refitting since 2002. During the ceremony, China’s national flag, the People’s … Continue reading

J-15 aircraft seen on China’s “not-quite-ready” aircraft carrier

According to Ming Pao’s exclusive report on August 22, in one of the newest pictures of China’s first aircraft carrier, a prototype of China’s new carrier-based aircraft J-15 is seen in a lifting test at Elevator No.1 on the starboard of China’s first aircraft carrier. Previously, in Phoenix Satellite TV’s Observation Post of Military Situation, … Continue reading

Frequent sea tests for August commissioning of China’s aircraft carrier

According to a worldjournal.com report on June 10, China’s first aircraft carrier left for another sea test on June 7 after 6 days of rest. According to Hong Kong’s wenweipo.com, some commentators believe that such frequent sea tests prove that it will soon be commissioned. The Defence Ministry says that it is quite normal to … Continue reading

Beijing will build two more aircraft carriers, Taiwan intelligence

According to Agence France-Presse, Taiwan‘s intelligence chief Tsai Teh-sheng says Beijing plans to build two more aircraft carriers in addition to its first refitted former Soviet carrier. Tsui says construction of the two carriers will begin in 2013 and 2015 and they will be delivered in 2020 and 2022 respectively. Though he says that they will … Continue reading

Taiwan to deploy additional ‘carrier killers’

Taiwan is arming more of its fleet with its new ‘carrier killer‘ anti-ship missiles as the mainland conducts further sea trials of its first aircraft carrier, local media in Taipei said Monday. Five of the Taiwanese navy’s eight Perry-class frigates have been armed with the supersonic Hsiung Ffeng (Brave Wind) III weapons, the Taipei-based China … Continue reading

China Developed Its Own Electromagnetic Catapult

Hong Kong’s Phoenix Satellite TV reported yesterday evening: a Russian website on China’s PLA carries a photograph from a Chinese website of the electromagnetic catapult developed by China on its own. The equipment is 100 meter long and can accelerate an aircraft to takeoff speed in 45 seconds. According to experts, the catapult is one of … Continue reading

Test flights of J-15 fighter on China’s first aircraft carrier

According to Hong Kong’s Ming Pao, China’s first aircraft carrier returned to Dalian Port on April 30 after 11 days of test in the sea. People in Xingcheng City on the Hulu Island, Liaoning said that recently there had been an increase in flights of military planes, and the noise from them was often heard … Continue reading

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