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Is China still the global manufacturing hub?

Activity in China’s manufacturing industry has been shrinking at a quick pace in the last four years, missing also the market expectations in the last news reported on January. The official purchasing managers’ index (PMI) registered a weak level of 49.4 in January, compared with the previous month’s 49.7 and below the 50-point mark that … Continue reading

This is what could start a war between India and China

While everyone’s anxiously watching and analysing the events unravelling in the South China Sea, there’s another resource conflict involving China that also deserves attention. In the Himalayas, China and India are competing for valuable hydropower and water resources on the Yarlung Tsangpo–Brahmaputra River. The dispute offers some important lessons for regional cooperation (on more than … Continue reading

United States succeeds in pitting India against China

Some people regard the territorial disputes between India and China as a major issue to exploit in pitting India against China. In fact, the disputed areas give neither China nor India advantage to attack the other as their geological layout facilitates defence. The two countries deploy heavily armed troops there for defence instead of attack. … Continue reading

Do not threaten us, India tells China

After China expressed concern over India‘s plans to build a 2,000-km road along the international border in Arunachal Pradesh, Home Minister Rajnath Singh hit back saying nobody should threaten or warn India. Addressing the 30th Raising Day ceremony of the National Security Guards in Manesar, Rajnath Singh said, “No one can give a warning to … Continue reading

India being hotly courted internationally; difficult for China to woo

The US wants India to encircle China in China’s west; Japan wants India to join it in confronting China, Russia wants to have a Russia-China-India alliance while China wants to solve border disputes to improve ties with India. When Modi won the election, he said good relations with China were his priority, but the US … Continue reading

Could this map of China start a war?

Chinese authorities unveiled this week a new map showing the totality of Beijing’s territorial claims. It supplants an earlier map, which had a cutaway box displaying China’s declared claims over the South China Sea. Now, Chinese citizens can “fully, directly know the full map of China,” wrote the People’s Daily, a state paper. “Readers won’t … Continue reading

India’s government to promote civilian settlements along border areas claimed by China

The Narendra Modi government may not only strengthen ITBP deployment and infrastructure along the India–China border, but also promote civilian settlements in border areas. Unlike the UPA regime that was reluctant to undertake aggressive deployment of troops in stretches close to the India-China border, the Union home ministry may now go for a formal survey … Continue reading

China, India spar over disputed border

China on Saturday urged India not to aggravate problems on the border shared by the two nations, a day after the Indian president toured a disputed region and called it an integral part of the country. The two countries, which fought a brief border war in 1962, only last month signed a pact to ensure … Continue reading

India, China near pact aimed at keeping lid on border tension

India and China are close to an agreement to stop tension on their contested border touching off confrontation while they try to figure out a way to break decades-old stalemate on overlapping claims to long stretches of the Himalayas. The border defence cooperation pact that diplomats are racing to finalise ahead of Prime Minister Manmohan … Continue reading

Seven key messages from India to China

The most charitable thing that can be said about Indian UPA government’s incoherent response to the Chinese incursion into Ladakh’s Debsang Valley is this: maybe, the government has a brilliant plan that we as yet don’t know anything about. On past performance, I wouldn’t bet on this. And surely, the statements of Indian External Affairs … Continue reading

US recognises Arunachal Pradesh as part of India, not China

US ambassador to India Nancy J Powell on Friday said the US still adopts the 1962 policy of recognising the McMahon Line regarding the India-China border dispute. She, however, said the US does not position itself in the dispute. Interacting with newsmen here on Friday, Powell said she recognises Arunachal Pradesh as an integral part … Continue reading

Vietnam issues stapled visas to Chinese passport holders

Taking a leaf out of Beijing’s past practice of issuing stapled visas for residents of Jammu and Kashmir, Vietnam is issuing visas for Chinese passport holders on separate paper, to counter China‘s map on its new e-passports showing disputed areas as part of its territory. Vietnam’s passport control offices are refusing to stamp visa pages … Continue reading

China puts Himalayan claims on passport map, India maps its own

India on Friday termed as ‘unacceptable’ China depicting Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin as its territory in maps of the country on their new e-passports, a step that led to retaliatory action by New Delhi. China sprung the surprise on India when it showed these territories as part of its own in the maps on … Continue reading

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