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Cadence Column: Asia, August 19, 2019

Conflicts with China are helping Taiwan. The trade war is driving manufacturing away from China toward Taiwan, Vietnam, and Burma, among others. China’s travel ban on Taiwan for openly supporting the Hong Kong protests is pushing the Taiwanese to implement better visa privileges with other Asian nationals visiting Taiwan. Not only did last week’s occupation … Continue reading

China says its anti-artillery radar, to be used near Myanmar border, can lock onto enemy cannons in eight seconds

The following is based on a translation from a report in Chinese media: War.163.com says in its report that Chinese anti-artillery radar is able to lock on to and identify an enemy cannon’s location in 8 seconds. The report says the radar will draw media attention in the large-scale drill along the border between China … Continue reading

China deploys forces to Myanmar border after bombing in Yunnan province

Beijing sent forces to patrol its southwestern border with Myanmar after a bomb killed four Chinese citizens in an area where violence between Burmese rebel groups and troops has spread and strained ties with China. On Sunday, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang expressed Beijing’s dismay at the fighting that has sent hundreds fleeing across China’s border. … Continue reading

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, March 16, 2015

A thorough and thoughtful article catches wind, documenting China’s threats against Great Britain over Hong Kong. Based on records declassified in 2013, the Crown wanted independence for Hong Kong long ago, but Beijing threatened invasion. The Hong Kong we know has been a store front so China can access the world and so Taiwan would … Continue reading

China scrambles jets after Myanmar bomb kills four people in Yunnan province

China has lodged diplomatic protests and scrambled fighter jets to the border with neighbouring Myanmar after a bomb from a Burmese warplane killed four people in China’s south-western Yunnan province on Friday. Myanmar’s government forces are fighting armed rebels and supporters of the Kokang people, a Mandarin-speaking ethnic Chinese minority, in the country’s northern Shan … Continue reading

‘Terrorist attacks’ against Myanmar being launched from China

China should cooperate with Myanmar to prevent “terrorist attacks” being launched from Chinese territory, a Myanmar official said on Thursday after 10 days of fighting between the Myanmar military and insurgents. Fighting broke out on Feb. 9 between the army and a rebel force in the Kokang region of northeast Myanmar, on the border with … Continue reading

China seeks to become “capital” of South East Asia, by extending high-speed rail

A favourite export from China to its neighbours these days are high-speed rail lines designed to make trade routes in the vast stretches of Asia more accessible and fortify Chinese dreams of turning its southern reaches into the capital of mainland Southeast Asia. But not everyone wants to be bound so close. A rail project … Continue reading

A useless ASEAN will lead to the Chinafication of the entire Southeast Asia

I refer to TJ A. Burgonio’s “Philippines, Vietnam urge strong Asean action vs China” in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, May 12th with regard to the on-going 24th ASEAN Summit being held at Burma. The world is well aware that besides the usual chores and normal talks of the countries involved in the said region, the … Continue reading

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, May 12

China and the West want China and the West to know that they are in a prelude to war. Here are a few reasons why from recently… Philippines, US begin war games after Obama pledge The Mystery Shrouding China’s Communist Party Suicides Two articles on which military is stronger… Why Japan’s Smaller Military Could Hold … Continue reading

Maid to order in Hong Kong

Maids are in the news lately, with Hong Kong being offered unlimited choice by importing helpers from Myanmar. Hong Kong is helper haven with nearly 300,000 domestic helpers, largely from the Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, India with newcomers added from Bangladesh and now Myanmar. Their strength can be gauged on weekends when every available open and public … Continue reading

Is China reviving the old Silk Road?

After enjoying a history of about 1600 years, the Silk Road had lost out to the Southern Ocean Corridor connecting Europe and Asia. But now there are signs that the old Silk Road is being revived. The Silk Road refers to the historical network of trading routes that connected Asia with the Middle East, North … Continue reading

Bride trafficking to China could rise

Bride trafficking to China from Southeast Asian countries which do not border on that country looks set to grow, says the UN, with the first reported cases from Cambodia in 2012. “The numbers of identified cases are still small, but this number could rise given the social demographics in play,” Lisa Rende Taylor, chief technical … Continue reading

China’s live broadcast of executions for crimes allegedly committed abroad

One of Asia’s most notorious drug kingpins has reportedly been executed in China for the massacre of 13 Chinese sailors – with his last moments being broadcast live on national television. He was captured in Laos and extradited to China, even though the crimes he is alleged to have committed happened in Thailand. There were … Continue reading

China: America’s Asian pivot misguided and dangerous; trust and economic cooperation better

Today the freshly re-elected President Obama is heading for Asia, taking in Cambodia, Burma and Thailand. His trip, the first since he won the election, is clearly aimed to secure friends in a region that is increasingly important. Sadly the core US strategy of military presence hasn’t changed, and for as long as America believes … Continue reading

China weighs on Obama’s trip to South East Asia

U.S. officials are not saying it directly but President Barack Obama’s first overseas trip following his re-election, to Southeast Asia, appears intended to blunt China’s growing clout in the region. Obama will leave Washington on Saturday for a visit to Thailand and then attend the 18-nation East Asia Summit in Cambodia before winding down his … Continue reading

Myanmar’s Kachin refugees forced back by China

China is forcing back thousands of Kachin refugees fleeing ethnic violence in northern Myanmar, activists and aid workers say. “The latest reports are that the push-backs are still going on and the Chinese government is refusing to face the reality that the refugees are being pushed back into a war zone,” Phil Robertson, deputy director … Continue reading

China hopes U.S. Myanmar moves not aimed at Beijing

A senior Chinese diplomat said on Wednesday he hoped moves by the United States to re-engage with Myanmar were not aimed at Beijing, underscoring China‘s concerns about influence in its strategically located neighbour and close economic partner. Chinese state-run media and academics have expressed concern Washington’s renewed interest in slowly democratising Myanmar, formerly known as … Continue reading

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