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China signs secret deal to station troops in Cambodia

China has signed a secret deal to allow its military troops to be stationed at a naval base in Cambodia, according to reports. The Wall Street Journal, citing US officials who had seen a pact drawn up between the two countries, reported that the Cambodian prime minister, Hun Sen, has agreed to give China access … Continue reading

Cadence Column: June 27, 2016

China seems to be the talk of town, especially with hitting. China cyberattacks hit the US less, but more strategically, says a study. A hailstorm tornado hit China and killed 98, critically wounded 200 and injured another 600 in a farming and factory village. Chinese bank management hit employees on stage at a training session … Continue reading

China’s charm offensive: $3 billion attempt to buy good relations with South East Asia

After his successful charm offensive in central and eastern Europe, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang directed the same offensive at South East Asia. According to a Reuters report, the Chinese government’s mouthpiece Xinhua said in its report yesterday that Li has offered more than $3 billion in loans and aid to neighbours Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand … Continue reading

China rebuffs U.S. efforts on South China Sea tensions

China appeared to rebuff pressure from the United States to rein in its assertive actions in the South China Sea on Sunday as Southeast Asian nations declined to overtly back Washington’s proposal for a freeze on provocative acts. The lack of progress in resolving the maritime tensions at Asia’s highest-profile diplomatic meeting so far this … Continue reading

China seeks to become “capital” of South East Asia, by extending high-speed rail

A favourite export from China to its neighbours these days are high-speed rail lines designed to make trade routes in the vast stretches of Asia more accessible and fortify Chinese dreams of turning its southern reaches into the capital of mainland Southeast Asia. But not everyone wants to be bound so close. A rail project … Continue reading

Southeast Asia to reach out to China on sea disputes

Southeast Asian nations stepped up efforts on Thursday to engage China in talks to resolve maritime tensions, agreeing to meet to try to reach common ground on disputed areas of the South China Sea ahead of planned discussions in Beijing later this year. Efforts by ASEAN to craft a code of conduct to manage South … Continue reading

Chinese nationals arrested for extortion ring in Cambodia

More than 500 Chinese and Taiwanese nationals accused of extortion have been deported since 2010 to their homelands. Last week, Cambodian authorities in Phnom Penh arrested again 39 Chinese nationals suspected of participating and involvement in an organized illegal network that operates a phone-based extortion ring, the Cambodian National Police announced on their website. With … Continue reading

Chinese investments in Cambodia ignore environment queries

China’s expanding investment portfolio in Cambodia has brought into sharper focus the darker side of the Asian giant’s “development projects” in the impoverished Southeast Asian nation. And it is in the southwestern corner of Cambodia – known for its rich biodiversity, forest-covered hills and bubbling rivers – where this Chinese economic footprint is leaving a … Continue reading

Bride trafficking to China could rise

Bride trafficking to China from Southeast Asian countries which do not border on that country looks set to grow, says the UN, with the first reported cases from Cambodia in 2012. “The numbers of identified cases are still small, but this number could rise given the social demographics in play,” Lisa Rende Taylor, chief technical … Continue reading

Cambodians flock to learn Mandarin

Seventeen-year-old Muth Sovannara is not like most Cambodian teenagers. For starters, he speaks three languages – his native Khmer, the English he spent most of his life studying, and, for three years now, Mandarin. Each weekday, he wakes early to get to his high school at 7am. After four hours of lessons in Khmer, the … Continue reading

China builds hydroelectric dams in Cambodia

In the hilly wilderness across southwestern Cambodia, the foundations of the country’s strengthening bonds with China are taking root. It is there that large dams supported by Chinese money are being built to literally bring the impoverished Southeast Asian nation out of darkness. The largest of them so far, the US$280 million Kamchay Dam in … Continue reading

Armies of Cambodia, China sign deal to enhance partnership

China is by far the largest investor and financial donor in Cambodia. And now China makes a next, crucial step. The Chinese take the Kingdom of Cambodia even stronger in the wake of its power interests in Southeast Asia. General Qi Jianguo, senior member of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) pledged more military aid for Cambodia in the form of … Continue reading

Cambodia’s low wages lure manufacturers away from China, other countries

Inside a gleaming white-and-blue garment factory in Cambodia stand rows of second-hand Singers — weathered sewing machines transported from a plant in China that closed last year. The Hong Kong-headquartered Top Form, which has 700 workers at the plant, is one of many businesses that have moved to Cambodia, mostly from China, in the past … Continue reading

China secures potential Cambodian iron ore

Chinese firms to build a railway, a steel mill and seaport for iron and steel mining to facilitate the transportation of Chinese-mined Cambodian iron ore to China? A “Cambodian” company (a consortium of Chinese metal companies) and a Chinese firm signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to build a railway and seaport in Cambodia to … Continue reading

China style wealth as a role model for Cambodians

Prime Minister Hun Sen encouraged Cambodians to strive for Chinese-style millionaire status as he inaugurated a sugar refinery located inside two controversial plantations belonging to CPP Senator Ly Yong Phat and his wife in Kompong Speu province, Cambodia. “I have one clear policy on strengthening local investors, and that is making Cambodians become rich,” Mr. Hun Sen … Continue reading

China secures potential Cambodian crude oil

Cambodia’s first oil refinery will break ground early next year and, once completed, will refine an estimated 5 million tons of oil per year. Two state-enterprises signed an agreement on the USD2.3-billion refinery in Kampot province: Sinomach China Perfect Machinery Industry Corp. and the Cambodian Petrochemical Company, at the Council of Ministers in Phnom Penh. … Continue reading

China is top dam builder, going where others won’t

On the Tatay River, up a sweeping jungle valley in a remote corner of Cambodia, Chinese engineers and workers are raising a 100-meter- (330-foot-) high dam over the protests of villagers and activists. Only Chinese companies are willing to tame the Tatay and other rivers of Koh Kong province, one of Southeast Asia’s last great … Continue reading

China seen as potential market for Cambodia’s exports.

The Cambodian Commerce Minister Cham Prasidh said  on the sidelines of the Cambodia–China Trade and Investment Meeting in Phnom Penh that China is a potential market for Cambodia’s garment exports and some other agricultural products while the traditional big markets of Europe and the United States are experiencing an economic slowdown. Cham Prasidh said that although the … Continue reading

The end of the “ASEAN way” as the South China Sea takes centre stage

The long-time jouanalists in this region have joked that it didn’t really matter if they missed out on covering ASEAN summits as nothing ever really happened at them anyway. The ten-member regional organisation composed of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam was seen as a bit of a toothless … Continue reading

South China Sea dispute wrecks Asean unity

Asean unity yet again lay in tatters [Monday] night – thwarting a Chinese-backed effort to keep South China Sea territorial disputes off the agenda of [the] international leaders’ summit in Cambodia. Host Cambodia’s claim on Sunday that the 10 leaders of Southeast Asia had agreed not to “internationalise” the issue by limiting it to meetings … Continue reading

Asean demands maritime talks on South China Sea

Southeast Asian nations displayed a rare show of unity yesterday against China‘s sweeping maritime claims, calling for the first formal talks with Beijing over a sea dispute that has raised tensions and exposed deep divisions in the region. As Chinese premier Wen Jiabao arrived in Cambodia for meetings with Southeast Asian leaders, the 10-member Asean … Continue reading

China: America’s Asian pivot misguided and dangerous; trust and economic cooperation better

Today the freshly re-elected President Obama is heading for Asia, taking in Cambodia, Burma and Thailand. His trip, the first since he won the election, is clearly aimed to secure friends in a region that is increasingly important. Sadly the core US strategy of military presence hasn’t changed, and for as long as America believes … Continue reading

Cambodia for sale on China’s

From large tracts of rural land to sand from the country’s rivers to human hair, a host of Cambodia’s natural resources are on display in the shop window of China’s largest online trading website.—which claims more than 80 million users worldwide and is growing in popularity in Cambodia—links up suppliers, who pay fees to … Continue reading

Cambodia: Luxury wood trade to China revealed.

Thousands of cubic meters of luxury wood is being shipped from Cambodia to China each year, according to official Chinese import documents shown to The Cambodia Daily. According to the data, some 36,000 cubic meters of logs under the “rosewood” category have been recorded entering China from Cambodia between January 2007 and the end of … Continue reading

Leaders of China, Japan will attend ASEAN, East Asia Summits in Cambodia

The leaders of two of Cambodia’s biggest donor countries, China and Japan, will attend the upcoming ASEAN and East Asia Summits in Phnom Penh. The leaders of the 10 ASEAN countries and other Asian leaders will be joined by Russia, the US and India in these major regional summits in Phnom Penh on November 18 … Continue reading

Cambodia, China to further enhance ties.

In early November 2012, Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Hor Namhong met in the capital Phnom Penh with visiting Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying  to discuss ways to further advance bilateral ties. Both sides expressed satisfactions with the good relations and cooperation between the two countries and pledged to further heighten the … Continue reading

Japan firms turn to booming Southeast Asia, hedging China risks

Almost a quarter of Japanese manufacturers are re-thinking their China investment plans. Japanese firms, encouraged to expand abroad by a strong yen, are increasingly using Southeast Asia as an alternative manufacturing base to balance their China risks. Japanese government and business leaders have also been among the fastest to tap the potential of Myanmar’s dramatic … Continue reading

French architect in China scandal back in Cambodia

A French architect embroiled in the scandal surrounding the ousted Chinese Communist Party official Bo Xilai has left China and returned to his adopted homeland of Cambodia, according to French and Cambodian government officials. Patrick Henri Devillers flew to China “voluntarily” in July, after more than a month in detention in Cambodia, to help with … Continue reading

China gives Cambodia aid and thanks for ASEAN help

China has pledged more than $500 million in soft loans and grants to Cambodia and Prime Minister Wen Jiabao thanked it for helping Beijing maintain good relations with the regional grouping ASEAN, a Cambodian junior minister said. A summit of the 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in July failed to … Continue reading

Cambodia’s subservience to China: a tale of treachery and selfishness

I refer to the AFP report concerning Manila’s act of summoning the Cambodian envoy. As reported by the said newspaper: “The Philippines has summoned Cambodia’s ambassador to explain comments he made accusing it and Vietnam of playing “dirty politics” in trying to solve a maritime row with China. “The move appeared to further deepen divisions … Continue reading

China’s use of economic stick is troubling

Countries must push back against Beijing’s troubling tendency to use China’s ports, natural resources and overall economic strength to force rivals to bring policies in line with its interests. When the 10 member nations of Asean failed to reach agreement on the wording of a joint communiqué for the first time in 45 years, most … Continue reading

Frenchman goes to China as Bo Xilai witness

A Frenchman who was being held in Cambodia because of his alleged links to Beijing’s biggest political scandal in two decades has been flown to China, where he is wanted as a witness in the case, Cambodia’s information minister said on Wednesday. Patrick Henri Devillers, 52, was detained last month in Cambodia, where he had … Continue reading

Cambodia says Frenchman linked to Bo Xilai scandal won’t be extradited to China

The French architect linked to China’s biggest political scandal in two decades and detained in Cambodia will not be extradited to any country, a minister said, adding another twist to a high-profile case already shrouded in mystery. Cambodian Foreign Minister Hor Namhong gave no details on what grounds China had requested the arrest of Patrick … Continue reading

Cambodia arrests Frenchman linked to China’s Bo Xilai scandal

A French architect with ties to disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai has been arrested in Cambodia, the French embassy said Tuesday, in a new twist to China’s biggest political scandal in decades. Cambodian police said the arrest of Patrick Devillers was carried out with the cooperation of Beijing, which is seeking his extradition. “We’ve been … Continue reading


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