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Gary Locke to step down as China ambassador, return to Seattle

The American ambassador to China said Wednesday he will step down from his post early next year to rejoin his family in Seattle. Gary Locke said he informed President Barack Obama of his decision when they met earlier this month. Locke, who is married with three children, took up the post in August 2011 and … Continue reading

China rights scenario deteriorating says US

The United States got few answers to questions about detained activists during its annual rights dialogue with China, and believes the situation in the country continues to deteriorate, a senior U.S. official said on Friday. Uzra Zeya, Acting Assistant U.S. Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labour, said she raised specific cases during … Continue reading

China’s state media advocates democratic decision-making

Foreign agencies report from Beijing, and SCMP says in its report entitled “Listen to protesters, authorities told” that after weekend riots, China’s “top Communist Party mouthpiece yesterday urged authorities to listen to people’s concerns about pollution, after fears over a new industrial waste water pipeline sparked weekend riots. “‘The public’s awareness of environmental issues and … Continue reading

Chinese censors can’t hide deleted Weibo posts

A program developed at Hong Kong University recovers the politically sensitive blog posts that are removed from the Chinese version of Twitter by mainland officials. Mainland censors monitor the Chinese version of Twitter for politically sensitive posts and delete them but a university pilot project, WeiboScope, allows researchers to recover and analyse the deleted postings. … Continue reading

Officials responsible for persecuting blind activist transferred

Ming Pao says today, Shandong Province announced yesterday that Wu Pengfei was removed from his post as chief of Shandong Department of Public Security. The removal was suspected to be related to the Chen Guangcheng saga. However, there was information that Wu was appointed Shandong’s Chief Procurator in February this year. Previously Bai Jimin, former … Continue reading

Rule of law at any price on mainland China

Last week, Hunan provincial police announced they would launch a fresh probe into the suspicious death in hospital of June 4 activist Li Wangyang. The decision has apparently been prompted by the public outcry in Hong Kong where tens of thousands of people including prominent politicians and lawmakers called for an open and thorough investigation … Continue reading

China kidnapped by stubborn force in Party: Chen Guangcheng

Ming Pao special report: On May 25, blind rights activist Chen Guangcheng said in an interview with Radio Free Asia in New York, “Our country is now kidnapped by stubborn force in the Communist Party and the government is entirely unable to function normally under duress.” In an edited clip, Chen criticised failure of clear … Continue reading

Officials are allowed to be despots in China

A well-known Chinese saying describes official despotism very well by saying, “Only the official is allowed to set fire, but the common people are not allowed to light lanterns.” The saying originated from the true story of a prefectural governor named Deng in the Song Dynasty when it was a crime to use the characters … Continue reading

Chen Guangcheng fights back

In his interview with Reuters, Chen Guangcheng urges China to prosecute those who harassed him in Shandong, and implement the rule of law to protect the legitimate rights of his relatives and those who helped him in his miraculous escape. As said in the post “Chen Guangcheng’s super wisdom”, he has the weapon, the information … Continue reading

Chen Guangcheng’s super wisdom

The following is a personal opinion from Chan Kai Yee, author of Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements. Chen Guangcheng certainly proved his super wisdom with his miraculous escape, but Chinese dissidents in America such as Tiananmen heroine Chai Ling were disappointed that Chen spoke positively in his meeting with the media when he arrived in America (see … Continue reading

Chen Guangcheng a true hero, and his escape a tremendous victory

The following is a response from Chan Kai Yee to a report in The Global Times (editor): A blind man in house arrest, watched by 200 guards day and night, was able to flee to safety in Beijing hundreds of miles away. That is something often described in fictions and movies, but rarely happens in real … Continue reading

Chen should return to China, Prof. Cohen

According to Hong Kong media, Prof. Jerome Cohen, who made a great contribution in helping Chen Guangcheng move to America, is of the opinion that Chen should go back to China when he has completed his study, but it depends on the situation there. SCMP’s Teddy Ng reports that Prof. Cohen said “He (Chen) wants … Continue reading

Chen Guangcheng will go back to China

Commercial Radio Hong Kong says, according to Prof Jerome Cohen, Chen will finally return to China while SCMP reports that Chen “says he hopes to return to China after studying law and taking time to recover from years-long detention ordeal”. In Commercial Radio’s story, Chen lives in the dormitory for postgraduates in New York University. … Continue reading

Chen speaks positive of China, Chai Ling fears he is under control

Ming Pao reports: Former student movement leader Chai Ling says that blind Chinese rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng spoke positively of the Chinese government when he arrived in the United States, giving her the impression that Chen is under control when he speaks. Chen and his family have arrived in New York. He is happy that … Continue reading

Chen Guangcheng arrived at New York

Commercial Radio Hong Kong reports this morning: Blind Chinese rights activist Chen Guangcheng and his three family members arrived by airplane at Newark Liberty International Airport, New York, the United  States. June 4 Student Protests leaders Wu’erkaixi and Chai Ling met him at the airport. They described Chen as a hero and hoped that he … Continue reading

Chen takes afternoon flight for New York, Commercial Radio

Chen Guangcheng said he takes afternoon flight for New York, Commercial Radio Hong Kong reports at 2:40 pm. He said all sorts of feelings well up in his mind when he is leaving his country. Chinese blind human rights activist Chen Guangcheng and his wife and two children are now at Beijing Airport to fly … Continue reading

Ming Pao: Chen Guangcheng may leave for USA today the earliest

Ming Pao learnt from sources that Beijing has already approved Chen’s passport application. The passports will be given to him today and he and his family will immediately be sent to the airport to begin their journey. At the same time, Beijing asked Chen to keep a low profile when he is abroad in exchange … Continue reading

Blind dissident’s plight revives China’s human rights movement

China may have sown the seeds of its next human rights row with the United States even as it looks to end the current one over blind dissident Chen Guangcheng, with its treatment of him inspiring a band of lawyers to join his human-rights battle. The tough line over Chen, whose plea for U.S. protection … Continue reading

Chen’s escape spawns conspiracy theories in China

Sino-American relations have long been plagued by unsubstantiated conspiracy theories that undermine needed efforts to develop mutual trust between the world’s two most important countries. Yet events continue to spawn intriguing speculative possibilities, and who can resist spinning out seductive hypotheses to explain apparent riddles in the behaviour of either or both governments, especially when … Continue reading

China moves long-missing Mongolian dissident to “luxury resort”

China has moved a prominent ethnic Mongolian rights activist to a “luxury resort”, a rights group said on Thursday, in the first account of his whereabouts in more than a year since he was put under house arrest. Hada, who like many ethnic Mongolians in China uses a single name, was tried in China’s vast … Continue reading

Chinese net police in fresh assault on blogs

The mainland’s internet police have struck again, closing down or suspending several popular microblogs in the past week as they step up a crackdown on online discussion of politically sensitive issues. One well-known blogger, Wang Xiaoshan , said friends told him yesterday morning that his Sina.com microblog had been closed down. He said he had … Continue reading

The Mystery of Blind Activist’s Escape

Hong Kong’s Ming Pao learnt the thrilling story of Chen Guangcheng’s escape from He Peirong (named “Pearl” on the Internet), the Nanjing teacher who brought Chen to Beijing from Shandong. She said that she received an unexpected email stating, “The bird has left its cage, what shall we do?” She immediately understood what it meant. … Continue reading

US Ambassador Locke earns Beijing’s ire, rights activists’ kudos

As a former US commerce secretary and governor of Washington state, Gary Locke wasn’t considered much of a heavyweight on human rights when he became the first Chinese-American ambassador to Beijing last year. Trade and maintaining smooth relations between Washington and its biggest foreign creditor were seen as dominating his agenda. Yet, nine months on, … Continue reading

China dissident’s escape “more exciting than Shawshank Redemption”

The woman who drove blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng to Beijing after his dramatic escape from house arrest in eastern China told how she sat down with security officers afterwards to watch the jailbreak movie, “The Shawshank Redemption“. He Peirong said that five days after picking up Chen, she was taken from her home in … Continue reading

‘Breakthroughs’ in Sino-US talks

China and the US concluded two days of annual high-level talks in Beijing yesterday by reaching a series of investment and trade agreements which Premier Wen Jiabao described as “major breakthroughs”. But this year’s strategic and economic dialogue was overshadowed by more than a week of drama surrounding blind legal activist Chen Guangcheng . As … Continue reading

Chen applies for leaving next week, is allowed to meet friends

According to Hong Kong’s Ming Pao newspaper, this morning blind activist Chen Guangcheng says that China and America have in the main reached agreement to allow him to leave for America and that he will be allowed to meet his friends before departure. He will leave when his health has recovered. His good friend Jiang … Continue reading

China paper calls Chen a U.S. pawn; envoy is a “troublemaker”

One of China’s main official newspapers accused blind dissident Chen Guangcheng on Friday of serving as a “tool” for American subversion of Communist Party power and called the U.S. ambassador a backpack-wearing, Starbucks-sipping troublemaker. The commentary in the Beijing Daily was the strongest Chinese state media condemnation yet of the U.S. administration in a standoff … Continue reading

China’s blind activist Chen Guangcheng may have to accept exile

Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng will be sidelined in his quest to defend human rights and press for change in China if he agrees to accept political asylum in the United States, exiled dissidents said. The combative, self-taught lawyer escaped house arrest in Shandong province last week and travelled to Beijing where he is with … Continue reading

Blind lawyer case tests China’s commitment to human rights

Beijing’s handling of blind legal activist Chen Guangcheng‘s purported escape to the United States embassy in Beijing will test its commitment to improving human rights and adherence to the rule of law, activists and lawyers say. Yang Jianli, a US-based mainland dissident, said Chen’s ordeal was a typical case of human rights abuse and violation … Continue reading

Chinese play cat and mouse with censor to discuss dissident escape

Chinese played cat and mouse with the censors on the popular Twitter-like microblog service Weibo on Sunday to express support for escaped blind dissident lawyer Chen Guangcheng, while China maintained its silence on what has happened to him. Neither China nor the United States has commented on whether Chen has sought refuge in the U.S. … Continue reading

Prominent China dissident Hu Jia freed from jail

One of China’s most prominent dissidents, Hu Jia, was reunited with his family in the early hours of Sunday after serving three-and-a-half-years in jail on subversion charges, but he was not ready to speak in public, his wife said. Hu was convicted in 2008 for “inciting subversion of state power” for criticizing human rights restrictions … Continue reading

Blind activist escapes from house arrest

Blind legal activist Chen Guangcheng, who has been deprived of his freedom for years for campaigning against forced abortions, has fled house arrest. There is speculation he has taken refuge at the US embassy in Beijing. Chen’s escape came just days before China and the United States hold their annual strategic and economic dialogue in … Continue reading

Blind China activist makes mystery “escape”

Blind legal activist Chen Guangcheng, one of China’s most prominent human rights advocates, has escaped from home imprisonment, activists said on Friday, but uncertainty over his whereabouts and fears about his health have worried supporters. Chen, a self-schooled legal advocate who campaigned against forced abortions, had been restricted to his village home in Linyi in … Continue reading

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