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China to explore ‘dark side’ of the moon

China has confirmed it plans to send a spacecraft to land on the moon’s “dark side” before 2020, state media reports — a mission, which, if successful, would make it the first country to do so. The mission will be carried out by the lunar probe Chang’e-4, Zou Yongliao, a scientist at the Chinese Academy … Continue reading

China claims to have invented world’s first invisibility cloak

Scientists on the mainland say they are increasingly confident of developing the world’s first practical invisibility cloak, using technology to hide objects from view and make them “disappear’’. They already claimed to have made fish and cats disappear. At least 40 research teams have been funded by the central government over the past three years … Continue reading

China launches three ASAT satellites: Small maneuvering orbiters include one with a robotic arm

China’s military recently launched three small satellites into orbit as part of Beijing’s covert anti-satellite warfare program, according to a U.S. official. The three satellites, launched July 20 by a Long March-4C launcher, were later detected conducting unusual maneuvers in space indicating the Chinese are preparing to conduct space warfare against satellites, said the official … Continue reading

Millions of tonnes of rural refuse are dumped in China’s waterways each year

Millions of tonnes of untreated refuse from the countryside end up in rivers and lakes annually. Many were shocked when thousands of dead pigs were found floating on Shanghai’s Huangpu River this month, but animal carcasses are not the only things that end up in the nation’s waterways. Rivers and lakes are among the major … Continue reading

China now has up to 400 “cancer villages”

China now has up to 400 “cancer villages,” and the government only just admitted it. China’s “growth at all costs” approach to development has meant industries can spew waste pretty much wherever they want. Drinking water sources? Sure. Farmland? Fine. That approach has poisoned entire towns, sending cancer rates soaring. There are now so many … Continue reading

Analysts split over report saying China ‘far healthier’ than America

A report by a top mainland academic institution that suggests China is in a far healthier state than the United States and will soon overtake the world’s only superpower economically has sparked controversy, with some analysts casting doubt on it. China’s “national health” has been better than that of the US since 2007, and its … Continue reading

China faces largest ecological deficit ever, WWF report finds

China is experiencing its largest ecological deficit ever – caused by decades of high economic growth and rapid urbanisation – as total emissions of carbon and other pollutants far exceed the capacity of its ecosystems, a new study says. The “China Ecological Footprint Report”, released yesterday by the global conservation body the WWF, also warned … Continue reading

Survey reports China most stressful country in the world

The following was translated and edited from an article that appeared on the Chinese news site It discusses the results of a recent survey on workplace stress by international business service provider Regus, which names China, and in particular Beijing and Shanghai, as the most “stressful” country in the world. The article speculates on … Continue reading

Chinese cities built on toxic time bombs

Across the mainland, many once grimy industrial cities have enjoyed a makeover. Where countless factories once stood, now there are towering office blocks, luxury apartments and underground shopping malls. The air, usually, is cleaner and there are parks and tree-lined roads. But out of sight – in the soil, and in the water table – … Continue reading


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