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Core of China’s largest natural gas transfer bridge completed

Japan objects as Chinese paper prints mushroom clouds on map

Japan on Tuesday vowed to make a stern protest to China after a regional Chinese newspaper printed a map of the country with mushroom clouds hovering over the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and accused the Japanese of wanting war again. The neighbours have a long history of tense relations. Beijing bristles at Japan’s inability … Continue reading

The mystery shrouding China’s Communist Party suicides

Being a government official in China is not for the faint of heart, the thin-skinned or the fragile of mind. A recent state media report has reverberated online and in the Communist Party press by revealing that at least 54 Chinese officials died of “unnatural causes” in 2013, and that more than 40 percent of … Continue reading

New report says 15% of corruption accusations against China’s officials are made by mistresses

In the early days of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s drive to clean up the Communist Party’s image, disciplinary authorities benefited from the work of a group of accusers with particularly intimate knowledge of corrupt bureaucrats’ nefarious activities: their extramarital lovers. A district party chief in the southwestern mega-city of Chongqing, a police chief in the … Continue reading

China’s Bo Xilai allowed to appeal against life in jail

A court in eastern China on Wednesday allowed ousted former senior politician Bo Xilai to appeal against a guilty verdict on charges of corruption and abuse of power handed out last month which earned him a life sentence. Bo was a rising star in China’s leadership circles and cultivated a loyal following through his charisma … Continue reading

China’s Bo Xilai gets life in jail; conservatives deprived of charismatic leader

Chinese rule-of-law and reformist factions’ power struggle against Bo Xilai and his faction was a vital battle for the establishment and implementation of the rule of law and further economic reform. In a nutshell, the fight concerned the rule of law as Bo’s protégé Wang Lijun framed up and imprisoned defence lawyer Li Zhuang, and … Continue reading

China: Guangzhou to empty labour camps

Guangzhou plans to empty its hard-labour camps by year’s end, state media reported yesterday, the latest locality to phase out the notorious punishment. Rights advocates have long complained that the “re-education through labour“, or laojiao, system which lets police send suspects to work camps for up to four years without trial, is widely abused to … Continue reading

China’s Bo Xilai tries to save his skin

The trial of Bo Xilai started to turn into an episode of Maury. Revelations about the tangled web of strained and complicated relationships within his family were used as his testimony, particularly when the evidence seemed most piled up against him. Throughout the trial, the Communist leader has ardently denied accusations of embezzlement and all … Continue reading

China’s Bo Xilai to stand trial Thursday

The trial of disgraced senior Chinese politician Bo Xilai will start on Thursday, when he will face charges of bribery, corruption and abuse of power in China’s most divisive and dramatic case in decades. The long-awaited trial of Bo, 64, a “princeling” son of a late vice premier who is still popular with conservatives and … Continue reading

China charges Bo Xilai with corruption, paves way for trial

China charged disgraced senior politician Bo Xilai with bribery, abuse of power and corruption on Thursday, paving the way for a potentially divisive trial that President Xi Jinping will want smoothly handled as he pushes major economic reforms. Bo, 64, could appear in a court in the eastern city of Jinan in Shandong province within weeks, … Continue reading

What to make of Xi Jinping’s Maoist turn

With a number of Mao-like pronouncements emanating from Beijing in recent months, some observers of Chinese politics think Xi Jinping might be turning Maoist. The most recent example is an editorial published earlier this week in the authoritative People’s Daily (in Chinese), which argues that the “mass line is the ruling lifeline” for the Communist … Continue reading

Exposure via internet now China’s top weapon in war on graft

Think tank finds online reports spur far more corruption investigations than traditional media. The internet has become the primary tool for exposing corruption on the mainland, “removing a corrupt official with the click of a mouse”, according to a leading think tank’s analysis. In its Blue Book of New Media, researchers from the Chinese Academy … Continue reading

Uneven economic growth in China’s regions

When looking at Chinese growth, it’s easy to think of the country as one entity, and one figure. Will GDP expand by 8 per cent this year, or “just” 7? However, China is a bit bigger than just one number. With a fifth of the world’s population in the fourth biggest country by area, distributed over many … Continue reading

The Chinese on a personal level: White man in China

I went to China in 2011 by way of Hong Kong. I met up with a friend of mine I had met in Vietnam who was living in Hong Kong; he offered to show me around. Hong Kong, of course, is China: “one government, two systems”–although the Hong Kong citizens have different passports. I crossed … Continue reading

Australian firms to ramp up China ventures

Originally posted on Craig Hill Training Services:
Craig Emerson Australian companies are ramping up their investments in China as they express renewed confidence about the nation’s economic growth while also warning of tougher competition from Chinese rivals. Almost three quarters of the Australian firms already operating in China are likely to expand their operations in…

Trial of China’s Bo Xilai opens next week

China‘s disgraced former senior politician, Bo Xilai, will go on trial next week, a Beijing-backed Hong Kong newspaper said on Friday, in what would be the final act of a drama that has shaken the ruling Communist Party. Bo, once a contender for top leadership in the world’s second-largest economy, was ousted in China’s biggest … Continue reading

Southern China officials called on to be monogamous

An anti-graft official in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou called on government and Communist Party officials to be faithful to their spouses after a slew of local scandals, the China Daily reported today. Mei Heqing, a standing member of the communist party’s Guangzhou disciplinary commission, also disclosed at a briefing yesterday that 38 of the 61 … Continue reading

The mistress-industrial complex in China

Is adultery the key to solving China’s corruption problem? Among the many notable features of the latest grainy sex tape circulating on the Chinese Internet — a video of former Chongqing official Lei Zhengfu atop his then-18-year-old mistress in 2007 — perhaps the most intriguing is the angle from which it was shot. Someone placed … Continue reading

China: Murder victim Neil Heywood ‘was MI6 informant’

Neil Heywood, the British businessman murdered in China, regularly provided information on Bo Xilai, the powerful politician, to MI6 before he was killed, a new report has claimed. The revelation in the Wall Street Journal raises new questions about the motives for Mr Heywood’s killing, and about the reaction to his death by the British … Continue reading

China: Wang Yang, the party chief who transformed Guangdong

This is the first of SCMP’s two-part series on Guangdong party chief Wang Yang, a reformist who has turned the province into a base for high-end manufacturing. SCMP reports: “‘Empty the cage and let the right birds in’ was Wang Yang’s main economic prescription when he became Guangdong’s Communist Party chief in December 2007. “Calling … Continue reading

Fear and loneliness in China

What kind of society will China’s new leaders inherit? China has developed at unimaginable pace, lifting millions out of poverty. But as part of a series of viewpoints on challenges for China’s new leadership, Gerard Lemos, who conducted research in the mega-city of Chongqing, says it is easy to overlook its lonely underbelly. An old … Continue reading

China: Internal circular on Bo Xilai’s crimes signals imminent trial

Ming Pao says that there was an internal circular giving more details of Bo’s case, including that Bo’s wife Gu Kailai had taken bribes worth more than 20 million yuan (US$3.14 million), while Bo himself had directly taken bribes worth approximately 6 million yuan (US$942,000). A source who has access to the circular revealed to … Continue reading

Murder, sex and lies: the biggest scandal in the history of China’s communist party

On the 26th of September, the state news agency Xinhua, published an official account on the investigation on Bo XiLai, the ex-communist party leader of Chongqing (a Southern Chinese city with a population of more than 28 million). In the report, Bo is accused of “bribing”, “involvement” in the murderer of British Businessman Neil HeyWood and “sexual relationships with many woman”. In China, such … Continue reading

China at crossroad: risk of disintegration

The disintegration of the giant Soviet Union took everyone by surprise. The reasons for the disintegration remain a mystery for most analysts. Perhaps we Chinese, with a history of quite a few disintegrations, may understand it better. Like China with a long history of feudal autocracy, in the Soviet Union, there was not only a … Continue reading

China: Bo Xilai doomed for his Role in Wang Lijun’s and Gu Kailai’s cases

At 8.56pm on Thursday, Xinhua’s english.news.cn gave a detailed account of Wang Lijun’s case, which revealed Bo Xilai’s role in Gu Kailai and Wang Lijun’s cases Xinhua said: “Relevant testimonies from witnesses showed that on Jan. 28, Wang Lijun reported to the then leading official of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Chongqing Committee that … Continue reading

Bo Xilai involved in Wang Lijun’s case but cannot be prosecuted

Hearing of the case of Bo Xilai’s close assistant Wang Lijun was over yesterday, but Bo Xilai was not mentioned either by the court or the media. However, as Wang’s crime of taking technical spying measures on various people without approval or through faked formalities of approval may refer to what was rumoured about his … Continue reading

China hints at lenient sentence against ex-cop

China signalled Tuesday it will be lenient with an ex-police chief enmeshed in a political scandal roiling the country’s leadership, saying he cooperated with investigators who brought down a top Chinese politician’s wife for the murder of a British businessman. Wang Lijun’s trial in Chengdu city’s Intermediate Court concluded Tuesday without a verdict after two … Continue reading

Tight security as China opens police chief trial

Police and security forces surrounded a courthouse in southwest China on Monday, ahead of the long-awaited trial of the mafia-busting cop at the centre of the Neil Heywood murder scandal. Wang Lijun, the flamboyant former police chief and vice-mayor of Chongqing, will enter the dock at Chengdu‘s Intermediate People’s Court at 8am on Tuesday and … Continue reading

Chongqing mother shoved into cement mixer after illegal land grab

A Chongqing woman was in intensive care yesterday after allegedly being pushed into a running cement mixer during a dispute over illegally seized land. Peng Shuhua , 37, who runs a medical clinic in Dianjiang county in the southwestern municipality, had been at the site where her 80-square-metre ancestral home stood before it was razed … Continue reading

China’s reserve of talented leaders: Wang Yang

I was quite impressed when SCMP reported that, in a speech in May, Wang Yang expressed the view: “The party can’t make you (citizens) happy.” He said, “We should eradicate the wrong concept that happiness is a benevolent gift from the party and the government.” SCMP said in its report, “The remarks represent a departure … Continue reading

Conflicting news in China on Bo Xilai’s destiny

According to SCMP‘s report by Shi Jiangtao from Beijing today, entitled Next step this week in Bo’s fall from grace, “NPC Standing Committee may vote to remove fallen Chongqing party chief from legislature, a precursor to his expulsion from the party. “Disgraced former Chongqing party chief Bo Xilai is expected to be stripped of his membership … Continue reading

China: Bo Xilai to be expelled from party

Ming Pao and Singtao Daily report: according to Asahi Shimbun, leaders of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have decided at their Beidaihe meeting to expel Bo Xilai, former secretary of CCP Chongqing Municipal Committee, from the party. They both report: Asahi Shimbun says, a CCP source, having attended the Beidaihe meeting, reveals that at the … Continue reading

China court hands Gu Kailai death sentence with reprieve

A Chinese court today sentenced Gu Kailai to a death sentence with a two-year reprieve after finding her guilty of murdering British businessman Neil Heywood, in a crime that triggered the divisive downfall of Gu’s ambitious politician husband, Bo Xilai, a witness to the hearing told Reuters. The sentence means Gu is likely to face … Continue reading

China’s most wanted man shot dead

After an eight-year manhunt across four provinces, involving tens of thousands of police officers, China’s most-wanted criminal died just nine miles from his mother’s home. Zhou Kehua, 42, was cornered in an alley behind a shoe shop in the central city of Chongqing and opened fire on police, according to China Central Television (CCTV). The … Continue reading

China ends silence on Gu Kailai murder case

A remarkable 3,400-word article on the trial of Gu Kailai for the murder of the British businessman Neil Heywood has been published by China’s official news agency, Xinhua. It breaks the near-total silence that state-run media had maintained on the case, is of unprecedented length – such statements are normally a few hundred words at … Continue reading

Gu Kailai murder trial to start on Thursday in China

Gu Kailai, wife of disgraced former Chongqing party chief Bo Xilai, is expected to stand trial on Thursday accused of killing a British businessman, a lawyer for her family said yesterday. The case is at the centre of a scandal that has rocked the government and could bring the death penalty. Gu and a family … Continue reading

China says Bo’s wife indicted for homicide

China has indicted Gu Kailai, the wife of deposed Communist Party politician Bo Xilai, for intentional homicide, in the latest development in a political scandal that has shaken the Party’s once-in-a-decade succession. Gu and family employee Zhang Xiaojun will be prosecuted for allegedly poisoning British businessman Neil Heywood over “conflict of economic interests” between the … Continue reading

Frenchman goes to China as Bo Xilai witness

A Frenchman who was being held in Cambodia because of his alleged links to Beijing’s biggest political scandal in two decades has been flown to China, where he is wanted as a witness in the case, Cambodia’s information minister said on Wednesday. Patrick Henri Devillers, 52, was detained last month in Cambodia, where he had … Continue reading

The mystery of China’s security tsar Zhou Yongkang

SCMP reports on China’s security tsar Zhou Yongkang’s speech, carried yesterday in Qiushi Journal, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s political theory magazine. SCMP says that Zhou condemns “the use of torture and the suspicious deaths of suspects” in a speech to law enforcement cadres. It is “a move seen as an attempt to distance himself … Continue reading

No news on Bo Xilai being deprived of immunity

According to Xinhua report, “The National People’s Congress formally removed Wang Lijun, the former police chief of Chongqing, as a deputy to the country’s top legislature, paving the way for formal prosecution.” However, SCMP reported on June 28 that according to a “Chongqing-based source”, “both Bo and Wang, the municipality’s former police chief, had earlier … Continue reading

Chinese communist party’s four perils according to party birthday editorial

People’s Daily, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s mouthpiece, published an editorial on June 30th to mark the 91st anniversary of the founding of the CCP. Usually, the CCP takes such an occasion to give important instructions to its members and the Chinese people. In spite of the CCP’s growth into a huge party with over … Continue reading

Bo’s power base has not suffered much in Chongqing

In my post “Chinese rule of law and democracy advocator Qiao Shi returns,” I said quite much on the question of whether Bo Xilai would return as he said to his Japanese friend. Qiao Shi’s case is quite different from Bo’s. Qiao’s was a normal retirement and he was succeeded by his chosen successor. Bo has … Continue reading

Cambodia arrests Frenchman linked to China’s Bo Xilai scandal

A French architect with ties to disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai has been arrested in Cambodia, the French embassy said Tuesday, in a new twist to China’s biggest political scandal in decades. Cambodian police said the arrest of Patrick Devillers was carried out with the cooperation of Beijing, which is seeking his extradition. “We’ve been … Continue reading

Bo Xilai purged Wang Yang’s followers in Chongqing

Ming Pao reporter Mai Jun reports from Chongqing that on June 18 the reporter visited Chongqing, before the opening of Chongqing Party Congress today, to collect missed details of the political storm of Bo Xilai’s downfall. His findings will be provided to readers in a series of reports beginning from today. Power struggle between Bo … Continue reading

Top Chinese official arrested for giving spy secrets to US

A state security official has been arrested on suspicion of spying for the United States, sources say, a case both countries have kept quiet for several months as they strive to prevent a fresh crisis in relations. The official, an aide to a vice-minister in China‘s Ministry of State Security, was arrested and detained early … Continue reading

Bo’s allies possible 18th Congress delegates

SCMP reports today: “Chongqing Mayor Huang Qifan and several top officials, who once worked closely with ousted party boss Bo Xilai, are among the 50 people on the municipality’s delegate shortlist for the Communist Party congress later this year.” The report says that the most controversial candidate on the shortlist is prosecutor Yao Ning, well-known … Continue reading

China state-run businesses to invest 350 billion yuan in Chongqing

Thirty of China‘s biggest state-owned businesses have signed contracts worth about 350 billion yuan ($55.3 billion) with the southwestern municipality Chongqing, Chinese media reported on Sunday, in a sign of Beijing’s determination to bolster confidence in the city formerly run by ousted leader Bo Xilai. Since the fall of the once high-flying Chinese official, media … Continue reading

Bo Xilai’s relatives’ extensive web of foreign firms

The announcement in mid-March that Bo Xilai had been stripped of his political posts has exposed the former high-flying Chongqing party chief to the glare of publicity, shining attention on his family’s links to a web of foreign companies. These assets have been traced to Hong Kong and elsewhere, and to large mainland state-owned firms … Continue reading

Bo’s successor woos more foreign investors for Chongqing

Chongqing‘s party boss has told a group of visiting business leaders from Hong Kong and abroad that the municipality will be more open to foreign investment, in a bid to reassure them in the wake of Bo Xilai‘s downfall. “Chongqing will definitely further open up and be more active in terms of its economic development,” … Continue reading

“I will return,” says Bo Xilai to his Japanese friend

Japan’s Yukan Fuji’s exclusive report: Mr. Udagawa’s exclusive interview with Bo Xilai under house arrest. Core information: Mr. Udagawa is a Japanese reporter who is the first to successfully contact Bo since Bo was placed under house arrest. According to him, he exploited the State Security Department’s request for his assistance in the investigation to … Continue reading

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