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Changes in China’s J-31 fighter jet are meant to appeal to export market

The following is based on a translation of a report on a Chinese news site: Chinanews.com reports on changes to the Chinese J-31 fighter jet model displayed at the Dubai Airshow. The major ones are the change of the trapezoid tail into perpendicular sweepback one, the integrated cabin cover, the change in the structure of … Continue reading

China says its new aircraft engine is better than the Russian one it was copied from

The following is based on a translation of a report in Chinese media: Chinese website huanqiu.com says that, according to an unspecified report by the news website of Russian Military Industrial Complex, China announced at the Paris Airshow that it would develop a new turbofan engine to be installed in the FC-1/JF-17 light fighter jet … Continue reading

China claims successful attack on Japanese military satellite; destroyed control chip with “secret weapon”

The following is a translation from Chinese media: Chinese media claims, without reference to specific sources, that the space intelligence section of Japan Self-defence Forces revealed in its newest intelligence that China has destroyed the control chip of a Japanese spy satellite with a secret weapon. The attack reportedly happened when the satellite was tracking … Continue reading

China claims its aerospace fighter is able to reach US in one hour

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent call for the PLA to speed up building an integrated space and air force has reportedly drawn international attention. Chinese media claims that foreign media are giving sensationalising reports on that, though which publications are saying this is not mentioned. They say there is no shortage of bold speculation. Chinese … Continue reading

Chinese media claims: Japan has plans to force down Chinese jets; Chinese jets chase away Japanese jets

The following are translations from Chinese media. First, China claims Japan is planning to force down Chinese jets Chinese media says that, according to Sankei Shimbun’s report on January 29, the Japanese Air Self-defence Force announced on January 28 plans to deal with the frequent intrusion into Japan’s Air Defence Identification Zone and coming close … Continue reading

China has technology to build VTOL J-20 stealth fighter jet

According to Russian Military-Industry Courier weekly and US Aviation News Weekly speculation, China has obtained from Russia the technology for a VTOL fighter jet, and will probably develop a VTOL version of the J-20 stealth fighter jet. The technology was formerly used in Russia’s Yak-141 VTOL fighter. A prototype of the R-79-300 engine used in … Continue reading

China developing 180,000-ton double-hull aircraft carrier

Qianzhan.com said in its report yesterday: China has to put an end to its old practice of following others countries’ footsteps. Sources say that through meticulous engineering and mechanical analysis, China will conduct research and development of the first 180,000-ton double hull aircraft carrier in the world. If successful, it will be a movable Chinese … Continue reading

China’s J-15 fighter jet has practice flights from Liaoning aircraft carrier

A J-15 fighter jet completed a series of difficult take-off-and-landing tests on the Liaoning aircraft carrier, state media reported yesterday. The aircraft completed the manoeuvres while heavily loaded on Sunday, Xinhua said. The report did not say how the aircraft was equipped, but added that it was carrying various weapons. “The tests were complicated. The … Continue reading

China hopes to snatch sales from US with J-31 4th-generation fighter jet

Huanqiu.com says in an article by its special military commentator Lei Ze, “In the afternoon of August 23, test flight of the J-31 ‘Gyrfalcon’ fourth-generation stealth fighter was carried out again. Sources say that recently the fighter has been tested with unusually great frequency. The said the test flight followed those on August 8 and … Continue reading

China’s J-20 stealth fighter: Finalisation test flight and interior weapon cabin

According to reports by Chinese media, at about 16:00 hours on July 6, 2013, China’s fourth-generation stealth fighter jet J-20 no. 2002 took off again at the aircraft plant in Chengdu for the test flight centre in Xian. This indicated that the work of test flying the J-20 has entered a new stage. On May … Continue reading

Russia sells China 100 Su-35 fighter jets

According to a report by Voice of Russia, China and Russia have concluded an export agreement for 100 Su-35 fighter jets during the Paris Air Show. At the 50th Paris Air Show at Le Bourget Airport, Russia had it’s most intensive participation over the past few years. All the 46 well-known Russian weapon manufacturers and … Continue reading

China commercialises 3D printing in aviation

China looks to lower the cost of 3D printing and make large titanium components to build the next-generation fighter jet and self-developed passenger plane. By using laser additive manufactured titanium parts in its aviation industry, China is looking to become a global leader in commercializing 3D printing technology. The laser additive manufacturing technology not only lowers the … Continue reading

Chinese media speaks of all out war with Japan, attacking Japanese cities

China’s official mil.huanqiu.com website publishes a hard-line commentary, stating that the Japanese air force is inferior to China’s. China now has nearly 600 fighters installed with advanced aviation electronic equipment, and able to launch medium-range missiles. The total number of Japan’s third-generation fighters is less than 300, and less than 50 of them are able … Continue reading

“Flying Shark” J-15 flies for China

China has shown the world the navy fighter J-15, called the “Flying Shark.” The plane, a copy of the Russian Su-33, will soon be the strength of the Chinese military. On Sunday morning, it landed for the first time on the newly commissioned aircraft carrier “Liaoning”. The Chinese military say it is as good as … Continue reading

4-5 years for China’s aircraft carrier to be combat ready

In my post yesterday, I provided official Chinese media Xinhua’s photos of a J-15 fighter taking off from and landing on China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier. China’s official television station CCTV gave footage of the taking-off and landing yesterday which can be seen at: http://news.cntv.cn/program/xwlb/20121125/104305.shtml According to mil.huanqiu.com, five pilots have smoothly landed J-15s and taken … Continue reading

China: J-15 fighters successful take-off and landing on aircraft carrier

China’s official Xinhua News Agency published yesterday a report on the successful taking-off and landing of China’s homegrown J-15 carrier-based fighters on the Liaoning, China’s first aircraft carrier. Xinhua said that the success fully proves the satisfactory technical capability of both the carrier and the fighter, and compatibility between them. According to the report, before … Continue reading

China: Liaoning aircraft carrier makes high-speed turn; J-15 taking off and landing

Singtao Daily reports: There are quite a few new photographs of the Chinese carrier the Liaoning, including those of a J-15 flying low on it and the Liaoning making a turn at high speed. The photographs are respectively carried on Chinese military websites and mil.huangqiu.com under the official People’s Daily. In one photograph, we see … Continue reading

China’s female J-10 fighter pilots

According to PLA Daily, on July 29, five female pilots each completed flights alone of a J-10 fighter. They were all excellent in taking off, landing and various flying operations, by no means inferior to male pilots. In 2005, the Chinese air force began training of female pilots. It selected 25 from among more than … Continue reading

Successful first flight of second prototype of J20

According to Singtao Daily comprehensive report, the second prototype of J20 stealth fighter aircraft, China’s fifth-generation of combat aircraft, made its first flight in Chengdu in the afternoon of May 16. The aircraft flew for approximately 20 minutes and then landed safely. The flight is said to be a complete success. In its report, the … Continue reading

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