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2025: End Game China – The Balkinization

”Anyone attempting to split China in any part of the country will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones.” – Chinese President Xi Jinping on a state visit to Nepal in Oct 2019. The above statement clearly indicates the nervousness of the Chinese government. As they say, beneath every story; there is another story, and there … Continue reading

China’s most populous province to loosen grip on internal migration

China’s southern province of Guangdong will relax the household registration system that restrains internal migration in all its cities except the powerhouses of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the provincial governor Ma Xingrui announced on Tuesday. The move is part of the provincial government’s effort to “accelerate the promotion of new urbanization” and improve county-level economies, Ma … Continue reading

Mexican drug cartels have infiltrated Hong Kong

The brutal narcotics turf wars that consumed Mexico for the past decade have left more than 100,000 people dead or missing. Bodies are frequently dismembered. Victims are often hanged from bridges. Decapitation is common. Behind the violence and barbarity are the country’s notorious drug cartels, which are now eyeing new clients overseas. Following financial crises … Continue reading

The Thugs of Mainland China

Last Friday, as the Occupy Central protests convulsed Hong Kong, James Bang, a twenty-eight-year-old digital-strategy consultant, found himself holding down the front line in the district of Mong Kok, his arms linked with other young protesters as they fended off surging groups of attackers. The assailants shoved the protesters, spat in their faces, and shouted, … Continue reading

China: Rich man walks free after killing a pretty girl in a joke

According to Guangdong popular daily Xinkuaibao, a rich owner of two property companies, He Feng, 35, is fond of playing jokes on people. Judging by the report, he is certainly rich enough to enjoy such pranks. Perhaps due to his wealth and love to enjoy fun with his friends, he has quite a few rich … Continue reading

China, Hong Kong and Cantonese: Dialect dialectic

What I’ve learned from conversations with bloggers and others who are Chinese language speakers, and therefore have a stake in this, is that even thoughtful Chinese people have unwittingly accepted very authoritarian definitions of language and dialect: only officially recognised languages are language, and everything else is dialect.  When one says Cantonese is not a … Continue reading

China sends four oil rigs to South China Sea amid regional tensions

China has sent four more oil rigs into the South China Sea in a sign that Beijing is stepping up its exploration for oil and gas in the tense region, less than two months after it positioned a giant drilling platform in waters claimed by Vietnam. The announcement comes at a time when many countries … Continue reading

With glut of lonely men, China has an approved outlet for unrequited lust

In Guangzhou, China, slack-jawed and perspiring, Chen Weizhou gazed at a pair of life-size female dolls clad, just barely, in lingerie and lace stockings. Above these silicone vixens, an instructional video graphically depicted just how realistic they felt once undressed. A 46-year-old tour bus driver, Mr Chen had come earlier this month to the Guangzhou … Continue reading

Chen’s confession: who to trust in China now?

What can you trust in China these days? An investigative journalist who says a well-known company has allegedly been manipulating its financial results? Or the company that denies that point-blank? How about a police force that crosses provincial lines to arrest the “offending” journalist on suspicion of damaging that company’s commercial reputation? Above all, can … Continue reading

China detains activist amid rights crackdown

China has detained a prominent rights activist for more than two months without formally charging him, his lawyer said on Friday, the latest case in a crackdown on freedom of assembly. The length of Guo Feixiong’s detention exceeds the 37-day limit allowed for holding an individual without a formal arrest and charge under Chinese law. … Continue reading

China: Guangzhou to empty labour camps

Guangzhou plans to empty its hard-labour camps by year’s end, state media reported yesterday, the latest locality to phase out the notorious punishment. Rights advocates have long complained that the “re-education through labour“, or laojiao, system which lets police send suspects to work camps for up to four years without trial, is widely abused to … Continue reading

Debt crisis looms in China’s Jiangsu province

The nightmare scenario for China’s leaders as they try to wean the country off a diet of easy credit and breakneck expansion is a local government buckling under the weight of its own debt. Few provinces fit that bill quite like Jiangsu, home to China’s most indebted local government. Hefty borrowings through banks, investment trusts … Continue reading

China’s nuclear power ambitions threatened by public trust

As China pushes an aggressive expansion of nuclear power, it is running into a major stumbling block – a breakdown of trust, post-Fukushima, in official assurances of public safety. A plan to build a $6 billion uranium processing plant in the southern province of Guangdong was cancelled this week after about a thousand people took … Continue reading

China launches trial carbon trading scheme

It is well-known that when rolling out a new and significant policy, Chinese officials are extraordinary cautious. Those who expect radical shifts over night are always left disappointed. So it should come as no surprise that the latest development in Chinese climate policy is small-scale. Nonetheless we shouldn’t underestimate the significance and potential of the … Continue reading

Job prospects grim for China’s 7 million fresh graduates

When James Zhao, 23, read news reports last Friday claiming Renren, the “Facebook of China“, could be laying off three-quarters of the staff at its 3G technology department, his heart sank. Having been unsuccessful in his job applications to several multinational tech firms, including mobile giant Motorola, he was hoping to have better luck with … Continue reading

China’s media and netizens active in Xi Jinping’s fight against corruption

The media and netizens in Guangdong, the pioneer province of reform, are the most active in joining Xi Jinping’s fight against corruption. Ming Pao said that Southern Metropolis Daily exposed the luxurious banquet given to responsible persons in Zhuhai financial circles by Zhou Shaoqiang, general manager of Zhuhai Financial Investment Corporation, a state-owned company. Zhuhai’s … Continue reading

China: Southern Weekend staff strike for press freedom

Editorial staff at Southern Weekly decided to stage a strike after a dramatic turn of events Sunday night that aggravated a potential major crisis facing the Communist Party‘s new leadership. It is the first time in more than two decades that the editorial staff of a major newspaper has openly staged a strike against government censorship. … Continue reading

Freedom of press in China; a battle worth fighting

The Guangdong provincial propaganda authorities rudely interfered with Guangzhou outspoken magazine Southern Weekly with respect to the magazine’s New Year message, and forced it to replace the message with one advocating constitutionalism, with a commentary glorifying the Communist Party. Journalists at the Southern Weekly were outraged because it was done without the consent of the … Continue reading

Corporal punishment in China’s schools

The news today that the principal of a primary school in Xinyang has been fired after two of his teachers caned a four-year-old boy, was shocking enough to make The South China Morning Post. But for me, it made particularly difficult reading as it stirred personal memories of corporal punishment from my first China-based job … Continue reading

China: Easing of college exam barriers fails to satisfy migrant parents

Migrant parents expressed disappointment yesterday after three of the largest magnets of migrant labour – Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong – announced only a modest relaxation of residency restrictions for college entrance exams. Officials in the three regions each submitted plans in advance of the State Council‘s year-end deadline for policies to overhaul the much criticised … Continue reading

China’s anti-corruption drive triggers frantic property dump among officials

Real estate agents in provinces such as Guangdong and Jiangsu have been frantically trying to push deals for a torrent of second-hand flats suddenly released on the market – many of which belong to government officials, the Oriental Morning Post reported on Monday. With an imminent state-led corruption crackdown looming, nervous Chinese officials – some … Continue reading

Land grabs are main cause of China’s 100,000 protests each year

Land seizures, pollution and labour disputes have been the three main causes of tens of thousands of mass protests in recent years, according to a top think-tank. In its 2013 Social Development Blue Book, released on Tuesday, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said the mainland was experiencing frequent social conflict because “social contradictions were … Continue reading

China’s toy industry is in serious trouble

It’s a very difficult winter for the toy industry in Guangdong province. You could say it is an extremely harsh winter, if such occurred in the southern province of China. But more than 50% of all Chinese toy factories are there. And here, ends the jokes. Toy manufacturers in China are fighting with all their … Continue reading

China: Anti-corruption tsar hears calls for transparency

China’s ruling elite should be forced to disclose their assets, according to proposals put to the new anti-corruption tsar, it was reported on Monday as news of another graft scandal broke. Pressure on the Communist Party to combat corruption has intensified after a traumatic year marked by embarrassing revelations of top-level corruption and power abuse. … Continue reading

China: Officials squander ill-gotten money by eating endangered animals

Some resourceful Guangdong officials believe that investment in assets such as property and stocks is not risk free. They will be punished if discovered. Better to squander their ill-gotten money in eating some exotic luxurious food. As a result, there is a big market of precious wild animals in Guangdong, especial engendered species such as … Continue reading

Wukan revolt a nudge to Xi Jinping to tackle graft in China

SCMP carries Agence France-Presse a report from Wukan, stating “Communist Party’s new leaders must tackle the issue of growing unrest at the grass-roots level “A year ago, the villagers of Wukan in Guangdong province forced their corrupt local leader to flee in a rebellion that shook the Communist Party and which serves as a warning … Continue reading

China: Wang Yang, the party chief who transformed Guangdong

This is the first of SCMP’s two-part series on Guangdong party chief Wang Yang, a reformist who has turned the province into a base for high-end manufacturing. SCMP reports: “‘Empty the cage and let the right birds in’ was Wang Yang’s main economic prescription when he became Guangdong’s Communist Party chief in December 2007. “Calling … Continue reading

China: Day care teacher caught on video throwing child to the floor

A teacher at a child care centre was prosecuted by the local procuratorate yesterday for abusing a 4-year-old child with mental disadvantage. Xu,  a teacher at a private-owned care centre in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, threw the 4-year-old girl to the floor after the latter refused to cooperate in doing activities. The girl fell into unconsciousness immediately, but Xu … Continue reading

A Chinese megacity is on the verge of bankruptcy

While most “developed world” people have heard of Hong Kong and Macau, far fewer have heard of China’s province of Guangdong, which is somewhat surprising. With over 100 million people, a GDP of nearly $1 trillion – the biggest of all Chinese provinces, this South China Sea adjacent territory is perhaps China’s most important economic dynamo. … Continue reading

In China, officials are always correct; two true stories of despotism

In Mao era, lots of innocent people were imprisoned as officials were always correct In the Mao era, an era not only millions of Chinese Maoists but lots of people outside China regard as an era of idealist fairness and justice, quite a few people just disappeared for weeks and even months before their families … Continue reading

China: Migrant workers’ rights groups report forced evictions

Workers’ rights groups in the manufacturing hub of Shenzhen are being forcibly evicted from their offices, scholars have said in an open letter, urging an end to the crackdown. About 10 groups that offer help to the millions of migrant workers living and working in Shenzhen have reported random inspections and evictions, some of which … Continue reading

China’s reserve of talented leaders: Wang Yang

I was quite impressed when SCMP reported that, in a speech in May, Wang Yang expressed the view: “The party can’t make you (citizens) happy.” He said, “We should eradicate the wrong concept that happiness is a benevolent gift from the party and the government.” SCMP said in its report, “The remarks represent a departure … Continue reading

China: Downturn pressure unexpectedly great in Guangdong

Guangdong, a pioneer province for reform, is now under unexpectedly great economic downturn pressure. In its report yesterday, China’s official media chinanews.com reported that “Guangdong Governor Zhu Xiaodan was at a meeting to analyse the economic situation in the first six months this year, held on July 11 by the provincial government. Zhu said that … Continue reading

Machine guns for China’s police forces

While the world bites its nails over China’s military growth, China itself has more internal concerns. 2012 marks the second year since national spending on “public security” has surpassed that of the military. This year’s budget for jails, courts, police and various security and para-military forces is 701.8 billion yuan (US$110 bn), an 11.5% increase … Continue reading

American Chinese tycoon arrested for organised crime in China

In my post “Officials rounded up in campaign against economic crimes” yesterday, I mentioned the Ming Pao report on Guangdong’s “three strikes and two constructions” campaign, operating since the beginning of this year. “Three strikes” are striking the malpractices of domination of the market, manufacture and sale of fakes, and commercial bribes. Provincial Party boss Wang … Continue reading

Officials rounded up for economic crimes in Guangdong, China

SCMP reports, Guangdong party boss Wang Yang has “launched a high-profile campaign against economic crimes” since February. “More than a thousand party cadres and civil servants across the province are under investigation.” “As part of the campaign, 300 armed police, under the command of the Guangdong government, raided the office of a property developer in … Continue reading

Two million spy cameras in China’s Guangdong province by 2015

Guangdong plans to spend more than 12 billion yuan (HK$14.7 billion) to almost double the number of digital surveillance cameras to 2 million in an effort to curb crime and better manage the migrant population. The province has already installed 1 million, which officials say have solved 100,000 crimes, but activists say the surveillance will … Continue reading

China’s anti-corruption measures clamp down on ‘naked’ officials trying to escape

The Communist Party of China‘s (CPC) disciplinary body last week announced its latest victory in the fight against corruption, declaring that efforts to tighten the net on “naked” officials – or those who remain in the country while their spouses and children live abroad – had yielded success. “A number of officials who have attempted … Continue reading

Ex-official in China admits he sold top jobs

A former top official in the People’s Congress of Maoming has pleaded guilty to selling government contracts and scores of official positions for nearly 18 million yuan (HK$22.1 million) in bribes. Zhu Yuying , 60, confessed in Guangzhou Railway Transport Intermediate Court on Tuesday to helping 57 cadres secure higher positions in local government between … Continue reading

Beijing in drive on illegal foreigners

Beijing has launched a 100-day crackdown targeting foreigners who have entered the country illegally, stayed longer than allowed or who are working in the capital illegally. The crackdown by the Public Security Bureau, which will run from today to the end of August, makes Beijing the second mainland jurisdiction to clamp down on foreigners, after … Continue reading

Guangdong anti-graft pilot plan ‘may not be enough’

Despite praise for Guangdong party boss Wang Yang‘s promise last week of a pilot scheme to force officials to declare their assets, some experts said the programme fell short of what was needed to fight corruption. Wang, who is considered a leading voice for reform and a contender for the Politburo’s supreme Standing Committee, announced … Continue reading

Chinese Defense Ministry denies Readiness Status Two

According to China News Service, the Chinese Defence Ministry issued a statement yesterday denying media reports that Guangdong Military Region and the South Sea Fleet had entered Readiness Status Two The Report From Ming Pao Ming Pao: China Denies Military in Readiness Status Two 明報稱中國否認廣州軍區二級戒備 明報 – 1809 hrs Ming Pao–1809 hrs, May 11, 2012 … Continue reading

Guangdong free-trade zone plans criticised

The three experimental development zones in Guangdong have agreed to set up joint conferences to solve problems ranging from vicious competition among them to overlapping of industrial strategies, but some analysts are sceptical about the drive. Nansha in Guangzhou, Qianhai in Shenzhen and Hengqin in Zhuhai , which have been written into China’s 12th five-year … Continue reading

Guangdong Party Boss: The Party cannot make you happy!

The Party cannot make you happy. It can boost the economy; It can increase your income; It can provide you with lots of commodities, But it cannot give you human rights and democracy. You have to pursue happiness yourselves. Strive for human rights and democracy, buddy! by Chan Kai Yee Yesterday, Guangdong Party boss Wang … Continue reading

Migrants at work, tourists at home in China

Xu Guanghui is one of many economic migrants who are strangers in their own homes, but the flood heading east is ebbing as development spreads west. He  had not seen his family for two years when he sat down for a celebratory feast in Luzhou , Sichuan province. The 34-hour bus journey, like a tourist, … Continue reading

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