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Cadence Column: Asia, February 20, 2017

Keeping 70 years of war on the books is not only a bad idea, it is a hazard. That period is longer than copyright laws and ten times longer than debts can be collected and taxes audited. At some point, old debts are better to be sold off to keep the books clear of overdue … Continue reading

China seeks to become “capital” of South East Asia, by extending high-speed rail

A favourite export from China to its neighbours these days are high-speed rail lines designed to make trade routes in the vast stretches of Asia more accessible and fortify Chinese dreams of turning its southern reaches into the capital of mainland Southeast Asia. But not everyone wants to be bound so close. A rail project … Continue reading

Man “confesses” in first public trial of China’s rumour crackdown

A popular internet microblogger confessed in court to spreading rumours about the Chinese government, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Friday, in the first public trial since China began cracking down on online rumours last year. Rights advocates say China’s campaign to quash online rumours, which began last summer, is tantamount to crushing free … Continue reading

China’s air travelers forced to take high-speed rail

It is really fascinating that there has been so much bad news in China now. Take transportation for example, on July 12 there was an SCMP report Chinese airports the worst when it comes to delays. The next day, there was another SCMP report “Chinese airlines to face tough penalties for delays.” One of the reports … Continue reading

Did China steal Japan’s high-speed train?

The company that makes Japan’s legendary Shinkansen bullet trains certainly regrets working in China. One China defender recently claimed his countryman’s “bandit innovators” could be good for the world. That was small consolation for the Japanese, who say that China pirated their world-famous bullet train technology. “Don’t worry too much about Chinese companies imitating you, … Continue reading

Troubles with airport expansion in China

China’s current transportation development plans call for huge numbers of new airports, but building them looks to be untenable, both economically and environmentally.82 new airports by 2015 The Twelfth Five-Year Plan’s goal of building 82 new airports by 2015 will increase China’s airport network by nearly 50 per cent. The majority of these airports will fly … Continue reading

China holds test run on world’s longest high-speed railway link

China tested its 2,298-kilometer (1,428-mile) high-speed rail line, the longest in the world, as it prepares to start passenger service in two days. Bullet-trains on the line from Beijing to southern Chinese city of Guangzhou can run at an average speed of 300 kilometres per hour, the official Xinhua news agency said. It will shorten the … Continue reading

China: World’s longest high-speed rail line set to open

The high-speed rail route from Beijing to South China‘s Guangzhou will open on December 26, cutting the journey from 22 hours to around eight. It is the world’s longest high-speed rail route, with a distance of 2,298 kilometres. The Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway is expected to reduce the pressure of the travel peak during the upcoming … Continue reading

Trial looms for expelled railways chief in China

According to SCMP, “Former railways minister Liu Zhijun, who spearheaded the breakneck high-speed railway development, has been expelled from the Communist Party and is facing imminent prosecution for corruption.” Singtao Daily says that according to Xinhua, Liu was accused of four crimes: taking a huge amount of bribes, corrupt lifestyle, helping businesswoman Ding Yuxin make … Continue reading

China rail ministry lost $1.1 billion in first-quarter: report

China‘s heavily-indebted Ministry of Railways suffered a loss of 7 billion yuan ($1.1 billion) in the first quarter, local media reported on Thursday, after steep debt repayments of more than 28 billion yuan depleted its cash holdings. The Beijing Times reported that although the ministry recorded revenue of 210.9 billion yuan for January-March, high operating … Continue reading

All the magnets, no high speed trains

China is beginning to explore high speed train technology, and who knows where it could lead. To illustrate some ideas about China’s emerging high-speed train technology, the author provides the following theoretical discussion: I’ve been discussing the idea that if you put a maglev train in a tube and create a vacuum, then you can … Continue reading

Super-fast trains on drawing board

Plans to develop locomotives capable of reaching 500km/h or more would be a waste of money and resources – and probably impossible, say experts Continue reading

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