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Twenty-five years later, Tiananmen Square no less taboo for China’s censors

Twenty-five years ago today, Chinese college students in Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an began gathering to publicly mourn the death of a purged high-level official, Hu Yaobang. A week later, thousands of students marched into Tiananmen Square for Hu’s funeral. The demonstrations escalated, culminating in the tragic military crackdown on the students on June 4, 1989 … Continue reading

China: Standing Committee lineup according to SCMP

Frustrated, well-known American journalist Nicholas Kristof said, “China-watchers have a deplorable record and China’s history is one of unpredictable twists and turns.” Much earlier, a well-known Chinese poet Zhang Yuangan (1091-1170) displayed similar frustration in his famous line “Heaven is always too high to ask about its intention.” Here by the word “heaven”, Zhang meant … Continue reading

China’s CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Dynasty

Compared with the history of other countries in the world, China’s history is quite unique. It is a history of one centralised dynasty after another, with a few intervals of chaos when dynasties collapsed. Even after the 1911 democratic revolution that put an end to China’s last hereditary dynasties, China has remained ruled by one … Continue reading

Bao Tong’s writing no longer banned in China?

According to Ming Pao, Chinese magazine “Yanhuang Chunqiu” published in its recent issue a letter by Bao Tong, former secretary of dismissed Chinese Communist Party (CCP) General Secretary Zhao Ziyang. Bao recalls in the letter what he saw at a Politburo meeting when former CCP General Secretary Hu Yaobang suffered a heart attack. People are … Continue reading

Faction a good training ground for future leaders

The Communist Youth League, the Communist Party’s youth recruitment and training apparatus, has become a key power base within the party since the 1980s, competing with the princeling faction representing the offspring of former party leaders. Founded in Shanghai and other cities in August 1920 as the Socialist Youth League to prepare for the formal … Continue reading

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