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Here’s China’s latest tactic in its attempts at taking a disputed island chain from Japan

China has seemingly shifted gears in a bid to bring the disputed Senkaku Islands under its control, Hiroyuki Akita reports for the Nikkei Asian Review. The Senkaku Islands are an uninhabited island chain administered by Japan in the East China Sea. Despite the islands’ lack of a human population, it is believed that vast undersea … Continue reading

China’s military warns U.S. not to support Japan

China‘s military told the United States this week not to support Japan, nor let it do as it pleased, over a group of disputed islands in the East China Sea, the Chinese Defence Ministry said on Friday. Ties between the world’s second- and third-biggest economies have been strained over the uninhabited islands, controlled by Japan … Continue reading

China’s new ships seen near Senkaku Islands

Chinese coast guard ships were spotted Wednesday for the first time near disputed islands controlled by Japan following a reorganisation of the service to boost Beijing’s ability to enforce its maritime claims. Japan’s coast guard said four Chinese craft were seen early in the day just outside Japanese territorial waters around the tiny uninhabited East … Continue reading

China tests ships near disputed islands

Three Chinese ships entered waters near the disputed Senkaku islands, known as Diaoyu in Chinese, and recognised by Japan as its territory. The Chinese met with Japanese coast guard ships patrolling the area. The Chinese ships were inside the 12 nautical mile zone (22 kilometres) from the coast of the islands, recognised by Japan as … Continue reading

Japan scrambles jets in Senkaku Islands dispute with China

A Chinese military surveillance plane entered what Japan considers its airspace near disputed islands on Thursday, the Japanese Defense Ministry said, an escalation in an already tense standoff over the territory. Japan scrambled fighter jets in response, but the Chinese plane left before they arrived, according to Japanese authorities. The ministry said the plane’s incursion … Continue reading

Japan, China spat over Senkaku Islands

The recent spat between Japan and China, which erupted after the nationalisation of the Senkaku Islands, shows no signs of abating. In September 2012, the Noda Administration in Japan purchased three of the five Senkaku islands, Uotsurijima, Kita-kojima and Minami-kojima, and then nationalised them. Beijing opposed the nationalisation and claimed its ‘indisputable sovereignty’ over the … Continue reading

Ease of tension between China and Japan due to US CRS report on sovereignty over islands

On September 25, the US Congressional Research Service (CRS) republished, after amendments, its report Senkaku (Diaoyu/Diaoyutai) Islands Dispute: U.S. Treaty Obligations. The report clearly states: “During Senate deliberations on whether to consent to the ratification of the Okinawa Reversion Treaty, the State Department asserted that the United States took a neutral position with regard to the … Continue reading

Tension enhanced by China’s regular patrol of disputed Senkaku sea area

Singtao Daily reports: “Yesterday, three Chinese surveillance ships entered ‘Japanese territorial sea area’ near the Diaoyu Islands [Senkaku Islands]. That was Chinese ships’ entry into the area for two days in a row. Japan telegraphed its protest to Chinese ambassador to Japan.” The Japanese Coast Guard confirmed that at about 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm … Continue reading

Chinese and Taiwanese ships patrol disputed sea area regularly

In its report titled “Four Chinese and One Taiwan Patrol Ships in Disputed Sea Area”, Singtao Daily says: China is now making regular the patrol of the Senaku Islands (Diaoyu Islands) area by its law enforcement ships. According to Japan Coast Guard, yesterday afternoon four Chinese marine surveillance ships were separately found in the sea … Continue reading

War between China and Japan imminent; reply to comments

I am glad that my respected friends Joy Ocampo and Gene S. commented my post Naval War between China and Japan Seems Imminent soon after it was posted. Joy Ocampo said: Even the Philippines & it’s neighbouring countries are eager to defend their ownership, but due to small & poor, they can’t… However, they may form alliance … Continue reading

Naval war between China and Japan seems imminent

Japan nationalised the Diaoyu Islands (called Senkaku Islands by Japan) to claim its sovereignty over the islands. According to Ming Pao, to counter that and claim China’s sovereignty over those islands under dispute, Chinese Permanent Representative to the United Nations Li Baodong delivered the coordinates of the base points for the baseline and the marine … Continue reading

Six Chinese surveillance ships reach near islands disputed with Japan

Six Chinese surveillance ships entered waters near disputed islands claimed by Tokyo and Beijing on Friday, raising tensions between Asia’s two biggest economies to their highest level since 2010 over a long-running territorial row. Japan protested to China and urged that the situation not be allowed to escalate – an outcome neither side would welcome … Continue reading

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