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A dramatic before and after look at China’s first aircraft carrier

A picture of China’s first aircraft carrier before it was eventually completed has surfaced on the Chinese internet. The images showed up on Tencent’s microblog and show a rusty, unfinished hulk. The ship, built for the USSR but never completed, was towed to China where it eventually became the carrier Liaoning. The article also lists … Continue reading

Cadence Column: Asia, October 15, 2018

It happened this week. The US finally said outright exactly what Cadence has been saying for years, the strategy in play. According to a Reuters article via Yahoo News, US security adviser John Bolton said, “If they’re put back in the proper place they would be if they weren’t allowed to steal our technology, their … Continue reading

Cadence of Conflict: Asia, September 3, 2018

China is in trouble. We don’t know why, but we know the indication: Trump will be absent from ASEAN. He was absent from a funeral this week and his support grew. He was absent from a Republican debate, then he won the Republican nomination. By not meeting Xi face to face, Xi won’t be able … Continue reading

Cadence Column: Asia, February 19, 2018

Conveniently, Axios breaks a story from Trump’s November visit to China. There was a scuffle and a tackle over the “nuclear football”—AKA the nuke code bag. At first, it seems like relations are breaking down between the US and China. At second glance, the timing of the report is outright suspicious. Stepping back and giving … Continue reading

Cadence Column: Asia, July 3, 2017

China views Hong Kong as a doorstep between the world and largely otherwise closed China. This week, investment highways opened, allowing easier offshore investments in China’s bond market. At the same time, the world gets a glimpse into Chinese dealing through Hong Kong. Like the proverbial cat chasing the laser pointer dot—who never figures out … Continue reading

Cadence Column: Asia, March 6, 2017

China took the bait once again. Whether independence for Hong Kong and Taiwan would be better or worse, that independence becomes more likely every time the topic even comes up, no matter how much dissent the idea receives. Within China’s borders, the “all press is good press” principle may seem to work differently, but when … Continue reading

Cadence Column: Asia, December 19, 2016

All eyes went to Taiwan this week. The Taipei Times shows an uptick in article views. China held no less than three military activities that made headlines in Taiwan’s backyard, and is reported to have broken its promise not to militarize it’s freshly-made islands. In one incident, the Japanese even responded. The topic of Taiwan’s … Continue reading

China claims breakthrough by training 8 more carrier-based fighter jet pilots, taking total to 13

The following is translated from Chinese media: A photo of 4 grey J-15 fighter jets appearing on China’s aircraft carrier the Liaoning has gone viral on the Internet in China. A Global Times reporter has learnt from an authentic source that a second batch of J-15 pilots has succeeded in landing on the carrier. However, it … Continue reading

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, August 11

“Introspection”- The escalation went underground this week as nations look inside themselves. It all began August 1. A gas line explosion in Taiwan could change politics forever. Earthquake, a factory explosion, protests, and anti-Muslim laws in China. Manila finally jails the 12 Chinese fisherman who entered Filipino seas and ran aground the 400-year-old reef. Ebola … Continue reading

China’s aircraft carrier has fatal weakness – vulnerable if too far away from China

The following is translated from Chinese media: China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, is said to have obtained initial operational capability after its recent test of intensive taking off and landing of J-15 carrier-based aircraft. However, it has its fatal weakness: the lack of a fixed-wing airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft, as it … Continue reading

China’s secretive military cracks open door for glimpse inside

With dancing robots and smiling soldiers and to the strains of British singer George Michael, China cracked open the door on its secretive armed forces on Tuesday during Beijing’s annual attempt to assuage worries about its growing military might. China has jangled regional nerves over the past few months with an increasing assertiveness over territorial … Continue reading

Why Japan’s smaller military could hold its own against China

China’s soaring military spending — up 12.3% this year – and aggressive gestures in the region could be setting the scene for major conflict. With various countries feuding over Pacific territory, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe compared the ratcheting tensions toEurope before World War I. China’s $US188 billion military budget far surpasses the $US49 billion … Continue reading

China says carrier tests in South China Sea going well

China‘s first and only aircraft carrier has successfully carried out a series of tests during a training mission in the disputed South China Sea, state media reported on Monday. This month’s drills off the coast of Hainan Island mark not only the first time China has sent a carrier into the South China Sea but … Continue reading

Chinese naval vessel tries to force U.S. warship to stop in international waters

A Chinese naval vessel tried to force a U.S. guided missile warship to stop in international waters recently, causing a tense military standoff in the latest case of Chinese maritime harassment, according to defense officials. The guided missile cruiser USS Cowpens, which recently took part in disaster relief operations in the Philippines, was confronted by … Continue reading

China: Thick smog blocked road, train, air traffic for two days

Thick smog in Harbin urban areas has caused the closing of primary and secondary schools and expressways. The PM2.5 index has exceeded the maximum range of the metre. After the serious smog on October 20, and the early morning on October 21, air pollution was even worse. The visibility in urban areas was less than … Continue reading

China’s J-15 fighter jet has practice flights from Liaoning aircraft carrier

A J-15 fighter jet completed a series of difficult take-off-and-landing tests on the Liaoning aircraft carrier, state media reported yesterday. The aircraft completed the manoeuvres while heavily loaded on Sunday, Xinhua said. The report did not say how the aircraft was equipped, but added that it was carrying various weapons. “The tests were complicated. The … Continue reading

China claims successful development of 4th generation nuclear submarine

China’s official media xinhuanet.com reported yesterday: Tan Zuojun, Vice Governor of Liaoning Province, mentioned Liaoning’s achievements in the past decade at a conference on cooperation among the four Northeast provinces and region being held now. He said, Liaoning “has successfully achieved domestic production of such equipment as 1,000 MW nuclear and thermal generating sets, one … Continue reading

China to build six aircraft carriers by 2020

Elite Reference magazine says in its report Frigates of Chinese aircraft carrier battle group secretly assembled at the military port for aircraft carriers, “The Soviet aircraft carrier Ulyanovsk, though failed to be commissioned, leaves experience and lessons which may provide China reference in China’s pursuit of nuclear aircraft carriers.” I have revealed in my posts that … Continue reading

China has established its first carrier-borne aviation force

Singtao says in its comprehensive report, “The Chinese navy’s first carrier-borne aviation force was formally established yesterday. It marked the existence of a carrier-borne combat force on China’s aircraft carrier, and the Chinese navy is soon obtaining a blue sea air attack force. The progress of China’s development of its aircraft carrier is much quicker … Continue reading

China plans to build aircraft carrier

China will build – from scratch – a large aircraft carrier capable of carrying more fighter jets, the official Xinhua news service reported, quoting a senior officer with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy. China has one aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, which was refitted from a Russian-made model. The report comes after Chinese officials denied foreign … Continue reading

China to send first aircraft carrier on high seas voyage

China will send its first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, on a voyage on the high seas for the first time within a year, the state-run news agency Xinhua said on Friday. The Liaoning, purchased used from Ukraine and refurbished in China, has conducted more than 100 exercises and experiments since it was commissioned last year, … Continue reading

China: Liaoning women’s labour camp is hell on earth

SCMP says in its report today titled Women ‘chained up and tortured’ in labour camp, “A rarely seen report by a Chinese monthly has exposed some of the dark practices of a Liaoning labour camp, including torture and inhuman treatment of female prisoners at a time when the government has vowed to reform the country’s … Continue reading

China launches stealth frigate amidst ocean tensions

China has launched the first ship in a new class of stealth missile frigates, state media reported, amid ongoing tensions with neighboring countries over Beijing’s maritime claims. The People’s Liberation Army Navy is building a total of 20 Type 056 Jiangdao class frigates to replace older models and bolster its ability to conduct patrols and … Continue reading

China: J-15 fighters successful take-off and landing on aircraft carrier

China’s official Xinhua News Agency published yesterday a report on the successful taking-off and landing of China’s homegrown J-15 carrier-based fighters on the Liaoning, China’s first aircraft carrier. Xinhua said that the success fully proves the satisfactory technical capability of both the carrier and the fighter, and compatibility between them. According to the report, before … Continue reading

China’s best-educated leader

Li Keqiang, who in March will probably become Prime Minister of China, graduated from law school and obtained his doctorate in economics at the prestigious Peking University, making him the best-educated leader in the history of the PRC. 57-year-old Li currently holds the Deputy Prime Minister position, but his entry into the powerful Standing Committee … Continue reading

China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier set for sea trials of take-offs and landings

A 19-day sea trial of China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, starting tomorrow is expected to include take-offs and landings by fighter jets. Earlier reports and photographs that were published by the People’s Liberation Army Daily and the website of the Ministry of National Defence showed the ship had successfully completed touch-and-go tests involving a … Continue reading

Cheng Hong: Scholar and wife of China’s next premier

SCMP report on premier-in-waiting Li Keqiang’s wife Cheng Hong: Cheng is a leading expert on American nature writing, but she no longer teaches students. SCMP says, “Like many who lived through the Cultural Revolution, Cheng Hong felt she’d had enough excitement to last a lifetime. It was in 1995, while she was a visiting scholar … Continue reading

China completes its pension system 8 years ahead of schedule

China’s Central TV (CCTV) reports: The government announced [Friday] its urban and rural residents’ pension system is now in full operation in all of China’s 2,853 county-level administrative areas. This marks the completion of the establishment of the largest pension insurance system in the world, 8 years ahead of schedule. By the end of September, … Continue reading

China’s aircraft carrier the Liaoning sails for the sea after being commissioned

Singtao Daily comprehensive report: At 6.00am yesterday, China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier set out for the sea for the first time after it was commissioned on September 25. A reporter from China News Service saw both the Liaoning and its protection warship no. 88 brightly lit and people walking to and fro on their decks at … Continue reading

The mystery of China’s homegrown aircraft carriers

Recently, we had quite an interesting story about China’s homegrown aircraft carrier. On September 27 when a reporter asked Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun about the report that China was building its second aircraft carrier in Shanghai, Yang replied that the report was not accurate. However, Yang did not mention where the report was … Continue reading

The mystery of China’s carrier-based aircraft

Don’t you think it ridiculous to commission an aircraft carrier without aircraft? And the commissioning ceremony was so grand that it was attended by both General Secretary Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao. If the carrier remains without aircraft for a long time, will it not become a laughingstock instead of something they can boast … Continue reading

China-made aircraft carrier will be launched next year

Singtao Daily reports Thursday: Sources say that China is now building two aircraft carriers, one of which, a new one entirely built by China on its own, will be launched next year at the earliest. As for China’s carrier-based aircraft, which remains a mystery now, Singtao quotes Xu Yong, a teacher at Air Force Command … Continue reading

North Korean kidnappers demand 900,000 yuan ransom

Hong Kong’s Ming Pao carries China News Agency’s report saying that on May 8, three Chinese fishing boats and 29 of their crews were kidnapped by unidentified North Koreans. The ransom demanded for their release has now been reduced to 900,000 yuan (US$142,400) from 1.2 million yuan (US$190,000) Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said: China … Continue reading

Wilmar founder triples stake in Singapore’s Perennial

Wilmar International’s billionaire founder Kuok Khoon Hong has tripled his stake in a China property trust and set up a S$500 million ($400 million) investment firm with a former CapitaLand executive, raising his exposure to the real estate sector. Kuok, Singapore’s second richest man according to Forbes, increased his deemed interest in Perennial China Retail … Continue reading

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