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Malaysia Airlines staff assaulted, held hostage for 10 hrs by angry relatives in China

Tensions between grieving Chinese families in Beijing and Malaysian Airlines staff boiled over this week when airline staff were held inside a hotel for 10 hours by angry family members and a security officer was allegedly assaulted. Malaysian Airlines released a statement about the two incidents which occurred late on Thursday and early yesterday as … Continue reading

China’s actions in hunt for plane are hurting more than helping

When a Chinese government vessel took the world by surprise this month with its announcement that it had detected underwater signals that might have come from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, China suddenly looked like the hero of the multinational search effort. Within days, however, the Chinese claims were discounted, and attention shifted to another … Continue reading

China has no official role in plane investigation

As the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 enters its second month, an all-too-rare glimmer of good news has been found: On Sunday, an Australian navy vessel reported signals “consistent” with those emitted by an airplane’s black box in the South Indian Ocean. These aren’t the only signals, or “pings,” that have been heard. At … Continue reading

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, April 7

China and the West want China and the West to know that they are in a prelude to war. Here are a few reasons why from recently… China’s plan for global network of surveillance satellites spurred by fruitless search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 Koreas Trade Fire; Island Residents in Shelters Special Issue on … Continue reading

China ship detects “pulse” signal in plane search; fails to notify Australian search coordinators

Searchers looking for the data recorders from missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 said Sunday that they were investigating underwater “acoustic events” in two distinct areas of the Indian Ocean – one picked up by an Australian vessel and two others recorded by a Chinese patrol ship. The Australian military vessel Ocean Shield, towing a sophisticated … Continue reading

China’s criticism of Malaysia: unjust, unfair and below the belt

The following are the opinions of the author, and not necessarily those of China Daily Mail: I refer to “MH370: ‘Under siege’ Malaysians hit back at China,” Free Malaysia Today, March 28 with regard to China’s stinging and strident criticism of the Malaysian authorities’ handling of the MH370 incident. To quote from the said report: … Continue reading

Australia denies Chinese journalists access to plane search media briefings

Chinese journalists covering the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 from Canberra are furious at what they see as Australian government control of the media. On Sunday, two Chinese crews decided to chase Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss into a car park at the Australian Maritime Safety Authority after being denied access to an AMSA briefing … Continue reading

A Chinese netizen’s speculation about what might have happened to Flight MH370

The following is speculation on the part of a Chinese netizen, and reflects the growing concern about this issue by Chinese Internet users. The post was made on March 15 2014. The opinions expressed do not reflect those of China Daily Mail. I watched the live speech of the prime minister of Malaysia. The ambiguous … Continue reading

Malaysia’s handling of lost plane irritates China; reveals limits of Beijing’s influence in Asia

The search for a missing jetliner with Chinese travellers aboard has revealed the limits of Beijing’s influence in its own backyard and left communist leaders facing outrage from their public. Beijing has demanded Malaysia do more to find the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner. But despite sending nine ships to help in the search, China appears … Continue reading

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, March 16

EDITORIAL—China and the West want China and the West to know that they are in a prelude to war. Here are a few reasons why from recently… Missile downed Malaysia Airlines jet? Follows near miss by North Korean rocket last week …Blaming N Korea could be a prelude to a war with N Korea, with … Continue reading

China and Malaysia hint at Uighur Muslim terrorist attack on missing plane

The opinions expressed in this article are those of “The Star Online” (published by Malaysian Chinese Association), and not necessarily those of China Daily Mail. There is speculation that militants from China’s Uighur Muslim minority could be involved in the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 airplane, as it occurred just one week after knife-wielding assailants killed … Continue reading

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