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Fire the missiles! The U.S. navy is ready to sink China’s new aircraft carriers

Ah, yes, the “carrier-killer.” China is forever touting the array of guided missiles its weaponeers have devised to pummel U.S. Navy nuclear-powered aircraft carriers (CVNs). Most prominent among them are its DF-21D and DF-26 antiship ballistic missiles (ASBMs), which the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has made a mainstay of China’s anti-access/area-denial (A2/AD) defenses. Beijing has … Continue reading

China now has more submarines than the U.S., and are expanding global operations

China now has a larger submarine fleet than that of the United States, U.S. Vice Admiral Joseph Mulloy told lawmakers on Wednesday. Testifying before a congressional committee on Wednesday, Vice Admiral Mulloy, the deputy chief of naval operations for capabilities and resources, told the House Armed Services Committee’s seapower subcommittee that China is building “some … Continue reading

China claims breakthrough by training 8 more carrier-based fighter jet pilots, taking total to 13

The following is translated from Chinese media: A photo of 4 grey J-15 fighter jets appearing on China’s aircraft carrier the Liaoning has gone viral on the Internet in China. A Global Times reporter has learnt from an authentic source that a second batch of J-15 pilots has succeeded in landing on the carrier. However, it … Continue reading

Joint China-Russia exercise more political than military

China and Russia made headlines this past weekend when they participated in the rather blandly titled Joint Sea 2013. Despite the name, Joint Sea was China’s  largest ever joint naval exercise, and one of the more noteworthy bits of naval activity in the past several years. Eighteen surface ships, one submarine, three airplanes, five ship-launched helicopters … Continue reading

Russia sells China S-400 surface-to-air missiles

Huanqiu.com says in its report titled Russia has decided to sell S-400 to China: “According to the July issue of Canadian “Kanwa Defence Review” an authoritative source of the Russian military industry says that Russia has decided to export S-400 anti-aircraft missiles to China. This is one more concession that Russia has made in its arms … Continue reading

Australia’s new submarines to patrol Melanesia, Indonesia and South China Sea

The navy’s 12 planned new submarines will need the range to patrol the massive archipelago that stretches out from Australia’s Top End through Melanesia, Indonesia and the South China Sea. In peace time they will gather intelligence, but in any future war their main role will be to destroy enemy submarines and surface warships to … Continue reading

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