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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, February 15, 2016

Ri Yong-gil was said to be executed in Korea. He wasn’t seen in his usual place in public with Great Successor Un. This just after the satellite launch, which led to more sanctions approved by the Senate. Hong Kong cracked down on some unlicensed food vendors in the streets of Mong Kok. People responded by … Continue reading

Cadence of Conflict: Asia, February 1, 2016

Age of provocation. China warned everyone, this week. Soros had better not declare war on Chinese currency—or else. Taiwan had better not do a lot of things. The US had better not do a lot of things. Basically, the world “had better not”. The Pacific conflict is reaching the point where China expects a World … Continue reading

Cadence of Conflict: Asia, January 6, 2016

No one is happier today than Beijing. More hoops for law-abiding gun owners to hop through means an easier cakewalk if China invaded it’s number one enemy. Without the logistic ability to invade the US, all of China’s antics in the Pacific, including landing the first plane on their man-made military islands, are dead in … Continue reading

‘Terrorist attacks’ against Myanmar being launched from China

China should cooperate with Myanmar to prevent “terrorist attacks” being launched from Chinese territory, a Myanmar official said on Thursday after 10 days of fighting between the Myanmar military and insurgents. Fighting broke out on Feb. 9 between the army and a rebel force in the Kokang region of northeast Myanmar, on the border with … Continue reading

China rejects arbitration with Philippines in South China Sea dispute

The following commentary is based on media releases by the Chinese government: Reuters says in its report “China denounces Philippine ‘pressure’ over sea dispute arbitration” yesterday, that China has denounced the Philippines for putting it under pressure with international arbitration on South China Sea territorial disputes. According to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China … Continue reading

Do not threaten us, India tells China

After China expressed concern over India‘s plans to build a 2,000-km road along the international border in Arunachal Pradesh, Home Minister Rajnath Singh hit back saying nobody should threaten or warn India. Addressing the 30th Raising Day ceremony of the National Security Guards in Manesar, Rajnath Singh said, “No one can give a warning to … Continue reading

Japanese people hate China more than ever

People in Japan overwhelmingly have a poor opinion of China and vice versa, according to new polls, although Chinese views of Japan have become slightly less chilly. The percentage of Japanese respondents who said they had a negative impression of China increased to 93% from 90% a year earlier, according to a poll by Genron NPO, … Continue reading

Vietnam says China moving oil rig, but sending in warships

Vietnam said on Wednesday a Chinese oil rig at the centre of an increasingly bitter territorial dispute appeared to be on the move again, as China denied Vietnamese accusations that it had sent warships to the scene. The rig’s deployment triggered anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam last month that killed at least four workers. Scores of … Continue reading

China warns Philippines: We will never tolerate ‘occupation’ of disputed shoal

China warned the Philippines on Monday to abandon a disputed shoal in the South China Sea after Manila said it planned to challenge a Chinese naval blockade of the area by sending supplies to its troops stationed there. Last week, a senior Philippines military official said his country would send civilian supply ships to its … Continue reading

China claims it forced Philippine ships away from disputed shoal

China said on Monday that coast guard ships had driven away two Philippine vessels which had tried to approach a shoal in the South China Sea in the latest flare-up of a long-running territorial dispute. The Chinese ships were patrolling waters around Second Thomas Shoal, known in China as the Ren’ai reef, when they spotted … Continue reading

China says Japan’s ‘hype’ on air defence zone spreads tension

China does not feel threatened by countries in Southeast Asia and is optimistic about the situation in the disputed South China Sea, the Foreign Ministry said, warning Japan not to “spread rumours” it plans a new air defense identification zone. China alarmed Japan, South Korea and the United States last year when it announced an … Continue reading

China: Why are Japan and America so concerned about this map?

China’s Ministry of National Defense issued this map establishing the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone. The ministry claims that the zone is “not directed against any specific country or target,” which is a bit hard to buy given that it overlaps significantly with Japan’s air defense zone in the region: it includes the disputed islands known as the Diaoyu … Continue reading

Does China want to use Japanese aircraft as guinea pigs in Senkaku dispute?

There was some ridiculous development in the dispute between China and Japan over Diaoyu Islands (called Senkaku Islands by Japan). It causes me to have the assumption that China wants to use Japanese aircraft as guinea pits. The Japanese government purchased the islands under dispute, while China responded by routine patrol of the areas around … Continue reading

China’s imperialist designs; showing it’s ugly head and bloody arms (South China Sea)

I refer to the report of Reuters by Matthew Bigg “ASEAN chief voices alarm at China plan to board ships in disputed waters” last Friday, November 30th. Said report pertains to China’s plan to “board and search ships” it deemed to have illegally entered what it considers its “legitimate” territory in the disputed South China … Continue reading

Some kidnapped boats and fishermen released, Xinhua

According RTHK, Chinese embassy in North Korea says that it is conscientiously resolving the issue of seizure of Chinese fishing boats and requesting North Korea to ensure crew members’ lawful rights and interests. China’s official Xinhua News Agency quotes a counselor of the embassy that according to a notice from Pyongyang, all the Chinese crew … Continue reading

Philippines seeks new markets amid sea dispute with China

The Philippines needs to develop new overseas markets so that a maritime standoff with China, which has thrown relations into turmoil, does not take a toll on tourism and fruit exports, a senior official said on Thursday. China has tightened quality controls on Philippine fruit and cut the number of tourist visits to the Philippines, … Continue reading


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