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China says it will be world’s biggest missile producer

According to a recent report by US Aviation Week & Space Technology, China is growing into the biggest missile manufacturer in the world. Two of China’s major arms manufacturers will turn out 50,000 missiles with terrible fire power. Previously, there was a report that China had deployed 1,000 missiles targeting Japan for victory in its … Continue reading

China: DF-21C aircraft carrier killer missiles show their strengh in Gobi Desert

PLA Pictorial: Draw your bow for shooting on a horse in the vast desert, a great general once said. In midsummer, a certain unit of the Second Artillery Corps went fully out with all its equipment to the Gobi Desert. The unit relied on its missile command information system to merge into one exercise the … Continue reading

After succesful submarine missile test, India now considers buying submarines; is China worried?

In news hailed by ammunition manufacturers worldwide, India has successfully tested the 290 km range Brahmos supersonic underwater cruise missile. A jubilant scientist announced that “this was the first time a cruise missile has been successfully launched vertically from a submerged platform.” A submerged platform was necessary as India currently has no submarines capable of … Continue reading

Taiwan to aim missiles at China

Taiwan is set to produce 50 medium-range missiles next year that will target military bases in southeast China, a media report says. The article on Monday came after former defence minister Michael Tsai revealed in a recently published book that the island successfully created medium-range guided missiles that could be used against rival China back … Continue reading

China carries out anti-missile test

China tested emerging military technology aimed at destroying missiles in mid-air after an initial test in 2010, state media said on Sunday, in a move that will unnerve its neighbors. A brief report by the official Xinhua news agency said the military carried out a “land-based mid-course missile interception test within its territory”. “The test … Continue reading

Four new weapons that China says frighten the US and Japan

Chinese media says that looking back at the year 2012, China put a sudden end to its prolonged old practice of hiding its lustre, maintaining a dull image and keeping a low profile with regard to it military strength. China began to make frequent displays of its strength through busy patrol of its territorial waters, … Continue reading

Chinese media speaks of all out war with Japan, attacking Japanese cities

China’s official mil.huanqiu.com website publishes a hard-line commentary, stating that the Japanese air force is inferior to China’s. China now has nearly 600 fighters installed with advanced aviation electronic equipment, and able to launch medium-range missiles. The total number of Japan’s third-generation fighters is less than 300, and less than 50 of them are able … Continue reading

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