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Cadence Column: Asia, October 22, 2018

By not labeling China a “currency manipulator”, the US is extending an olive branch to Beijing. But, things aren’t as they seem. On every level, China is reaching—almost grasping—to save face. This new artificial moon is honest and runs deep in Chinese culture. As part of being the center of the universe, Chinese culture arguably … Continue reading

Australia is the leader in the Asia-Pacific region, not China or Japan

Forbes recently wrote that the leading power in East Asia will be Japan, not China. While this is probably true, Australia should not be forgotten as already being the de facto leader in the greater Asia-Pacific region, and could be a greater power than Japan or future economic giant India, who are both contenders as … Continue reading

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, June 16

More “Pacific Mussolini;” China finally makes the first move by appealing to the UN. No one can say there isn’t a Pacific problem any more, and most of the world will blame China. Chinese media: China will challenge the US in South China Sea Sunflower Facebook Page: A roundup of recent events …More on the increasing … Continue reading

China’s reverse imperialism – West contains China’s East, China moves West

The US still has not learned that China does not move in a linear, predictable, pattern. As the US and its allies gain geopolitical ground in the Pacific and power balancing shapes a semi-circle in China’s East, China projects its influence out West. Critics may call it reverse imperialism. This is not just a “backdoor” … Continue reading

USA’s mixed message to China

If politics were a TV show, consider this season of “Pacific Antics”. The United States government has consistently sent “dual messages” to China. On the one hand, diplomatic, military, and other foreign-related policy indicates aggressive defence posture and retaliation preparedness should a Pacific conflict break out. A new military base is under way in the northern most parts of … Continue reading

China’s dream of a greater Asia co-prosperity sphere

In my post “China’s Greater Asia Co-prosperity Sphere” on January 29, I say that if China succeeds in turning North Korea into a prosperous country by its model of free economy, China may set a North Korea model for poor Asian countries to copy. It will facilitate realisation of China’s dream of a greater Asia … Continue reading

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