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Chinese oil rig leaves disputed waters near Vietnam

A Chinese oil rig has left disputed waters near the Paracel islands in the South China Sea, a month earlier than scheduled, and more than two months after its deployment to waters also claimed by Vietnam. China claims to have found signs of oil and gas, the official Chinese Xinhua news agency said. Vietnam’s coastguard … Continue reading

Chinese media says Chinese ships rammed Vietnamese ship in South China Sea; 121 ships “protecting” oil rig

The following is translated from Chinese media. The opinions expressed are those of the authors, and not necessarily those of China Daily Mail: A Vietnamese fishery surveillance ship was surrounded by five Chinese official ships and attacked by water canon. A Chinese ship rammed the sides of the Vietnamese ship and damaged it. On June … Continue reading

China urges peaceful development of seas by all countries, while not following its own advice

China, involved in a growing dispute with its neighbours over the energy-rich South China Sea, wants to promote peaceful development of the oceans, Premier Li Keqiang said, warning conflicts in the past had only brought “disaster for humanity”. China claims almost the entire ocean, rejecting rival claims to parts of it from Vietnam, the Philippines, … Continue reading

China’s aggression could see formation of a powerful anti-China alliance

The China–Vietnam confrontation in the South China Sea continues to roil Asia. Gun battles have yet to erupt in the disputed Paracel Island maritime zone where, in early May, China deployed a very large oil exploration and drilling ship. In lieu of anti-ship missiles and fighter-bombers, the antagonists are using media, political and legal-judicial weapons. … Continue reading

China says it does not want war with Vietnam; that really means that they will start one

Reuters says in its report “China says will never send military to oil rig spat with Vietnam” today: A Chinese official said on Friday that China will never send military forces to the scene of an increasingly ugly spat with Vietnam over an oil rig in the South China Sea, and accused Hanoi of trying … Continue reading

Acts of war? China escalates attacks against Vietnam

On Tuesday, tensions between China and Vietnam escalated to near acts of war when a Chinese coast guard vessel apparently rammed into a Vietnamese coast guard vessel. The Vietnamese ship allegedly sustained some major damage, but did not sink. The sailors aboard the ship were not injured. On May 26, a Chinese vessel rammed into … Continue reading

Vietnam boat sinks after collision with Chinese vessel in South China Sea

A Vietnamese boat has sunk after it collided with a Chinese vessel near a controversial oil rig in the South China Sea, amid tensions between the two nations. Both countries are blaming the other for the incident. Vietnam‘s coast guard said the boat was encircled by 40 Chinese vessels before it was rammed, reports said. … Continue reading

Philippines says China appears to be building airstrip on disputed reef

The Philippines accused China on Wednesday of reclaiming land on a reef in disputed islands in the South China Sea, apparently to build an airstrip, only a day after Washington described Beijing’s actions in the region as “provocative”. If confirmed, the airstrip would be the first built by China on any of the eight reefs … Continue reading

Vietnam dispatches 29 ships to intercept Chinese oil rig in South China Sea; standoff with 80 Chinese ships

Vietnamese naval vessels and Chinese ships collided Wednesday, a Vietnamese government official said, as Hanoi sought to prevent a Chinese oil rig from setting up in a disputed part of the South China Sea. The official said no ammunition had been fired and there were no reports for injuries as a result of the standoff, … Continue reading

In 1933 China didn’t know where Spratly Islands were; now they want to fight the Philippines for them

In 1933, the French flexed their colonial muscles and annexed nine of the Spratly Islands. When the news spread, the fledgling and troubled Chinese republic faced a basic problem: It didn’t know where the Spratlys were. A year earlier, the French had staked their claim to the Paracel Islands as part of their colony in … Continue reading

Taiwan mulls opening South China Sea park

Related government agencies and experts in Taiwan are currently conducting evaluations on whether to open an offshore island national park in the South China Sea for tourism and environmental education activities, the Marine National Park Headquarters (MNPH) said recently. “Experts are now in talks on whether to allow tourists to visit Dongsha Island in the Dongsha … Continue reading

No usable oil in disputed areas of the South China Sea?

An US government report on oil and gas reserves in the heavily disputed regions of the South China has concluded that there probably aren’t any. The study concludes for the first time that the countries expecting riches under the Spratly and Paracel Islands are going to be disappointed. Nothing but politics and nationalism? The research … Continue reading

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