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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, November 2, 2015

In pre-WWII terms, last week, North Korea tried a “Hitler” in Southern seas and got sent home running. This week, the US did a sail by and China pulled a “France”. It’s clear who’s boss of the Pacific. At least that’s what the Pentagon will think. China’s response, though proof that it lacks strength, neither … Continue reading

China’s first lady attacks US because Michelle Obama ate Tibetan food

The following is a translation from Chinese media: It has been stressed that there was no politics in US first lady Michelle Obama’s China visit, but the arrangement of her last meal at a Tibetan restaurant gave China the message of US support for the Dalai Lama. In return, Chinese first lady Peng Liyuan wrote … Continue reading

Picture of first lady Peng Liyuan singing to Tiananmen troops erased by China censors

A photo of new first lady Peng Liyuan in her younger days, singing to martial law troops after the 1989 military crackdown on pro-democracy protesters, flickered across cyberspace this week. It was swiftly scrubbed from China’s internet before it could generate discussion online. But the image – seen and shared by outside observers – revived … Continue reading

China’s first lady and famous singer: “I am always in a subordinate position”

“Are you under great pressure that your husband is always introduced as Peng Liyuan’s husband?” Well-known talk-show host Dou Wentao asked Peng Liyuan, China’s current first lady. She was at that time much more famous than her husband Xi Jinping, China’s current president and then acting governor of Fujian Province. That is a question Peng … Continue reading

Saving China with song

As China’s new president takes power, his glamorous, widely popular wife is singing her way to center stage. A little star dust from the high-profile first lady may be just what the Communist Party needs. A U.S. president married to a Hollywood celebrity would spark a full-blown media frenzy in America. But China, for one, is not … Continue reading

Chinese state secrets revealed: Details of leaders’ families

China’s top two leaders have revealed photographs and details of their families, breaking a long-held taboo where such information is considered a state secret. In a surprise move, clearly for boosting their public support, the official Xinhua news agency released previously unpublished photographs of Communist Party chief Xi Jinping and incoming premier Li Keqiang late … Continue reading

China’s Xi Jinping: A man of quick decision and actions

I was impressed that according to his wife, the well-known folk song star Peng Liyuan, forty minutes after Xi Jinping met her, he decided to court her. At that time, he had no idea that she was very rich and didn’t even know that she was the original singer of some of his favourite songs. … Continue reading

“Chinese Carla Bruni” and English teacher; the two new most important women of China

Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang, who in March will take on the offices of president and prime minister respectively of China, are very different from each other. Even more contrast with are their their wives, known across the country as a star of folk song and a modest academic professor. 59-year-old Xi was on Thursday … Continue reading

China: Glimpses of Xi Jinping’s personal life

SCMP’s Minnie Chan says in her report from Fuzhou titled Xi Jinping put work first and missed birth of daughter: “Years in Xiamen helped Xi recover from his lowest ebb – and led him to meet his new wife “In the summer of 1992, as party chief of Fujian‘s provincial capital, Fuzhou, Xi Jinping missed … Continue reading

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