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If Australia wants to avoid regional turmoil caused by China’s sea claims, it needs to turn to Asean

Sitting as far from its European roots as possible, perched on the southeast tip of Southeast Asia, Australia has for so long searched for security from our region. Now it needs to, and is, seeking security in the region. Traditional security threats, like territorial disputes in the South China Sea, are disrupting the Asia-Pacific. What … Continue reading

China President Xi Jinping urges military to expand, strengthen

As China becomes a superpower, so with it comes the need for a stronger military. President Xi Jinping told the Navy this weekend that he wants his military to train harder, strengthen their defense capabilities and protect the country’s “sovereignty, security and development.” Last week, President Xi was at the Shenyang military theater of operations where he … Continue reading

China moves to isolate Philippines, Japan

The Philippines and Japan’s charm offensives towards China appear to have failed as Beijing seeks to isolate both powers within the region. In recent weeks both the Philippines and Japan have made a number of overtures to China aimed at mending strained bilateral ties. Just this week, for instance, the chief of staff of the … Continue reading

Japan’s giant new destroyer sends a clear message to China and the world

Sixty-eight years to the day of the Hiroshima bombing, Japan unveiled its new naval “destroyer” that happens to have a flat top – dubbed “Izumo” – capable of carrying various rotary-wing aviation units, reports Eric Talmadge of ABC. Consequently, it’s also the biggest since WWII … and since Japan’s official army was disbanded. The new boat comes as Chinese … Continue reading

Frozen pangolins on stranded Chinese boat in the Philippines

The Philippine coast guard has found hundreds of frozen scaly anteaters, or pangolins, in the cargo hold of a Chinese boat that ran aground in a protected marine sanctuary last week. Wildlife officials have been informed of the surprising discovery, which could lead to more charges for the 12 Chinese men arrested on charges including … Continue reading

New official China map includes contested islands

China has published a new official map that includes islands in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) as part of sovereign Chinese territory, according to a report by the state-run Xinhua news agency. China’s National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation (NASMG), which announced the release of the map on Friday, described the new … Continue reading

China’s coercive economic diplomacy

Chinese willingness to use economic leverage to settle international disputes in its favour is a worrisome trend. When the 10 member nations of ASEAN failed to reach agreement on the wording of a joint communiqué for the first time in 45 years, most pundits blamed this year’s ASEAN chair, Cambodia, for failing to forge a … Continue reading

China holds ‘war games’ in South China Sea

Chinese military forces last week held air and ground defence exercises in the protested Sansha City in the southern province of Hainan, the prefecture established last year to govern the disputed Spratly Islands in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). The exercises were held amid a string of already controversial moves China has made … Continue reading

China’s aggressive stance reveals lack of coordination

To avoid tensions over sea claims, China needs a national security council The growing tension in East Asia over China’s aggressive claims to the region’s oil-rich waters – now delineated on maps in Chinese passports – may suggest a meticulously calculated plan by Beijing to propel the country to superpower status. The reality may be … Continue reading

South China Sea enters gunboat diplomacy

We are on the brink of gunboat diplomacy. The past four weeks saw the swiftest escalation in recent years of tensions over the territorial disputes between China and its neighbors in the Asia-Pacific. The tensions spiralled in late November when the province of Hainan, in the southern coastal region of China, issued an imperial-sounding edict … Continue reading

U.S. triples military aid to Philippines in 2012

The United States will nearly triple its military funding for the Philippines this year, the Philippine foreign ministry said on Thursday, as tensions rise with China over disputed islands and Washington bolsters its alliance with Manila. However, the Philippines expressed concern over what it said was a sharp decline in its share of U.S. foreign … Continue reading

China reach in focus at U.S.- Philippine security talks

China is likely to be high on the agenda at top level U.S.-Philippine security talks on Monday as Washington refocuses its foreign policy on Asia and Manila realises its limits in trying to solve territorial disputes with Beijing alone. China has maritime spats with several countries in the South China Sea, believed to be rich … Continue reading

Manila stuns the world by standing up to Beijing

Sino-Philippine ties have sunk to an all-time low with armed vessels from both sides staking out a tiny atoll in the South China Sea that sinks at high tide. Continue reading

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