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Cadence Column: Asia, March 30, 2020

Blame! Both general theories about where this virus originated fail to do two things: They don’t acquit anyone and they don’t tell us how to treat it. The theories no longer seem to matter since fear has taken over the world. Initially, we had a theory that the virus passed from wildlife to humans at … Continue reading

Cadence Column: Asia, November 18, 2019

America and China are getting fed up with China and America being fed up with each other. Americans tried patience and negotiations; that didn’t work. China hid its agenda for global domination, denouncing so-called “interference” except when China did the interfering. Now, China’s true colors are showing and it looks like a lot of debt. … Continue reading

Cadence Column: Asia, September 2, 2019

Reuters broke the story. According to unnamed sources, Beijing refused to let Hong Kong’s government grant free elections, withdraw the extradition bill, and crackdown on police brutality. If this report can be proven in court, a case could be made that Hong Kong is no longer under China’s governance, already. Of course, China would never … Continue reading

China may be building a tunnel under the South China Sea

The following is based on a translation of an article on a Chinese news site: An article on war.163.com says that China is digging a tunnel and storage cave deep undersea. According to media report, due to the depth and the thick mud layer, Asia’s largest hydraulic dredge is used to dig out 160,000 cubic … Continue reading

China’s Special Operation Forces have limited capacity compared with America’s

US War on the Rocks published an article on China’s special operation forces (SOFs), providing details of the size and organisation of the Chinese SOFs but nothing about their harsh training and tests. China’s qianzhan.com reports some [unverified] details about the harsh training and tests Chinese SOFs have to receive and pass before being selected … Continue reading

China says its military training inadequate for winning a war

Weaknesses in China’s military training pose a threat to the country’s ability to fight and win a war, China’s official military newspaper said on Sunday. China’s military authority has sent a document to military units detailing 40 weaknesses in current training methods, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Daily said in a front-page story. “These problems … Continue reading

China’s Rainbow drone ready for delivery to PLA

As part of their ongoing efforts to become a world power, China has spared no investment when it comes to the development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology. And after several successful missile tests, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is all set to receive the next-generation aerial drone. Known as the CH-4, the development of … Continue reading

China thinks it can defeat America in battle

First the bad news: The People’s Republic of China now believes it can successfully prevent the United States from intervening in the event of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan or some other military assault by Beijing. Now the good news: China is wrong — and for one major reason. It apparently disregards the decisive power … Continue reading

Chinese military’s unlimited budget

On March 7, Isaac Stone Fish, a well experienced journalist on China, expressed his frustration about the mysteries of Chinese military in his article “The Black Box of China’s Military”. Such frustration is common among people, not only outside, but also inside China. In the expanded second edition of my book “Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements,” soon … Continue reading

Taiwan could resist a Chinese invasion for just one month

The clock is ticking – China grows more powerful by the day as Taiwan withers. In early March, Taiwan’s defense minister Yen Ming estimated the island nation could resist a Chinese onslaught “at least one month” – and that’s assuming other countries aid in Taipei’s defense. The one month figure is chilling, but not surprising, … Continue reading

US will help Philippines in conflict against China

The United States will come to the aid of the Philippines in the event of conflict with China over disputed waters in the South China Sea, the commander of the U.S. Navy said on Thursday. The comments by Admiral Jonathan Greenert, chief of naval operations of the U.S. Navy, were the most explicit statement of … Continue reading

China’s deceptively weak (and dangerous) military

In many ways, the PLA is weaker than it looks – and that makes it more dangerous. In April 2003, the Chinese Navy decided to put a large group of its best submarine talent on the same boat as part of an experiment to synergize its naval elite. The result? Within hours of leaving port, … Continue reading

New Chinese agency to ‘manage’ social unrest

The ruling Chinese Communist Party said it would establish an agency to “manage” growing social unrest, as part of a set of reforms largely focusing on the economy. The new “state security committee” will tackle social instability and unify other agencies in charge of increasing security challenges, both foreign and domestic, the Central Committee said … Continue reading

China’s anti-corruption storm sweeps Chinese military

Mao’s saying “Political power comes out of gun barrels” is regarded by some as a talented invention due to ignorance of Chinese history. I explained in my book Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements: “For over two thousand years, since the fall of the Qin Dynasty (221 BC – 206 BC), ‘fighting to catch the deer on the … Continue reading

China’s PLA needs to reform and become hi-tech

A Chinese academic says the military must prepare to fight hi-tech wars in future, and he confirms that a senior officer faces a corruption investigation. The Chinese military should spare no effort to wipe out corruption and initiate creative reforms to build a modern army capable of dealing with multiple challenges, a professor at the … Continue reading

Espionage fuels China’s fast-paced military build-up

China is using state-sponsored industrial and economic espionage to acquire technology fueling its fast-paced military modernization program and cut its reliance on foreign arms makers, the Pentagon said on Monday. In its 83-page annual report to Congress on Chinese military developments, the U.S. Defense Department also highlighted Beijing’s efforts to develop advanced-technology stealth aircraft and … Continue reading

Xi’s war drums sound in China

China‘s new leader is using the military to consolidate his power. But has he unleashed forces beyond his control? Every morning at 6 a.m., more than two dozen of the world’s leading submarine watchers, aviation experts, government specialists, imagery analysts, cryptanalysts, and linguists gather at the headquarters of the U.S. Pacific Fleet in Hawaii. Their … Continue reading

China: Military license plates no longer allowed on luxury cars, more strictly controlled

China’s PLA (People’s Liberation Army) Daily reported on April 28 that the Chinese Defence Ministry has published a statement that new military license plates have been issued as replacements of old ones, to enhance overall control of military license plates. In an interview, the person in charge of military transport told the reporter that it … Continue reading

China: Various types of AEW&C aircraft provide 24-hour combat capability

Various types of airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft took off by turns to fly one after another incessantly all day and night. On the morning of April 3, a certain division of PLA air force successfully concluded a 24-hour continuous training it organised. Division commander Lu Jian told a reporter that the results … Continue reading

China says new military regulations on treason and deserting is “preparation for war”

Ming Pao says in its report today titled PLA New Rules: Treasonable Speech Guilty of a Crime, “The Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) General Political Department has promulgated “Regulations on the Standards for Prosecution of the Crime of the Serviceman’s violation of Duty” for punishment of crimes of serviceman’s violation of duty … Continue reading

Major General criticises lack of discipline in China’s military

Radio Television Hong Kong says that China’s official mouthpiece Global Times published a retired Major General’s signed article criticising relaxed discipline and slack work style in Chinese troops. Major General Zhang Xinan, former deputy director of Second Artillery Corps’ Political Department, pointed out in his article serious violations of discipline in Chinese troops at present. … Continue reading

China announces surprisingly slower military budget increase

Reuters says in its report today titled “China boosts defence budget by 10.7 percent for 2013, “China will raise military spending by 10.7 percent this year to 740.6 billion yuan ($119 billion), the government announced on Tuesday, adding to a nearly unbroken series of double-digit increases in the defence budget over two decades.” The surprising … Continue reading

China expands fleet amid ambitions as a global power

China is expanding its long-neglected fleet of supply ships and heavy-lift aircraft, bolstering its military prowess in support of missions to enforce claims over disputed territory and to defend Chinese interests abroad. These transport workhorses are unlikely to arouse the same regional unease as the steady rollout of high performance fighters, long-range missiles or potent … Continue reading

A pretty girl is China’s Houbei class missile boat designer

She may be 40 now, but still looks young in photos. However, nearly 2 decades ago in 1994, she was assigned chief designer of China’s well-known Houbei Class fast attack missile boat. At that time, she was the youngest chief designer ever in China. There are now three flotillas of more than 80 such boats … Continue reading

China: Fear over PLA loyalty before party congress sees propaganda frenzy

A frenzy of military propaganda that started more than six months ago calling for absolute loyalty to the Communist Party stands in stark contrast to the atmosphere before the party congress in 2002, analysts say, adding that it highlights concerns about the army’s stability. The People’s Liberation Army Daily carried another article on its front … Continue reading

China: Liaoning aircraft carrier makes high-speed turn; J-15 taking off and landing

Singtao Daily reports: There are quite a few new photographs of the Chinese carrier the Liaoning, including those of a J-15 flying low on it and the Liaoning making a turn at high speed. The photographs are respectively carried on Chinese military websites and mil.huangqiu.com under the official People’s Daily. In one photograph, we see … Continue reading

US Technology in China’s new antisubmarine aircraft

Hong Kong newspaper The Mirror magazine reports that China has finalised the development of its newest large antisubmarine aircraft Gaoxin-6, and will formally commission it in the future. Gaoxin 6 is equal to or surpasses US P-3C antisubmarine aircraft in its functions and will greatly enhance PLA’s antisubmarine capacity. The report says that only Russia, … Continue reading

China Developed Its Own Electromagnetic Catapult

Hong Kong’s Phoenix Satellite TV reported yesterday evening: a Russian website on China’s PLA carries a photograph from a Chinese website of the electromagnetic catapult developed by China on its own. The equipment is 100 meter long and can accelerate an aircraft to takeoff speed in 45 seconds. According to experts, the catapult is one of … Continue reading

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