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China’s State Council think tank sets out roadmap for reform

A top government think tank has unveiled a detailed road map for a series of far-reaching economic policy changes, in one of the strongest indications yet that the Communist Party intends to stay on the path of reform. The recommendations by the State Council’s Development Research Centre came ahead of the much-anticipated third plenum of … Continue reading

China: Xi Jinping says party should be able to put up with sharp criticism

According to a CCTV prime time news report, there was a gathering to extend Lunar New Year’s greetings to people from non-communist parties, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and those without party affiliations. Xi Jinping, the new general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) pointed out that it was necessary to keep … Continue reading

China’s Communist Party changes style in effort to win back ‘lost trust’

The Communist Party’s new leadership is certainly wielding a new broom when it comes to revamping the working style of top officials. Just over a fortnight after they assumed control of the world’s largest political party, general secretary Xi Jinping , Politburo Standing Committee No 2 Li Keqiang and party discipline chief Wang Qishan have … Continue reading

China’s Xi Jinping: A man of quick decision and actions

I was impressed that according to his wife, the well-known folk song star Peng Liyuan, forty minutes after Xi Jinping met her, he decided to court her. At that time, he had no idea that she was very rich and didn’t even know that she was the original singer of some of his favourite songs. … Continue reading

Li Keqiang’s roadmap on further economic reform in China

According to Singtao Daily’s comprehensive report, on November 21, just one week after being reelected into the Politburo Standing Committee that ensures his succession to retiring premier Wen Jiabao, Li Keqiang pointed out at a working conference on pilot projects of reform that reform is China’s greatest bonus. Li said, “We must and can only … Continue reading

Six Politburo Standing Committee members are not technocrats

In a noticeable break from the past two decades of Communist Party leadership, dominated by technocrats, six of the seven members of the new China Politburo Standing Committee, the party’s top decision-making body, trained in social sciences and the humanities. Analysts said the top leaders’ educational backgrounds would have a bearing on their outlook and … Continue reading

China: Jiang Zemin proves his core status by winning the game of thrones

Jiang Zemin has again proved his dominance as the core of the party’s third collective leadership by obtaining a much bigger majority in China’ new Politburo Standing Committee (PSC). In its report Jiang Zemin faction wins in China’s game of thrones SCMP says: “The former president outmanoeuvred his successor Hu Jintao, who only got one … Continue reading

Anyone expecting big China reforms is in for a massive disappointment

China has wrapped up its 18th Congress and it is now clear who will be leading the world’s second largest economy.Xi Jinping was named the Head of China’s Communist Party (CPC) and chairman of the country’s Central Military Commission. In the new year, he will officially take over as president of the country from Hu … Continue reading

Too early to predict China’s new direction.

The new Chinese government might appear different at the outset, but we shouldn’t make any hasty conclusions about its direction. The 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will see an end of the Hu Jintao/Wen Jiabao era and mark the beginning of China’s ‘fifth generation’ of leadership. Power transition in the party-state keeps the world wondering what it will … Continue reading

China party congress wraps up ahead of leadership unveiling

China’s Communist Party has concluded a week-long congress, a day before unveiling its new leadership line-up. More than 2,200 delegates met to select a new Central Committee in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People. That committee will meet on Thursday to endorse China’s top decision-making body, the Politburo Standing Committee. The new line-up will be … Continue reading

China leaders consider internal democratic reform

Reuters exclusive report by Benjamin Kang Lim and Michael Martina from Beijing: “China’s outgoing leader and his likely successor are pushing the ruling Communist Party to adopt a more democratic process this month for choosing a new leadership, sources said, in an attempt to boost its flagging legitimacy in the eyes of the public. “The … Continue reading

China’s economic growth at stake as Communist Party meets

As an investor I track the Chinese economic scene to position my portfolio for the turns that China will put to my profits. China’s Communist Party gathers today in Beijing to choose its fifth generation of leaders since taking power in 1949, a decision that will shape the nation’s economic and financial policies for the … Continue reading

China’s new leadership lineup; cautious reformist or conservative?

In its report yesterday entitled Cautious reformers tipped for new China leadership, Reuters lists ten main candidates for the party’s next Politburo Standing Committee based on information from sources close to the leadership. Reuters provides the reform credentials of the ten, one by one, and concludes that the Committee will mainly consist of cautious reformists. … Continue reading

Fight corruption, top public message to 18th Congress

Ming Pao says in its exclusive report: Three official nets have been soliciting public messages to the 18th Congress. Corruption is the greatest concern. Mao worship does not lack support. In the report, it says, “Three major Chinese official nets have set their columns of messages to the 18th Congress to collect public opinions. ‘Fighting … Continue reading

China: Murder victim Neil Heywood ‘was MI6 informant’

Neil Heywood, the British businessman murdered in China, regularly provided information on Bo Xilai, the powerful politician, to MI6 before he was killed, a new report has claimed. The revelation in the Wall Street Journal raises new questions about the motives for Mr Heywood’s killing, and about the reaction to his death by the British … Continue reading

China: Wen Jiabao calls for party probe into ‘hidden fortune’

SCMP reports: “Premier requests top-level inquiry into claims of US$2.7b assets and is reported to be pushing for long-overdue ‘sunshine law‘ to be put into effect “The communist party leadership has launched a probe into the alleged family wealth of Wen Jiabao at the premier’s request, according to sources. “In a letter submitted to the … Continue reading

China at crossroad: Xi Jinping rumours and “old man” politics

Reuters says in its report from Beijing today “Chinese Vice-Premier Xi Jinping‘s public absence put down to ailment”. (Xi is the vice-president,  not the vice-premier.) Xi has been absent from the public scene for more than 10 days, unable to meet visiting foreign leaders and dignitaries including US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and … Continue reading

Hu Jintao’s swan song on economic, political reform in China

Chinese President Hu Jintao delivered a speech at a seminar of provincial and ministerial level officials in Beijing on July 23, 2012. The speech was regarded as his swan song before retirement as all the top leaders attended the seminar, and his designated successor Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed its importance. Though he will give … Continue reading

Inner sources on selection of leaders for 18th and 19th Congresses

Ming Pao’s Zhong Mingjiu gives an exclusive report that the Party congresses in various Chinese provinces, and reelection of provincial leaders, will be completed by the end of June. Such congresses and reelections make preparations for the 18th Party Congress, in which the personnel arrangements and various policies and principles will be decided. However, while … Continue reading

Yomiuri Shimbun: List of 10 candidates for Politburo Standing Committee

Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun said yesterday that there will be 10 candidates for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Politburo Standing Committee, but former Chongqing boss Bo Xilai is not in the list. According to the paper’s report from Beijing, the 10 in the list are: Vice President Xi Jinping, Vice Premiers Li Keqiang and Wang Qishan, … Continue reading

China’s unique economic model shows limits as economy slows

After the economies of Western nations imploded in late 2008, Chinese leaders began boasting of their nation’s supremacy. Talk spread, not only in China but also across the West, of the advantages of the so-called China model — a vaguely defined combination of authoritarian politics and state-driven capitalism — that was to be the guiding … Continue reading

Faction a good training ground for future leaders

The Communist Youth League, the Communist Party’s youth recruitment and training apparatus, has become a key power base within the party since the 1980s, competing with the princeling faction representing the offspring of former party leaders. Founded in Shanghai and other cities in August 1920 as the Socialist Youth League to prepare for the formal … Continue reading

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