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Hong Kong falls into recession as protests deal ‘comprehensive blow‘ to economy

Hong Kong has fallen into recession, hit by five months of anti-government protests that erupted in flames at the weekend, and is unlikely to achieve any growth this year, the city’s Financial Secretary said. Black-clad and masked demonstrators set fire to shops and hurled petrol bombs at police on Sunday following a now-familiar pattern, with … Continue reading

The danger from China’s coming recession

China is going to have a recession. Not necessarily this year or next year, but it will. That’s just how economies work. How the Chinese government deals with its first capitalist recession is the great, dangerous unknown in world politics and economics. The frantic efforts China made to stop the recent stock market fall do … Continue reading

China: Cities and counties fail to meet tax quotas; collect unauthorised taxes instead

During the last weekend of October, some staff in the taxation bureau of Xian County, Cangzhou City waived their holiday and remained in their office to try to persuade various enterprises to pay an unauthorised tax because, due to the recession, the bureau fails to fulfil this year’ tax collection quota assigned by the state. … Continue reading

China: Downturn pressure unexpectedly great in Guangdong

Guangdong, a pioneer province for reform, is now under unexpectedly great economic downturn pressure. In its report yesterday, China’s official media chinanews.com reported that “Guangdong Governor Zhu Xiaodan was at a meeting to analyse the economic situation in the first six months this year, held on July 11 by the provincial government. Zhu said that … Continue reading

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