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80% new technology in China’s new Beidou navigation system satellites; system to be fully operational by 2020

The following is based on a translation from a report in Chinese media: China Space News published a report yesterday on China’s progress in its final third stage to complete its Beidou satellite navigation system, which when it goes into full operation by 2020, will provide a GPS service covering the entire planet Earth. The … Continue reading

China expanding its GPS to cover entire world with top accuracy

The following is based on translations from Chinese media: China’s GPS system, the Beidou Navigation System (Beidou), now covers only China and its neighbouring areas. Its special characteristic is the capability of message communication between users of the system. Now the Chinese military’s mouthpiece, The PLA Daily, reports that China has just launched the 17th … Continue reading

China’s Space Bus

The following is based on translations from Chinese media: China will showcase for the first time its new spacecraft that can send more than 10 objects into different orbits in one travel. It means one rocket can launch more than 10 satellites. Both the US and Russia developed such technology five decades ago. Now, China … Continue reading

China’s ‘ocean surveillance’ satellites are really tracking US aircraft carriers

The following is based in part on translations from Chinese media: On September 8, China launched the Yaogan-21 remote sensing satellite and the Tiantuo-2 experimental satellite using a Long March-4B rocket. According to a recent issue of Jane’s Defence Review, Yaogan-21 has been launched to form a reconnaissance satellite constellation with Yaogan-20 and other Yaogan series … Continue reading

China is busy launching satellites for space-air military capabilities

China launched 19 and 20 satellites respectively in 2012 and 2013, mostly for its own use, and has thus become the country that launches the greatest number of satellites each year. According to Jane’s Defence Weekly (quoting Chinese media), only a small number of China’s new satellites are for non-military space programs. However, as pointed … Continue reading

China claims to be building space warfare force with combat capability

The following is translated from Chinese state owned media: Zhuang Fenggan, China’s aeronautics authority, disclosed that China has always been conducting research and development of aerospaceplanes, which is the most important platform for space weapons. China’s mystic space warfare force will gradually be known to the public. An aerospaceplane is a vehicle that can fly … Continue reading

Papua New Guinea reconsiders China as a partner

Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has written to Public Enterprises Minister Ben Micah asking him to review a $300 million deal with China’s ZTE Corporation and China Great Wall Industry Corp for a communications satellite. This is the latest of a series of complications in the relationship between PNG and China, which was … Continue reading

Pentagon paying China to carry top secret data

Over the past few years, US politicians have expressed serious concerns that far too much sensitive information passes through the hands of companies and agencies located in China. In spite of that, the Pentagon – starved for satellite bandwidth – has decided to pay a Chinese satellite firm to help it communicate and share data … Continue reading

The American military is using Chinese satellites

U.S. forces are so heavily saturated with different communication devices that if not transmitted by satellite would cause serious problems. Data flow is so great that there are no adequate available satellites. The Pentagon has quietly hired a Chinese satellite, APSTAR-7, through which will flow communications with the army in Africa. Information about buying Chinese … Continue reading

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